Super God Gene Chapter 2975

Chapter 2974 Youll Never Know

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After entering the red dwarf, Han Sen had seen many Blood Legion members. They were like God’s Retribution. They did not have a level that other creatures of the universe were determined by, but Han Sen did not believe any of them were weak.

In fact, Han Sen had been so shocked on his way there. Aside from the Extreme King, Sky Palace, the Very High, and the other high races, he did not think any other race of the universe could be as strong as Blood Legion.

Han Sen was unable to tell what level they were, but he felt a dangerous presence surrounding each individual.

“You are finally here, my child.” Human King sat on the throne. He placed his jaw in his hands and looked at Han Sen with interest.

Han Sen thought that sounded weird, to say the least, but Human King was the alpha human. He suspected that calling him his child was normal behavior. Even still, Han Sen thought it was rather odd.

“You should just call me Han Sen,” Han Sen thought. “Even if you are Human King, you cannot produce a race. There must be another human alpha. Perhaps you and I are related.”

Human King seemed to see through what Han Sen was thinking. Human King’s lips curved slightly. He gently said, “In the beginning, crystallizers used their genes as blueprints to combine with the genes of other creatures. Many creatures were created this way. Humans were one such product. Back then, they created 13 humans, and I was one of them. I was one of 13 alpha humans. Including me, there were three men and 10 women. As far as I know, the other two men did not make it. They could not produce children.”

Human King laughed out loud and asked. “So, do I have what it takes to call you a child?”

Han Sen did not answer the question. He instead asked, “Why do you want to see me?”

Han Sen could not deny that Human King might have truly been his ancestor, but Han Sen was now holding the fate of many lives back in Space Garden. He also did not know what Human King wanted. Han Sen wouldn’t risk Space Garden and the fates of others just because he was an ancestor. He had to figure things out before he committed to anything.

Human King still looked at Han Sen with interest. It was like he was observing a new toy.

After a while, Human King said, “You practiced Life Door.”

“Yes. Why accept Blood-Pulse Sutra if there is Life Door?” Han Sen was always confused about that. After he practiced Life Door, he only knew it would boon his Blood-Pulse Sutra. He never knew what it did.

“Blood-Pulse Sutra and Life Door were created by me. The difference is that Blood-Pulse Sutra is what I experienced, and Life Door contains my thoughts. They are failed imaginations. So, in Blood Legion, no one else has opened their Life Door. Up until now, only you and I have ever opened their Life Door.”

“What?” Han Sen was shocked. His eyes opened wide as he looked at Human King. He never thought he would receive such an answer.

Human King seemed to be satisfied with Han Sen’s reaction. He laughed and went on to say, “You should feel it. Your Blood-Pulse Sutra is different from the Blood-Pulse Sutra known by God’s Retribution. You have many powers that God’s Retribution and the others do not have. It is as if your genes are stronger. Your Blood-Pulse Sutra can aid other creatures in evolving.”

“It is no wonder why I felt my Blood-Pulse Sutra was different from God’s Retribution,” Han Sen said with a nod. He had guessed it was something like this before, so this was the confirmation he had always sought.

Even so, Han Sen was still confused. He looked at Human King and asked, “If Life Door is that powerful, why do you claim it is a failure? Why do you not let other Blood Legion members practice it?”

Human King did not answer Han Sen’s question. He looked like he was smiling, but he was not smiling. He looked at Han Sen and asked, “You have practiced for a long time. You must know how Blood-Pulse Sutra works, yes? Why don’t you tell me?”

Han Sen did not know why he asked that, but he still said, “If I had to wager a guess, the Blood-Pulse Sutra is for extracting some kind of gene from the human body.”

Upon hearing this, Human King nodded. “Yes. I created the Blood-Pulse Sutra so that humans could return to being what they originally were. I wanted to purify their blood for pure humans again. Life Door’s genes are not pure. They will give all the genes priority that goes against what I want. Thus, to me, Life Door is a failure.”

Han Sen now understood that Life Door was not really a failure. It was just because it was not what Human King wanted. That was why he claimed it was a failure.

“Are are saying the origin is the blue blood gene?” Han Sen asked. “Why are humans with blue blood genes considered real humans?”

Human King looked at Han Sen and coldly answered, “Humanity is a race created by the crystallizers combining their genes with that of another creature. If you were able to guess the usage of Blood-Pulse Sutra, you should know why the blue-blood genes result in true humans.”

“Are you saying that human genes are the result of crystallizer genes and blue-blood people’s genes? What race are the blue-blood people?” Han Sen’s heart quickly jumped. He really wanted to know the answer.

“You managed to claim Qin Xiu’s holy spirit, yet you didn’t know Qin Xiu’s blood was blue.” Human King squinted his eyes as he looked at Han Sen.

“What?” Han Sen screamed. “Are you saying humans are the by-product of crystallizer genes being mixed with Sacred Leader Qin Xiu’s genes?”

Han Sen suddenly understood a lot more. He understood why the God Spirit picked on humans. It also explained why God said those with blue blood were real humans. It was all because of Sacred Leader Qin Xiu.

Apparently, Human King loved to see Han Sen keep losing his mind. He laughed and said, “Back then, Sacred was destroyed during the god fights. Qin Xiu battled a sky full of God Spirits, but he was ultimately defeated. Crystallizers were fortunate enough to claim one drop of his blood when Qin Xiu blew up. They researched it. When they retreated into the sanctuaries, they combined that blood with the genes of their own crystallizers. They produced 13 humans.”

After pausing, Human King went on to say, “But the crystallizer’s genes were weak, and Qin Xiu’s genes were not studied enough. The genes of a human were only a small part of it. I created the Blood-Pulse Sutra so we could activate, develop, and recover that missing gene so that human genes could lean more toward Qin Xiu.”

After saying that, Human King sighed. “I never expected what I wanted to do would fail, and it happened when it was not meant to be. The Life Door I believed to have failed helped you create Littleflower. He has a body like Qin Xiu, but he does not have blue blood. You’ll never know.”

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