Super God Gene Chapter 2979

Chapter 2978 Fulfill Your Wishes

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Chapter 2978 Fulfill Your Wishes

Han Sen thought, "Is an Annihilation class God Spirits authority just wealth? Those gods used to say they could do anything and fulfill any wish they wanted to. That is such a big scam. According to the God Spirit rules, God Spirits could not give fake information. If they lied, they would not be able to finalize a trade. They would not receive the life spans they sought. To compose a trade, God Spirits would use everything they could. I really dont understand why they seem to be so keen on seeking out years."

Sky God Crowns message had not included that. Therefore, Han Sen was unable to find out.

That aside, God Spirits had the authority to leave the god temples. They were not able to leave the god temples for long. During that period, the god temple was sealed up so they could not be challenged.

Unless the God Spirits possessed a creature of the universe, they would not be able to leave for a very long time. If they did do that, they would not receive protection from the god temples anymore. If they died, they died. Unless the god personality was taken back to the god temple, they could no longer be respawned. There was still one very important thing. God Spirits were allowed to challenge God Spirits that were a higher level than them, but that was pointless for Han Sen because he was not a real God Spirit. He could not level up his position any higher.

Even if he could challenge them, Han Sen was already Annihilation level. He could only challenge God Spirits that were at a higher level than him. Han Sen could not fight an enemy that was the same Annihilation class as he was. To challenge a Reboot class God Spirit was a death wish. Han Sen would never have tried being so bold.

Han Sen looked at God and wished to say something, but God winked at him. He looked at the door of the god temple and said, "You have business to attend to." "What do you mean?" Han Sen looked at the god temples door. He did not see anything. He turned around and looked at God, but he was gone.

While Han Sen was wondering what was going on, he saw someone fly into the god plaza area. They were flying toward his god temple.

Han Sen wondered, "It cannot be this much of a coincidence. I have only just become a God Spirit, and a creature in the universe already wants to challenge me."

According to what Han Sen had been inspecting, the universe creatures only dared challenging Destruction class God Spirits. No one dared to challenge Disaster class. Why would a creature go and challenge him, who was Annihilation class?

That body was coming straight for Han Sens god temple. It soon entered the radius of the god temple.

The god palace and god temples were situated in a realm that was between reality and space. No matter where one was in the universe, if ones mind was in gods palace, one could go there. A creature that was able to fly in the universe could just use an airship to go to a god palace. It did not matter how far or near one was.

Han Sen stared at the body. He was shocked. It was someone he knew.

"Why is Fox Queen coming here for?" Han Sen thought.

Fox Queen was the wife of Ghost Bone General. As far as Han Sen knew, her power was not very strong when compared to most deifieds. She was not able to fight a destruction class God Spirit. How could she hope to tackle an Annihilation class God Spirit?

While Han Sen was making guesses, Fox Queen was already in the plaza of the god temple.

By the rules of the God Spirits, Han Sen had no choice but to fight. Otherwise, Fox Queen was able to replace his God Spirit flag. As long as the Sky God Crown was not broken, he would not die.

Fox Queen came before the god temple and kneeled as if she was praying to a god. "Mister God of Wealth, I want to make a wish to you. Please help me."

"It looks like she is not here to challenge a God Spirit." Han Sen was shocked. He said, "If you have come a for a wish, then come in and


"Thank you, Mister." Fox Queen entered god temple.

Han Sens heart jumped. The god temples gate closed down, leaving only him and Fox Queen, the two of them, inside.

"Tell me about your wish. I will fulfill your wish." Han Sen stood upon the god altar. He looked at Fox Queen with a very serious look as he spoke.

Fox Queen was the wife of Ghost Bone General. She must have known all about God Spirits. There was an 80% to 90% chance that she knew there was a consequence for the formation of wishes. Han Sen wondered why she had still come there to make a wish.

Fox Queen kneeled again. Her fox eyes stared at Han Sen. She spoke very softly. "I only have one wish. Please help me get back my Fox races race weapon Nine Spin Destiny Mirror. If that can be done, I am willing to do anything." Because the Sky God Crown had a light above, it made Han Sen look like a god enveloped in rainbow god light. Only his body was visible. One was not able to see his face. Fox Queen was not able to tell that he was Han Sen. That fact made Han Sen feel strange.

After Fox Queen made a wish, Sky God Crown sent a message to Han Sen. It said that if he was able to fulfill Fox Queens wish, he would earn a life span of 300.

The Sky God Crown showed that if Han Sen finished the wish, he could at least get 300 life spans. It was not just 300 life spans. He actually was able to get more than that.

It was like if Han Sen picked up the Nine Spin Destiny Mirror and gave it to her, he would only get the lowest amount of life spans available. If he went and stole it from some scary elite and returned the Nine Spin Destiny Mirror to her, she would pay with a lot more of her years. Aside from that, she would also get karma. She would have to pay the price.

Han Sens God Spirit power was just wealth. Fox Queens wish was not in his power to fulfill. Han Sen had to find a way to finish Fox Queens wish. If he was unable to finish it, his life span would be damaged.

Accepting a wish was a double-edged sword. If God Spirits accepted the wish, they had to find a way to finish it. If they could not complete it, they would have to scam the wisher to get and keep the life span. God spirits employed every dirty trick in the book.

Fox Queens wish was something Han Sen wanted to complete. That was because he had the Nine Spin Destiny Mirror. Han Sen still hesitated. He did not know if the Nine Spin Destiny Mirror was worth the 300 years.

To universal creatures, life span was very important. Han Sen was not a real God Spirit. He was not immortal.

Now, Han Sen had a life span of 2,000. That seemed like a very long time. To many creatures of the universe, it was nothing.


Fox Queen was nervous. She had taken a big risk coming to make a wish. There was nothing else she could do. She had to do this.

Going to the god temple to make a wish was a dangerous prospect. If the god did not want her to make a wish, they could simply kill her. She would have been killed.

Fortunately, Han Sen had allowed her to enter the god temple and speak her wish. Her life was safe, but it was unknown whether or not Han Sen could fulfill the wish or how he would even go about trying. It was certain that it would affect her a lot.

If a God Spirit finished her very difficult wish, she would have to pay with a lot of her life span. She was afraid that her life span might get all spent.

Han Sen looked at Fox Queen and coldly said, "I can fulfill your wish, but I have a condition."

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