Super God Gene Chapter 2984

Chapter 2984 God Spirit Descends

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Chapter 2984 God Spirit Descends

In the god palaces, the god temple under the geno hall began to release a 3,000-foot-long light. It was like a sun exploding.

Previously, the lifeforce was like a sea. The god temple that released the scary god light was suddenly dead. The shining gold god temple was dim. It was like some dust had been scattered.

"Whats going on?" Han Sen and Bai King were shocked.

That god temple was very high. It was only one step below the geno hall. It was an Annihilation class god temple. Looking at the god temple now, it seemed as if it had been beaten and shut down.

"In the universe, who can beat an Annihilation class God Spirit and force it to shut down?" While Han Sen pondered this, he saw the dusty god temple door open. A shadow emerged from beyond.

The creatures of the universe did not see whose body it was. All they saw was a flash and the body disappear. It looked like it left the god palace.

"Oh, no!" Bai Kings face changed.

Han Sen looked at Bai King and asked, "Oh, no, what?"

"That Annihilation class God Spirit possessed a body and descended," Bai King said. "It entered the universe. We should run!" He wanted to run off immediately. Before his body moved, he saw a portion of space move nearby. A body appeared. It was the same body that emerged from the god palace.

The body was not very tall. It just about a foot taller than Han Sen, but the power it wielded was strong. He was wearing black armor. His shoulders had a black hammer that was the size of a barrel. His god eyes were coldly looking at Han Sen.

"You killed a god! You should be killed!" The God Spirit did not say much. He only said a few words before starting to wave his big hammer around in the air.

Han Sen understood that the Annihilation God Spirit had possessed a body to descend and kill him since he had killed a god.

Han Sen did not say anything. He used Galaxy Teleportation because he wanted to leave. He wanted to teleport a few systems away. Han Sen teleported away. While he was teleporting, he was inside a space tunnel. He heard some explosion sounds next to his ear. He then felt his body get hit. He was knocked out of the space tunnel.

Han Sens eyes flashed. He still saw himself in space. That God Spirits strong body was not very far away. He was holding that big, scary hammer.

The space around was cracking like glass. The space cracks were like a spiderweb. The power of the God Spirits hammer was breaking the entire system. It created many broken layers in space. Even using Galaxy Teleportation was impossible now. It could no longer be used. Han Sen knew it was time to fight for his life. Killing a Disaster class God Spirit had been incredibly difficult. It forced him to use his Super God Spirit mode. Now, an Annihilation class God Spirit was using a body to descend. The power of that hammer far exceeded Han Sens power. Han Sens full power attack was unable to reach the magnitude of his new nemesis.

He tightly held onto the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. Han Sen pushed his own power to the maximum.

Bai King, who was nearby, frowned. He looked at the God Spirit and said, "I do not think we offended you. Why have you descended to come and fight us?"

The God Spirit was holding his big hammer as he coldly responded, "Killing a God Spirit is a crime."

After that, another hammer came from the sky. He and Han Sen were a galaxy apart, but that hammers power was not coming to strike Han Sen. It was striking the space that was in front of him.

After the hammer came down, the whole of space shook. Han Sen felt as if his body had been broken by space.


Han Sen coughed up some boiling blood. He tried his hardest to fight back, but his xenogeneic battle body could still not withstand that scary shaking power. Many of his organs were severely injured, and his god bones had many fractures. It was like they were going to break any second.

Bai King was attacked too. His body was shining with light. There was a shield of light covering his body that looked like a God Spirit. It blocked that scary shaking power.

The God Spirit hammered down. This time, the hammers strike was greater than the last one. Han Sen was in too much shock. He was forced to gather up power and ready himself for another battle.


Bai Kings body appeared in front of Han Sen. That weird light was following Bai Kings movement. It created a defensive bulwark and blocked the God Spirits heavy hammer attack.

"Spirit of God!" Han Sen was shocked. When he looked closer, it was not really a God Spirit. The light of Bai Kings body was like a god and a demon. It was like an ancient battle spirit. It had three heads and six arms. Six of the hands were wielding different weapons.

There was a sword, knife, shield, jian, ring, and mirror. There were four types of weapons, and they were releasing a weird and mysterious light. The one that blocked the God Spirits hammer attack was the shield.

Han Sen looked at the light. It looked just like a beast soul and God Spirit, but it was different. He was thinking of the xenogeneics that had no souls in the Nine-Defense Palace. He thought, "Are these spirit weapons made from the xenogeneic spirits?"

Bai King stared at the God Spirit and slowly said to Han Sen, "You leave now."

"Why are you saving me?" Han Sen did not understand why Bai King was risking a fight against this God Spirit to save him. In any way, his relationship with Bai King was not a positive one.

If Bai King had come to save him because he was a student, Han Sen believed that was hogwash. When Bai Kings son died, he had not taken it that seriously. And he was just a student.

Bai King stared at the God Spirit as he said, "I dont have time to talk about that. I cannot last long. Hurry up and leave. Get as far away from here as you possibly can."

"No one is leaving! You are all going to die today!" The gods voice was like thunder. It was extremely loud. After those words were spoken, the God Spirits big hammer was coming down. The hammer carried an incredibly scary breaking power. It was suddenly in front of Bai King.

The shaking of space was very scary. Now that the hammer was coming, it was so strong that even Han Sen, who was behind Bai King, felt as if he could not beat it.

Bai King stared at that scary god hammer. He did not fall back. His body was like a demon gods shadow that was silently roaring in the sky. He was holding the shield while running toward the god hammer.


A scary shockwave suddenly destroyed the space around. Han Sen used all of his power to fight the shockwave, but his Dongxuan Armor was starting to reveal cracks.


"Run!" Bai Kings voice was heard again.

Han Sen gnashed his teeth. He turned around and headed for the broken space that looked like a spiderweb.

"Dont run!" the God Spirit coldly shouted. He was holding a big hammer. He waved it at Han Sen, but Bai King stopped him.

"If there is someone I want to save, not even a god can get in the way." Bai Kings voice was clear and cold.

Han Sen felt there was some scary space-shaking force behind him. Han Sen used the borrow strength skill and the shockwave to propel his sprint through the broken space.

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