Super God Gene Chapter 2974

Chapter 2973 Blue Blood Myth

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When Gods Retribution saw Han Sen, he checked him out with a look of surprise. It made Han Sens heart skip. He asked, "What are you looking at?"

"You got hit by Moment God, who is an Annihilation God Spirit, yet you are fine," Gods Retribution said with a smile. "It seems Godfather Han lives up to his title."

"What Han Godfather? Stop laughing at me. I have only just recovered from that wound." Han Sen paused and looked at Gods Retribution before saying, "You are a very busy person. You wont go to the Free Treasure Palace, so what are you looking at me for exactly?"

"I want to come here and chill with you. Unfortunately, time is against me. After I left the sanctuaries, all I have done is practice, practice, and practice. I do not even have the time to close my eyes. I have barely become primitive class, yet you are already true god. You are making people jealous and envious."

Gods Retribution sighed and went on to say, "This time, I have come here on behalf of the legions orders. We need you to come and see Blood Legion. The legions leader says he wants to see you."

"Which leader of Blood Legion are you talking about?" Han Sen frowned. He remembered Blood Legions leader was Mister Lee, who was trapped inside a coffin in the sanctuaries.

"It is not the one you are thinking of. The leader is the creator of Blood Legion. He is the first leader. You can call him Human King." Gods Retributions answer made Han Sens body shiver.

Han Sen wanted to ask for some details, but Gods Retribution said he did not know much. He said if he had any questions, he could go and ask the legion leader directly.

Han Sen thought about it and decided to go to Blood Legion. He had many questions about Blood Legion that he wanted answers to.

Back when Han Jinzhi was taken away by Blood Legion, Han Sen did not know what he did or what the legend was. He also did not know why Lou Lie was a real human of Blood Legion. He also had a few questions about the Blood-Pulse Sutra.

It was also possible that Blood Legions leader, who was called Human King, could give him the answers he sought.

So, Han Sen allowed Nine-Thousand King to return to the big barren system alone while he went ahead to see Blood Legion alongside Gods Retribution.

Han Sen did not trust Blood Legion because Blood Legions people had blue blood. They were different from humans. Blood Legion had been in the universe for many years. Despite that, they had never lifted a finger to help humanity.

Those two points alone were enough to make Han Sen feel unsafe around Blood Legion. Even though Blood Legions leader was called Human King, he was still worried.

Although Han Sen thought of that, he still had to go.

Gods Retribution took Han Sen to a weird ship. Inside the ship, Han Sens Dongxuan Area could not be used. That made Han Sen frown.

Gods Retribution seemed to know Han Sen worried a lot. He said, "All these years in Blood Legion, we have been chased by a particular God Spirit. So, we have to be prepared. The design of this ship is not against you. It is because we do not want to be tracked by the God Spirit."

"Why would a God Spirit want to kill the people of Blood Legion?" Han Sen asked.

"It is all we are humans," Gods Retribution said. It was an honest answer, but it was an answer that made Han Sen more suspicious.

"I am a human too. There are also many humans in Space Garden. Why has the God Spirit not come to trouble us?" Han Sen took this seriously.

Gods Retribution was silent a moment before saying, "I am not sure about why that is. Someone asked me the same question, but I was never sure of what to tell them. So, I just have to guess that it has something to do with the blue blood."

"Blue blood," Han Sen said to himself.

All of the key questions led back to the beginning. Blood Legions members had blue blood, and the blue blood came from the human genes.

This blue-blood gene power was only activated after several generations practiced Blood-Pulse Sutra. Han Sen was the first generation of humans to study the Blood-Pulse Sutra, so he did not have the blue blood.

Even Littleflower and Little Linger, who were the second generation, did not have blue blood.

So, blue blood did not come about even in the second generation. It took many generations of humans practicing Blood-Pulse Sutra for their blood to start becoming blue.

Han Sen practiced the Blood-Pulse Sutra, but he could never sense the Blood-Pulse Sutra giving any sort of blue-blood power. It just made his genes and genetic qualities better.

Before that, Han Sen had many guesses. According to the theories he came up with, the human body should have had a hidden blue gene. The chance of it being activated with the genes of a human was more than slim. It was so small that it could not affect the bodies of humans. That was why one needed Blood-Pulse Sutra for several generations. It was to fulfill and pump that blue-blood gene. That way, the blue-blood gene was able to become the main part of a humans genes.

If Han Sen guessed all of this correctly, the blue-blood genes did not come from the crystallizers because the crystallizers did not have blue-blood men. They were just like humans with red blood.

There was more evidence to support the fact that crystallizers did not have blue-blood genes. Gods Retribution and his fellows were not like ordinary human beings and could not absorb the genes of creatures.

The members who had blue blood would have to evolve by themselves. They were not able to combine their genes with the genes of any other creature. It worked like that in the sanctuaries, so it had to be the same in the big universe as well.

Gods Retribution said he was now equal to a primitive deified. He did not say he was exactly though.

No matter if a blue-blood man was in the sanctuaries or the big universe, they were a very unique sort of people. They kind of existed outside the rules, but they had big connections to ordinary humans. That was something that flummoxed Han Sen.

The crystallizers were different. They were standard universal creatures. They were the same as humans in the sanctuaries. They followed the rules of the big universe to grow up. That was different from the blue-blood men, so there was no way the blue-blood genes came from the crystallizers.

Han Sen thought, "Stay Up Late said that humans were the results of crystallizers using their genes to combine with the genes of other creatures. The blue-blood genes had to come from that creature, but what was that creature?"

One thing Han Sen knew for sure was that the progress of the Blood-Pulse Sutra was progress for making blue-blood genes take over the genes of humans.

Han Sen did not know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He also did not know what sort of creature that was.

The reason Han Sen knew Blood-Pulse Sutra was very strong was that it could make the next generation, and the generation after that, stronger. He did not let his family practice the Blood-Pulse Sutra, not even Littleflower and Linger.

The ship left slip space and flew into a barren system. There were many stars, and there was a giant red dwarf.

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