Super God Gene Chapter 2987

Chapter 2987 Got A God Personality Again

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Chapter 2987 Got a God Personality Again

I was

"That strong?" Han Sen was shocked. The most shocking thing about this situation came later. After Kill Sky God was injured, he was so shocked that he wanted to escape but could not even turn around.

Waners face displayed zero emotion. Her beautiful body was flickering like a ghost. Her hands were waving as she moved. Since she moved so fast, even with Han Sens eye power, he only saw Waners body appearing and disappearing. Her hands possessed a lot of gold light as she flashed past Kill Sky God. When Kill Sky God turned his body to run, Waner stopped. Her small body floated in space. She slowly turned and looked at Han Sen.

Kill Sky God had only sprinted away about 30 feet before god blood was everywhere. His body was suddenly broken. It was worse than his body being hanged, drawn, and quartered.

In the next second, Han Sen saw a god light in the sky, but it was hidden by the big barren systems big barren power. It did not go into space and create a gods sadness. After Kill Sky Gods god body was burned away, one part of his upper arm bone remained. That bone was around three feet long. It was shaped like a hammer and pitch black. It appeared very heavy.

Han Sen thought, "It looks like Waners power and mine are a bit different. The God Spirit she killed left a god personality behind. The God Spirits I kill leave nothing. Even the god personality was gone."

Han Sen was not currently in the mood to think. Waner teleported in front of Han Sen. He gathered up power and looked at Wander with alert eyes.

The blonde Waner might not have recognized him. Considering the power she had just put on display, she was not someone Han Sen believed he was capable of combatting.

Waner arrived before Han Sen. The gold fire connected with Han Sens white flame. The two powers melted into each other as if they were connecting

"Big Brother!" Waner looked at Han Sen with shock and fell into his arms.

Han Sen held Waner, which led to their flames extinguishing. It suddenly disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

"Big Brother Waner misses you. She misses you so much." Han Sen looked at Waner, but her eyelids became heavier and heavier. She tried her best to look at Han Sen, but she was unable to fight the sleepiness. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Han Sens expression looked a little distorted. Waners situation was very bad. Her life force was almost too weak for him to feel. It seemed as if she would die at any moment.

Han Sen quickly took out a bottle of geno fluid and fed it to her, but it had no effect. He summoned the Light Well Lots too, but that did not help Waner either.

"If you miss your Big Brother so much, you must hold on no matter what. If you die, I can never see you again." Han Sen picked up Waner and took Kill Sky Gods bone back with him.


Destinys Towers tower had a crack that went all the way up to down. It was like it had been broken by someone. Han Sen knew that it had not been broken by Kill Sky God. It was Waner who had broken it while rushing out. Han Sen picked up Wander and entered Destinys Tower. He sorted out the stuff inside. He had a conflicted expression.

Everything was there except two people were missing. Ancient Devil and Ancient Abyss Grandmaster were gone. The stone platform and space bai sema were still fine. They were not damaged, but they were gone.

"I did not expect Ancient Devil would be able to escape, but that is fine by me." Han Sen shook his head. He put Waner inside Destinys Tower and put Destinys Tower away.

He was holding that Kill Sky God arm bone. Han Sen was thinking, "Right now, I have Evil Lotus God and Sky Armor Gods god personality. This will be the third god personality I have received, but Evil Lotus God and Sky Armor God were just Destruction class. They cannot compare to an Annihilation class Kill Sky God and his Kill Sky God god personality.

Han Sen was hesitating because unlike ordinary creatures, he knew the god personality was God Spirit genes. Han Sen knew that due to the announcements. Although Han Sen was not able to absorb God Spirit genes, he always believed if he was able to absorb other genes, there was no way he could absorb God Spirit genes. Perhaps he had just not yet found a way to absorb the God Spirit genes.

It was like before in the sanctuaries when he received super genes. At first, people were not able to absorb them. God Spirit genes might have been similar to that.

He was unsure whether or not putting god personalities in god personality armaments could be absorbed.

"That Kill Sky God is very powerful. He just descended and was almost invincible. In the god temple, he must be even scarier. Ordinarily, I would want to kill him and Moment God, both of whom are in the same class. As I am right now, the chances of me doing that are pretty slim. If I have Kill Sky Gods god personality armament, my chances will be much higher. I should go swap it." Han Sen made a decision. He then thought, "But I do not know what type of god personality armament Kill Sky Gods god personality armament is. I hope it is armor so I can block Moment Gods attacks. There is no need for me to end up dead because of her." In Han Sens heart, he knew that Kill Sky Gods god personality armament had a low chance of providing him with armor. That arm bone would probably not have ended up looking like armor.

No matter what it was, having an Annihilation class god personality armament should have helped him a tremendous amount.

Han Sen collected the arm bone and figured out which direction he needed to go. He kept going deep into the big barren systems. Since he was already there, he figured he might as well check out the holy hall. He wanted to see if Littleflower and Old Cat were back yet. With the holy spirit, the darkness did not cause Han Sen much trouble or danger. He traveled back to the holy palace. He arrived there safely.

He was back to being Han Sen now. He reached the holy palace. When Han Sen used the long, bright lanterns light and saw the ruins of the holy palace, he was shocked.


The holy palace had been broken when Han Sen was there. Now, the holy palaces ruins were dyed black in dry blood.

Red Ghost, the eyeless beast, and Old Vultures giant bodies were lying across the ruins. The wounds on their bodies were solid. Their life forces were gone.

The eyeless big beasts body was split in half. Red Ghost had been decapitated, and Old Vultures feathers had all been plucked. There was a shadow standing on top of the ruin. Someone was holding Auntie Mei by the neck. He lifted her up in the air.

Auntie Mei had no strength to struggle. Her hands clutched the other hands, but she could not get away.

"Mis Mister" Auntie Mei saw Han Sen enter the radius of the bright, long lantern. She had been hopeless, but now she had a bit of hope. She gathered up all her power and used whatever she had left to shout at Han Sen, "Be wary of Old Cat"

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