Super God Gene Chapter 2986

Chapter 2986 Waner Woke Up

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Chapter 2986 Waner Woke Up

Han Sen was in Super God Spirit mode. That scary power went through his semi-transparent body and did not do anything to him.

Han Sen was holding the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. He teleported in front of Kill Sky God and struck his head again. He had to act very quickly since Waner would not last long


The Sky Vine Radish God Lance carried the power of Super Spank and struck Kill Sky Gods neck. The tip of the lance plunged into his muscles and dug in a few inches before it was unable to go any further.

Han Sen had selected a location that had no armor for protection. If he struck the armor, the result would have likely been unfavorable.

Kill Sky Gods eyes flickered with god light, but he could not dodge Han Sens strike. The god hammer in his hand kept on swinging. Against the Super God Spirit body, it was useless.

Han Sens Sky Vine Radish God Lance kept on attacking. It hit the same wound that had already been inflicted upon Kill Sky God. He wanted to continuously strike the same spot and sever his neck.

Han Sen quickly discovered that the speed of his wound ripping was not as fast as Kill Sky Gods wound healing. His repeated attacks did not accomplish much. Before the second lance reached that spot, Kill Sky Gods wound released some god light and was almost healed.

"My power really isnt enough to kill an Annihilation class God Spirit." Han Sen frowned. He was in a bit of a rush.

Destinys Tower Waner was getting worse. She was almost going to wake up. The only thing that made Han Sen happy was the fact that Destinys Tower was being shaken by Kill Sky Gods scary power and wasnt breaking. It did not even get damaged. It was just the power that made it keep bouncing around everywhere. It was moving further away from the battleground. Moaning sounds were heard from someplace within the tower. It sounded as if it was going to crack any second. It was uncertain how long it would last.

"If I had not borrowed a body and pushed my power to the max by using the strongest god skill, you would have been killed by now already!" Kill Sky God looked at Han Sen coldly. The big hammer in his hand did not keep attacking. He allowed Han Sens Sky Vine Radish God Lance to keep striking him, but he was still unable to inflict deadly, fatal wounds on him.

"Even if I cannot make use of all my power, you cannot damage my God Spirit body. Lets see how long you can keep it up. Once your power has been exhausted, it will be time for me to kill you." Kill Sky Gods voice was so cold that it made one feel a chill deep in their bones.

Han Sen did not know how long his Super God Spirit mode will last. This was the first time he had used Super God Spirit mode as a true god. For now, he did not feel uncomfortable or anything.

It was similar to Waner not disturbing him. Super God Spirit mode should have lasted a long time. If Han Sen wanted to leave, Kill Sky God could not stop him.

If he left now, Waner would be done for. If he brought Waner with him, the Super God Spirit mode would be gone. That would have made it impossible to flee.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Han Sen would not give up Waner. Besides the fact that he had been taking Waner with him for very long, even if it was a dog, he would feel emotion toward it.

Plus, there were many secrets regarding Waner that he had yet learned. Han Sen had also enjoyed three drinks with Qin Xiu and promised him he would take care of Waner. He could not just back out now.

"With things becoming like this, I cannot care too much. I will have to use the Holy Kirins holy spirit to get out of this." Han Sen had no other choice.

Han Sen knew Kill Sky Gods real power was not as invincible as he was making it out to be. When his body landed, he did not have an absolute suppress power. Otherwise, Sky Vine Radish God Lance would not have hurt him. His god skills made his body stronger than a true god class elite. Even with a buff off a god skill, he would have been unable to destroy his body with the Sky Vine Radish God Lance.

If he had a buff from the Holy Kirins holy spirit, there was a chance of success. If he used the Holy Kirins holy spirit now, he would expose the fact that Dollar was Han Sen. Fortunately, no one knew Han Sen was human. Even if he exposed himself, the God Spirits would not come after him for a while. As for the future, Han Sen would just have to wait and see how it all shook out.


While Han Sen prepared to summon the Kirins holy spirit to possess the Sky Vine Radish God Lance, he suddenly heard something crack open far away in space. In the space around, Han Sen and Kill Sky Gods power broke everything into dust. There was nothing left to break.

Han Sen heard that sound. He thought it was terrible. He turned around and saw Destinys Tower display a crack. It had probably endured too many hits.

Before Han Sen reacted, a gold, holy light came out from the crack. There was suddenly a blonde lady rising from the crack.

Her blonde hair was waving as much as her clothes were. Waner was sleeping inside Destinys Tower. Now, Waner had become the blonde-haired lady. Her whole body released a weird, blonde light that made her body look like a dream. It did not look real.

Waner looked like Han Sens Super God Spirit mode, but it was a bit different.

Waners eyes were open. Clearly, she had gotten rid of her sleeping mode, but her gold eyes still had no focus. She was like a zombie.

"Waner Waner Im Impossible How are you still alive You cannot still be alive" When Kill Sky God saw the blonde Waner, his face changed. It was like he had just laid eyes on a ghost.

Even earlier, when Han Sen hit him, he did not have this expression. He still exhibited the pride of a God Spirit.

After seeing Waner for a brief moment, he was freaking out. Han Sen thought it was strange how he had just lost it like this.

Kill Sky God recognized Waner, which did not make Han Sen feel weird.

There was an 80% to 90% chance that Kill Sky God was one of the God Spirits that descended way back when. It was not a surprise for him to have seen Waner with the rest of Sacred. Seeing his face, he seemed absolutely terrified of Waner. That made Han Sen feel like it was unbelievable.

It all happened in a moment. Waner came out of Destinys Tower. Her unfocused eyes fell on Han Sen, which made him feel a chill.


Waners body suddenly went blurry in front of Han Sen. With Han Sens vision, he was not able to see where she moved.

Subconsciously, Han Sen fell back. He noticed that Waner was not going after him. That pretty and soft body of hers went before Kill Sky God. She raised her right arm without any emotion. Her hand was like a knife slashing down from up high. The blonde hair and gold clothes were waving as she struck.

Kill Sky Gods face looked shocked. His hands were holding a giant hammer. He swung it at Waner as he fell back.

Waners hand was full of a golden flame. She continued her downward strike. The giant hammer, which had destroyed everything, was like tofu being cut in half by her hand.

Kill Sky Gods face was wretched. He was unable to completely fall back. His face had been cut from his forehead to his jaw by Waners fingertip. It was like the center of his face had a red line.

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