Super God Gene Chapter 2991

Chapter 2991 Getting A God Personality

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Chapter 2991 Getting a God Personality

Han Sen had three god personalities. They were the Destruction class Sky Armor God and Evil Lotus God, as well as the Annihilation class Kill Sky God.

Han Sen went to Evil Lotus Gods god temple. He wanted to see what type of armament Evil Lotus Gods god personality armament was.

"Why is Dollar here again? Did he not just kill Moment God?"

"Maybe he is a bloodthirsty mongrel."

"I dont know what level of God Spirit he is challenging."

"It should be at least a Disaster class one. He killed a Disaster class Moment God, so there is no way he is challenging something of a lower level."

While everyone was discussing it, Han Sen walked into Evil Lotus Gods god temple. All the audience felt a little weird.

"What is going on? Why is Dollar challenging a Destruction class God Spirit?"

"No! That god temple must be shut down right now. He cannot challenge it. Why is he in there?"

"What is going on?" After a while, everyone saw the god flag on the god temple start to shine. Before long, it went dim. The God Spirit must have been killed.

Han Sen quickly came out from Evil Lotus Gods god temple and went to Sky Armor Gods god temple.

The same thing happened again. Han Sen quickly emerged from Sky Armor Gods god temple.

"Holy sh*t! What is happening? Dollar can enter a shutdown god temple and slay the spirits inside? Is he cheating?"

Ordinary creatures did not know the difference between god temples and sealed temples. They were all frozen. "He is not leaving. Dollar is headed for the god temple upstairs. He is not going to challenge a disaster God Spirit again, is he?"

"No. Dollar already challenged a Disaster class god temple group. He is still going up." "Does he want to challenge an Annihilation class God Spirit?"

"He went in. He really went in."

While everyone was watching, Han Sen pushed open the shutdown Kill Sky God Temple. He walked inside. The god temples door closed itself.

Like the God Spirits that descended died outside the god temples, only someone holding the God Spirits god personality can enter. Normal creatures did not kill descended God Spirits. They did not know this method to enter the god temple.

Before Han Sen entered Evil Lotus God and Sky Armor Gods god temples, he killed the defenseless God Spirits inside. They did not have God Spirits, but he had received the god personality armaments. Evil Lotus Gods god personality armament was a purple crystal lotus flower-shaped ring. Sky Armor Gods god personality armament was a half-body armor. It was different from what Han Sen expected. He had been hoping for a weapon.

Han Sen did not try out what kind of power those two god personality armaments wielded. He went to Kill Sky God Temple and saw Kill Sky Gods empty shell god body standing atop the god altar. He looked very powerful but without anger.

Han Sen already had the experience, so he knew it was just a useless empty shell that could not fight back.

Han Sens eyes scanned Kill Sky God. If he wanted to kill a God Spirit, he had to destroy his god base. Otherwise, the God Spirits healing power would have been too strong for him to destroy.

Evil Lotus God was a low-level God Spirit. Han Sen was able to slash open his god body and find the god base with ease. An Annihilation class God Spirit like Kill Sky God was different. It wouldnt be as easy for him.

Fortunately, Han Sen saw Kill Sky God be killed by Waner. He saw it clearly. He knew exactly where the god base was, which saved him a lot of trouble.

He was not going to use Super Spank this time. He was afraid of destroying everything and then not being able to claim the god personality armament. In the end, he summoned his Sky Vine Radish God Lance and pierced toward Kill Sky Gods god body.

The Sky Vine Radish God Lance was thrust into the empty shell that was Kill Sky Gods god bodys chest. Sparks erupted everywhere. The strike only damaged his skin a bit. He did not even bleed.

"Kill Sky Gods real god body is stronger than the universe god body he used when he descended." Han Sen knew he would be unable to break a god base like that. He hesitated and summoned the Kirins holy spirit. He made it possess the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. The Sky Vine Radish God Lance suddenly burned with white fire.

Han Sen struck again. This time, the tip of the lance managed to perforate it a lot. It also ended up getting stuck within the muscles and bones.

Han Sen thrust and thrust. He was busy for quite a while when he finally pierced through the blood and the bones inside. He saw the chest releasing a black and smoky heart. "That is it!" Han Sens thrust the heart. He noticed the heart was even harder than the god bones and god flesh that had kept it protected.

Han Sen held the Sky Vine Radish God Lance and attacked it for half an hour before finally being able to pierce through the heart. He wiped away the sweat that had accumulated on his forehead and said, "Luckily, that guy possessed someone when he descended to chase me. If he had used this god body to fight me, my fight would have been harder." After completely destroying the heart, Han Sen quickly brought out the Kill Sky God arm bone. The god body turned a light substance and headed toward Han Sens own arm bone. It all went into his bones.

The black light of the bones grew stronger. It was floating inside Han Sens hand. When all the light substance melted into his bones, the bone light looked dim. After the light was gone, Han Sen saw the arm bone become a black bone hammer.

The bone hammer was far too cruel. The hammer was just a bit bigger than a fist. It was like a rubber hammer in a house.

"Why is this hammer so different when compared to the hammer Kill Sky God wielded? Kill Sky Gods hammer was so much more powerful. What is this tiny thing for?" Han Sen complained, but then an announcement played.

"Annihilation class god personality armament received: Kill Sky Hammer."

Han Sen looked at the Kill Sky Hammer. The name was very powerful and overbearing, but it looked very small. It looked like a black bone hammer. The head was a cylinder. Both sides of the hammer head had a god symbol. It looked old and mysterious, but Han Sen did not know what the two god symbols meant.

When he and Kill Sky God fought, the big hammer had those two god symbols too. They likely represented his power. Just like before, Kill Sky Hammer had a message in Han Sens head. "Kill Sky Hammer Annihilation class god personality armament."


Seeing Kill Sky God get resurrected, Han Sen did not dare remain. He put the Kill Sky Hammer into his Sea of Soul and swiftly departed Kill Sky God Temple. All the races of the universe were looking at the Kill Sky God Temple. They saw him emerge from the god temple right when the god flag flashed. Then, it went dim. Clearly, a God Spirit had died inside the god temple.

"Really? Dollar killed an Annihilation class God Spirit, and the temple was closed down. This seems fake to me."

"Does he play like that?"

All the creatures opened their eyes wide. They were not able to believe it.

Han Sen had just exited the zone of the god temples when he saw Bai King floating in the air. He was laughing at him.

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