Super God Gene Chapter 2973

Chapter 2972 Resources Delivered

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They did not stop him, and they were like refugees waiting for the army to help them. They opened the gate and prepared vehicles. They gave Han Sen whatever he wanted. They were afraid Han Sen was not being able to be given enough like a person not eating enough food because there wasnt enough to go around.

"What happened? Did all the people in the Extreme King suffer a brain stroke?" Han Sen had a confused expression. He was expecting some strong and hard battles, during which he could kill all the people he wanted to for fun.

Now, people were very passionate and willing. They were happy to provide him with whatever he requested. They even gave him cars and vehicles. He couldnt kill them after that.

He called an Extreme King manager forth and asked him what was going on. The manager politely said, "According to Mister Dollars question, the answer is that the leader claims you are a VIP for the Extreme King. Just tell us if you need anything. If there is not enough, he can tell the leader. He will have whatever you need to be sent to you from different places."

Han Sens expression was weird. He was thinking, "What is wrong with Bai King?"

Han Sen was not sure if Bai King wanted to hurt him by telling him to go to Starter Kings Land. Now that he was doing this, it just made Han Sen all the more confused.

"Is it because Bai King knows that he cannot defeat me? Does he want to avoid his losses by concocting another scheme entirely?" Han Sen was not able to think of a valid reason for all of this.

After robbing a few more places, Han Sen was no longer having any fun.

He was going to use the excuse of avenging Bai King. That way, he had a reason to loot and plunder. Now, even Han Sen thought this was all too weird.

"If I dont take it, then I dont take it. If he gives it to me, why should I not take it?" Han Sen made his mind up to keep robbing, but he had already robbed 18 Extreme King xenogeneic spaces. He took countless deified xenogeneic genes, and the Extreme King did not show a single speck of resistance. They provided Han Sen with everything, and he felt good about it.

Ultimately, it was too much for Han Sen to rob. He made a few calculations. The resources he had were enough to support Little Angel in becoming butterfly class.

The resources required to become true god class were not things one could find in any xenogeneic space. Even if Han Sen wanted to collect more, aside from Kings Kingdom, there were not many places like the Light Well that had true god class resources.

"Never mind. Let me take Little Angel back and check it out. If it is not enough, we can always come back for more." Although Han Sen thought that, if he was going to have to take more, it was not something he fancied doing.

Han Sen took a lot of resources back to Space Garden. He asked Qin Xuan to bring people to make geno fluids in secret.

Those resources had to be hidden. Otherwise, people would have easily figured out he was Dollar. Thus, Han Sen did not allow the Flower God people to help him compose the geno fluid.

The Flower Gods were now under Han Sens complete control. The technology for all sorts of geno fluids was owned by Han Sen. He told the humans, spirits, and creatures that came from the sanctuaries to help Qin Xuan.

Regarding the Flower Gods, Han Sen did not treat them poorly. The resources in Space Garden were all handled by them. They also kept a cut of the geno fluids they created.

Little Angel had many geno fluids, so it accelerated her development. She quickly evolved. In less than two months, she was butterfly class.

Ordinary creatures that evolved that quickly would not understand their newfound abilities. It was common for power and level not to match. Then they fought, they couldnt use their true fighting power.

Little Angels situation was different. Han Sen did not need her to fight. He just needed her to combine with him, so it did not matter if she didnt understand anything.

The leftover resources contained the true god class Light Well Lotus and two butterfly xenogeneic genes. It was going to take a while to refine them. Even if she ate them all, Little Angel would not become a true god.

"Where else should I go to get resources? Should I rob the Extreme King again?" Han Sen thought.

Wang Yuhang approached Han Sen and said, "Old Han, outside Space Garden, there is an old man that keeps complaining non-stop. He wants to see you."

Han Sen looked outside. He saw Nine-Thousand King outside of Space Garden.

He exited Space Garden and asked Nine-Thousand King, "Nine-Thousand King, what are you doing here?"

"Mister, I have finally found you." Nine-Thousand King quickly bowed and told him everything.

After Han Sen left the big barren system and was hurt by Moment God, Nine-Thousand King, the demon lady, and the others had been looking for him. Unfortunately, they had been unable to find the injured Han Sen.

Nine-Thousand King heard Han Sens roost was inside Space Garden, which was why he was there looking for him.

"Why are you looking for me?" Han Sen hesitantly asked.

"You were chosen by Sacred Leader," Nine-Thousand King said with certainty. "It is only natural for them to want to treat you nicely."

"Didnt Sacred Leader tell them to go wherever they wanted to? He did not command them to follow me." Han Sen frowned.

Nine-Thousand King immediately laughed. "You were chosen by the leader, and Little Master has a holy body. He is their master. If they do not follow you, who are they going to follow? They are resting in Sacred. They are waiting for Little Master to return home, and they will bring Little Master with them to follow you."

Before Han Sen sent people to look for Littleflower in the sanctuaries, no news about him had been heard. If they said they were going to bring Littleflower, Han Sen did not say anything. He let Nine-Thousand King rest in Space Garden.

"I still need to go and send a message to the demon lady and the others, so they do not need to worry any longer," Nine-Thousand King said. "They also have some savings in the holy palace. They want to give it all to you. I will handle the transportation of the goods on your behalf."

"Oh, I thought their treasures and god personality armaments were destroyed in the fights," Han Sen said. "What else do they own?"

"They have xenogeneic materials they received for killing xenogeneics in the big barren system, but they are not great for making treasures," Nine-Thousand King explained. "So, they are materials that cannot be used for making treasures. They plan on giving it all to you. If you cannot use it, then Little Master can use them."

Han Sen had a lack of resources now, so he did not mind receiving more resources. He thought about it and followed Nine-Thousand King back to the big barren systems so Little Angel could become a true god soon.

As for Littleflower, with Han Sen being there, he would obtain more resources.

There were more and more elites challenging the God Spirits. Many God Spirits had been killed, and there were many god personality armaments. Many scary creatures that were not on the god list fights were going to tackle the god palaces. They wanted to put their flags down and become gods or just kill God Spirits to obtain god personality armaments.

But they only challenged the Destruction class God Spirits. No one dared to challenge the God Spirits of a higher level.

Han Sen planned to kill some God Spirits too. He wanted to claim their god personality armaments and save Golden Growler. He saw Golden Growler become weaker every day. He was in a rush to save him.

Han Sen did not really care about evolving, putting his flag down, and becoming a god. Being a God Spirit meant one was immortal, but one could always be replaced.

Even if one did not get replaced, one would have to guard the god temple forever. That was like being in jail for eternity.

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