Super God Gene Chapter 2982

Chapter 2982 Time Etching

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Chapter 2982 Time Etching

The whole of space in the area of the god temple was twisted. Nothing was visible with any ordinary clarity. This was what the deified elites could see, but even their vision started to become distorted. It was like a shadow in the water. When the water moved, the vision twisted.

Moment God held his time bracelet. He mumbled words like a Buddha speaking for the dead. In that twisted parcel of space, Moment Gods body was like a sky god covering the whole of the god temples sky. Han Sen was like a tiny ant. "Accept a gods anger Time etching" Moment Gods god voice was loud. He raised the bracelet that was in his hands. The needless present in the 12 eyeballs was spinning madly.

In one moment, Han Sen felt as if he could see the flow of time with his eyes. All the numbers in the 12 eyes fired out some weird, twisted lights. The light connected them in the 12 eyes. It was like a giant net covering the entire god temples area. Han Sen did not have a space to avoid it. He could not find a place to be safe.


He saw the weird light cross together like a net. It was coming down. Han Sen pushed his Dongxuan Aura to the max, but he still could not stop the twisting lines of time that were descending

The time lights line landed on Han Sens Dongxuan Armor. It was like a laser and left some weird markings on it. It was like a symbol that represented time. It scrawled across the entire battle armors surface.

"This is" Han Sen noticed his body did not get injured. Instead, his whole body was marked. The markings were releasing a weird sort of power.

Han Sen wanted to raise his hands and see what had been etched into his armor and what it meant for him. He shockingly found out his arm was no longer listening to him. He was unable to move it. "Why is this happening?" Han Sen quickly discovered that it was not just his arm. His whole body was unable to move. He was not even able to cast a geno art.

Han Sen was feeling very strange. Although he was unable to move, he still felt his body existed. He was able to feel his bodys presence flowing. Everything seemed to be normal. Whenever he wanted to do something, his hands, legs, and presence listened.

This feeling was very weird. It was like a ghost crushing him. He felt everything but could not move.

Moment God looked at Han Sen coldly. The god blood was still flowing from his eye sockets. He was holding the bracelet while he said, "Stop wasting your breath. Your time is already being erased. There is nothing you can do about it now. You can only accept gods punishment. That is the result of your blasphemy toward a God Spirit."

What Moment God said was very simple. Han Sen understood what he meant because he had practiced a time area geno art. He knew something about time element powers.

Moment God had just reminded him a little, so Han Sen knew what the time etching power could do.

Han Sens body was not paralyzed because the time etching wiped off his body for a while.

It was hard to explain. Normally, when Han Sen wanted to do something, once his mind set it up, his body reacted. The time etching marks erased his body for a while. When Han Sen had the idea to move, the time would be empty afterward. He needed to wait until the empty time was over. Then, Han Sens body would have the needed reaction.

It was like playing a video game and the internet suddenly lagged. The time in between was wiped away. When the internet came back, the body reacted.

Han Sen did not know how long that empty time was. After seeing Moment Gods very relaxed face, he knew it would not be anytime soon.

Moment Gods hands were clutching the bloody eyeball necklace. He walked toward Han Sen. The sockets that had god blood coldly looked at Han Sen. They were going to touch Han Sens face.

He licked his lips and smiled evilly. Moment God then said, "I thought you were so good at fighting. I am standing right here. Why are you not moving?" Han Sen wanted to slap him 1,000 or 10,000 times, but it was a shame his body would not listen. The time etching erased the time he had in his body. He was not even able to speak.

"Dont say I did not give you a chance. If you dont move now, you will receive gods punishment." Moment God weirdly laughed. He reached out his hand and moved forward to grab Han Sens head. "It looks like I will have to use this." Han Sen gently closed his eyes. He was going to use Super God Spirit mode. At this time, the Super God Spirit body was not going to be affected. With Waners effect, his Super God Spirit mode would not last long, but it was enough. Moment God was very close to him. His awareness was very low. He only needed one moment to take Moment Gods life.

Moment Gods face had a bloody smile. The claw, which looked like a very sharp talon, drew closer to Han Sens head. Clearly, he did not want Han Sen to die a swift death.

"Do you want to live? Beg before me. Perhaps I will show you a speck of mercy and let you, a low-life, cheap creature, continue your pitiful existence." Moment God weirdly laughed as he spoke.

The creatures watching the fight saw Dollar being suppressed by Moment God. He was unable to move, so it was needless to say they were shocked.

Although Dollar was not the real No. 1 fighter on the god list, his real power put him in the top 10. Yet here he was getting suppressed by a Disaster class God Spirit by such an obscene amount. How was anyone supposed to not feel shocked?

This was just a Disaster class God Spirit. Above Disaster class were Annihilation and Reboot. There were two higher classes of god spirits. They must have been absolutely terrifying.

"We are just creatures of the universe. We cannot fight God Spirits. Only by becoming God Spirits ourselves can we shed the trappings of our mortal body. That way, we can become superior lifeforms." Many creatures thought that.

Han Sen was just watching Moment God. Although he was not able to speak, even if he could, he would not beg for his life before Moment God. That equaled making a wish to Moment God. Han Sen had briefly been a God Spirit. He knew making a wish like that would cost him a fortune.

Han Sens eyes made Moment God feel so annoyed. They made him so angry that he coldly said, "If you want to die, I will do as you


After that, the claws sped up. They came slashing toward Han Sens head. Han Sen was unable to fight back. He watched the claws land on his head.

"Stop it!" A voice sounded from beyond the god temple. The voice was so slow that no one noticed a body flying into the god temples plaza.

Because of that moment, Han Sens body shone brightly. He was like a volcano erupting. His body armor was covered by the time etching marks. It turned into a bright white color.

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