Super God Gene Chapter 2981

Chapter 2981 Time Is Like A Ruler

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Chapter 2981 Time Is Like a Ruler

"Blasphemy to a God Spirit should result in death." Moment God coldly looked at Han Sen. The needles in his right eye were turning quickly. It was different from the ones in his left eye. The needles in his right eye were going counterclockwise.

As the needles of his right eye spun, in other peoples eyes, Han Sens movements seemed to be slower. It looked like he was moving in slow motion.

Moment Gods speed wasnt slowing down. He was very fast. One was fast, and the other was slow. It created a clear contrast. Moment God teleported in front of Han Sen. His fingers were very sharp. He was scratching toward Han Sens face. The fingernails were like the tips of a lance. They were going to pierce Han Sens eyes.

Moment Gods face looked very interested as he laughed in an evil way. He slashed downward, but Han Sens body disappeared in front of him.

In the next moment, Han Sens body appeared near Moment Gods back. The Sky Vine Radish God Lance was thrusting into his opponents neck. The tip of the lance was right next to him.

"Thats a very powerful teleport skill, but it is futile against me." The needles in Moment Gods eyes kept spinning in different directions. Han Sens speed was constantly slowing down while his opponents speed grew faster. The tip of the lance almost touched his skin.

Moment God established some distance between them. He turned around and threw a punch into Han Sens belly. Han Sen was like an old man with slow reactions. He saw Moment Gods punch, but he could do nothing to dodge. It was also too late for him to put the lance away.

Moment Gods fist was still too slow. Han Sens body teleported to the other end of the Moment God Temple plaza.

The man and the god kept fighting. Moment Gods power, which could control time, was incredibly weird. Han Sens ability to teleport was shocking too. Neither of them was able to do anything to each other.

"Dollar is so strong. He can fight a Disaster God Spirit without reprieve."

"He keeps using teleportation skills to move around."

"Dont say that. Moment God has to be a time element God Spirit. He has the power to make Dollar slow down in a web of time. That does not only make him slow down, but his powers and mind also slow down. If it was a normal person in this situation, even if he had a teleportation skill, it would be too late to use them. He would instantly be killed by Moment God. Dollars thoughts traveled 10,000 miles per hour. They are not restricted by the time gods power. In the universe, not many people can practice teleportation skills to this level. It is almost as good as the Very High with their Gods Wander ability."

"No matter how powerful his teleportation skills are, he cannot defeat Moment God."

Han Sen had his time area to use, but it was his other persona that was making use of it. He was not able to use it as he was now.

Plus, a time ghost beast souls time area was weaker than Moment Gods time god power. Even if he used it, it would not make a change in the current fight. Using time power before time element God Spirits was like using a big knife against a Guan Yu. Han Sen did not plan on doing that.

Because Han Sen had the time area, he knew that breaking Moment Gods time god area could only be accomplished through two different techniques. One required speed, and one required absolute power. Old Vulture used absolute speed to break Han Sens time area.

Han Sen did not have that kind of speed, so all he could do was use absolute power to break Moment Gods god power.

"It does not matter with time or space, but the rules of the universe are the rules of the universe. They are governed by the universal cogwheels. If I can control the cogwheels of the universe, I can prohibit the universal cogwheels from moving. Even god powers will be unable to affect the spread." Han Sen teleported to dodge Moment Gods attack. He kept using the Dongxuan Sutra and pumped all the power into Dongxuan Aura that he could. He tried to use absolute power to control the spinning of the universal cogwheels.

"In xenogeneic mode, my power is better than the average true god. I still do not know if it is enough to suppress a Disaster class God Spirit." Han Sen kept using the Dongxuan Aura to give pressure to the time universal cogwheel.

The time universal cogwheel could not be stopped completely, but the speed of its spin was slow. The effects on Han Sen weakened.

"The xenogeneic power cannot suppress Disaster God Spirits." Han Sen frowned.

Times delay had little effect on him now. Under the effect of the Dongxuan Aura, Moment Gods own time boost was slowed down. It made his speed slow down. Adding this and taking away that, Han Sen turned active. He was not going to keep teleporting to fight Moment God.


The Sky Vine Radish God Lance was able to hit Moment Gods claws for the first time. The god power hit the lances light. It triggered a scary explosion and shockwave. Han Sen flew away through space by a few thousand miles. Moment Gods legs had two very deep footprints on the god temple plaza.

"He can affect my time god power. It is no wonder he is so cocky. He dares to challenge me!" Moment Gods eyes flashed. The needles in his eyes kept spinning. They looked scary and weird. He said, "If you think this can fight a god, you are wrong. I will let you know the difference between a mere creature and a God Spirit."

After that, Moment Gods claws dug into his own eyes. There was one in the right and one in the left.


Seeing blood being spilled as the two sharp claws poked into his eyes, Moment God unplugged his eyeballs right out of their sockets.

This was different from what Han Sen was expecting. Inside the sockets, god lights flickered. The eyeballs, which had been dug out, were not the only ones. Many eyes started to come out. One by one, eyes rolled out of the god light socket.



When Moment God madly roared, all the eyeballs in his eyes were dugout. There were 12 of them. He put his hands together. He made a bracelet out of the 12 eyeballs. They went across his crossed hands. There were still streams of blood coming out of his eyes.

Han Sen looked at the eyeball bracelet. All those eyeballs were like circular watches. All of the needless were jumping to an unspecified rhythm, but all the eyeballs were pointing to a different point in time.

Han Sen looked closer and discovered that each watch was one hour later than the others. "Time is like a ruler. One mark is one scar. Stupid low-life creature, how dare you insult a God Spirit. Today, I will wipe you from the annals of history. I will let all the cheap creatures know that they cannot offend a God Spirit." Moment Gods hands were holding the bloody eyeball necklace. His eyes were still bleeding god blood as he spoke his words of madness.

After Moment God crazily spoke, his fingers flicked the eyeballs. The necklace was instantly brighter. It covered the entirety of space.

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