Super God Gene Chapter 2992

Chapter 2992 Holy Body Geno Fluid

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Chapter 2992 Holy Body Geno Fluid

"We must find a place to talk," Bai King said to Han Sen with a merry laugh.

"OK." Han Sen wanted to know why Bai King saved him earlier, as well as why Bai King was happy letting him claim all the benefits he wanted.

Bai King did not say anything. He merely led the way.

Han Sen believed Bai King would lead him back to the Extreme King, but he did not. Bai King stopped on an asteroid. He then just sat on the crystallized asteroid. He smiled and waved at Han Sen. "Sit."

Han Sen sat down and asked, "Why have you come looking for me?"

Bai King pointed at the god palace in space and said, "You must have now seen the power possessed by an Annihilation class God Spirit. If you are going solo, it will be impossible to win in your fights at the god temple. If we combine our forces, perhaps we stand a chance. What do you think?"

Han Sen checked Bai King out. He did not answer his question. He quietly asked, "Why me? Give me a reason."

Bai King seemed to know that Han Sen wanted to ask that. He smiled and said, "It is very simple. It is because of it."

Bai King stroked a ring on his finger. It was a metal ring with a black gem on it. There was no special power possessed by it. When one looked at it, one would believe it was an ordinary, decorative ring.

Han Sen had a closer look and thought, "This black gem looks like the black crystal Horizontal Evil gave me."

Seeing Han Sens reaction, Bai King smiled. He stroked the black crystal on the ring and said, "This ring is a treasure given to us by our Alpha. He brought it back from Sacred. The Alpha used to say that if a creature can make this ring create a reaction, the Extreme King must help that creature in any way they can. Only that creature can make the Extreme King free and powerful."

"Has it reacted to me?" Han Sen asked with a frown.

Han Sen did not believe Bai King was a person that listened to his alpha. To become a king, all of them had incredible confidence and faith in themselves. They would not have listened to the ramblings of an old alpha and listen to an outsider like Han Sen, who was their enemy.

Bai King nodded and said, "Yes. This ring has been passed through many generations of our race, but it has never reacted before. We started to think that whatever Mister Alpha said about it was not true. Over the billions of years waiting for it, the time has come. We waited billions of years and are now finally here. When you are next to me, the ring reacts. It is so deep in the soul that only the person wearing the ring can feel it. It is so strong and clear. It was at that moment I knew you were the person the Extreme King had been waiting on for billions of years."

Han Sen looked at Bai King and did not speak. That story would not have only existed in a storybook. Han Sen had a hard time believing that someone would remain that loyal to anything It was not like the world did not have anyone loyal, such as Nine Thousand King, the demon lady, and the others. They were loyal to Qin Xiu, and Han Sen believed they were.

The Extreme King was different. It was easy for one person to remain loyal. For everyone to remain loyal generation after every generation was not something Han Sen could believe.

After three generations, one tended to forget their ancestors. If one person developed in a foreign country, no one would really remember their motherland three generations later. The Extreme King had been going on for many generations. If they said they still believed in the alpha, whoever believed it must have had a problem in their brain.

Bai King seemed to see through what Han Sen was thinking. He stroked his ring and said, "Of course, Mister Alphas speech was not the main reason I treated you so nicely. It was because, in that speech, you were the key to the fate of the entire Extreme King. That means I have to treat you so well."

"What key?" Han Sen asked.

"The extreme bodies of the Extreme King come from Sacred Leaders test subjects. It was something called Holy Body Geno Fluid. If the Holy Body Geno Fluid was a success, then all the creatures can activate their potential and gene origin power so that their genes could evolve. Then, every creature could get their super holy body."

After speaking, Bai King looked at Han Sen. It seemed as if he wanted to ask something, but he did not ask anything. He continued with what he was talking about. "Ever since Sacred collapsed, the Holy Body Geno Fluid has not succeeded. Our alpha used the half-finished Holy Body Geno Fluid and received the special body. He used that special body to survive amidst the chaos and keep the Extreme King alive."

"Is that special body is a king body?" Han Sen asked.

Bai King nodded and said, "Yes, it is a king body. That special body plays a big part in genes, but it is different from normal genes. In the beginning, the Extreme King people were able to activate their king bodies. Some geniuses were able to activate their king bodies by the time they were 15 or 16 years old. Everyone activated a different kind of body. As time passed, the bloodline kept becoming lighter and lighter. Now, the Extreme King people can only activate their king bodies by the time they reach King class. Most of the Extreme King cannot activate their king bodies anymore."

Han Sen looked at the ring and asked, "What does any of that have to do with this ring?" Bai King put the ring down and placed it in front of Han Sen. "According to what the alpha told us, that ring is a tool for testing king bodies. It will only work for a successful holy body."


Han Sen took the ring and placed it in his hand. That very normal ring suddenly made his soul shake. It seemed as if it was able to make the black gem inside Han Sen moan and groan.

Han Sen kept stroking the gem in the ring and thought, "It is very amazing, but I feel the black gem in the ring is different from the black crystal."

"Mister Alpha believed Sacred Leader had a backup plan, even for a time after this death. We believed someone would take up the mantle to proceed with his research on the Holy Body Geno Fluid. We just needed to hold onto that ring and wait until the real Holy Body Geno Fluid came out. At that time, our king bodies would be perfected. It would be a perfect holy body. It would not be like a king body that becomes a little harder to reach as time goes by." Bai King looked at Han Sen as if his eyes were on fire. "If you want to get the Holy Body Geno Fluid from me, you are wrong. I have never used Holy Body Geno Fluid, and I dont know to make that stuff." After saying that, Han Sen threw the ring back at Bai King. Bai King picked up the ring, smiled, and said, "We can talk about this another time. Today, I looked for you so we can co-operate for the killing of an Annihilation class God Spirit. Are you interested?"

Han Sen knew Bai King must have something more to say. He stayed quiet a moment before asking, "Which Annihilation class God Spirit do you want to kill?".

"Moment God." Bai King slowly said those two words.

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