Super God Gene Chapter 2994

Chapter 2994 Finishing Wish

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Chapter 2994 Finishing Wish

Back in Space Garden, Han Sen had been troubled by the situation.

Although he was able to use Han Sens identity to reject the proposal, Han Sen had tried his hardest to save Golden Growler. This was a good opportunity. If he rejected the offer, Bai King might grow suspicious. Although Dollar and Han Sens looked different, ordinary people would not suspect them as being the same. Unfortunately, people like Bai King knew Dollar was the Holy Baby. If Dollar and Han Sen were not able to show up at the same time, he could start thinking things werent the way he presumed them to be.

Han Sen thought, "This is far too troublesome for me, but I have no choice. I have to decline the offer." He was not able to think of an adequate solution.

If he waited any longer for other humans and spirits to develop, by the time he was true god, he could find someone else to disguise themselves as him. Right now, that was too difficult.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

While Han Sen was thinking, he heard a buzzing noise. It was like something was rapidly flapping its wings next to his ears. He looked closer. He did not know when it had appeared, but there was a small bee next to him.

Han Sen thought it was weird. How was a xenogeneic bee able to fly there? Where he lived had the protection of a bai sema. A xenogeneic of that level could not bypass the bai sema.


The little bee turned into smoke, and a beautiful little girl fell out. She fell right into Han Sens arms.

Han Sen discovered it was Baoer who had fallen out. "Baoer!" She was wearing a big pair of sunglasses.

Baoer was clinging to Han Sens neck. She laughed and asked, "Dad, where have you been lately? Why dont you play with Baoer anymore?"

"I have recently" Han Sen thought of something. He slapped his legs and switched the topic of conversation. "How could I forget about the sunglasses?"

In the next moment, Han Sen developed rabid excitement. He quickly picked up Baoer and asked, "Baoer, can you use these glasses to look like Dad?"

Baoer tilted her head with confusion as she asked, "I can, but why would I want to look like you?"

"Dont ask me that," Han Sen said. "Just quickly tell me how long you can become me for."


Baoer thought for a moment and said, "Your body of energy is strong. If I want to become you, it will cost me a lot of power. It will last around one hour."

"One hour? That is almost enough." Han Sen was quiet a moment and then said, "Try becoming Dad now."

Baoer was very nice. She used her sunglasses to scan Han Sen. Not long after, she successfully turned into Han Sen.

"Can you use this?" Han Sen reached out his hand. His hand had the flame of the Xuan Yellow Sutra.

"Like this?" Baoer reached out her hand. Her hand was just like his. She had the Xuan Yellow Sutras flame.

Han Sen was very happy. He used a few geno arts. He soon found out the geno arts Baoer could use were his xenogeneic geno arts.

They included Blood-Pulse Sutra, Xuan Yellow Sutra, and Jadeskin. She was able to use those geno arts.

The Dongxuan Sutra and The Story of Genes were something she was unable to cast.

Han Sens heart jumped. He transformed into xenogeneic battle body mode and told Baoer, "What about this? Can you look like me right now?"

Baoer used her sunglasses and scanned him again. She successfully turned into the Han Sen xenogeneic mode. Like before, while she was in xenogeneic mode, she was only able to use Jadeskin and Blood-Pulse Sutra. She was still unable to use the Dongxuan Sutra and The Story of Genes.

Regarding the Super God Spirit mode, no matter what mode she was in, Baoer could not make use of it.

Han Sen thought, "Its just enough. Baoer can use xenogeneic mode to disguise herself as Dollar, and I can come out representing myself Han Sen." He gave Baoer the evil lotus ring, sky bone armor, and kill sky hammer to see if she could effectively use them.

Baoer used the evil lotus ring and sky bone armor. The evil lotus ring shone with a purple light. It turned into a purple shadow that covered her body.

This was the evil lotus bai sema. It had good resistance to every power. It was good stuff for the purpose of surviving.

The sky bone armor had a knife light. It was like many knife lights protecting Baoer. The sky bone armor was a very rare armament that could attack and defend. The knife light protected the body to provide powerful defense, and the knife light was also like a saw that could strike things. It was very powerful.

The kill sky hammer was able to break space in a single hit. The power it possessed was ridiculous. Any bai sema would break under the kill sky hammer.

"When Baoer enters xenogeneic mode, she is very powerful. With these three god personality armaments and me next to her, she should be fine. She will just leave if anything bad happens." Han Sen thought this was doable. He explained things to her once and asked if she wanted to take part.

"Baoer can become Dollar-Dad. That will be so fun, Baoer will love it." Baoer looked very excited.

"Moment Gods power is unpredictable," Han Sen told Baoer. "You need to be careful. Listen to my commands. You will enter the god temple later, and you will be the first one to leave. You cannot risk fighting Moment God. Just pretend and swing the hammer a few times. Your father has got this."

Little Angel had been drinking geno fluid by the gallon, and she was almost maxed out. She still probably would not catch up and be at what was required for the fight in that god temple just yet.

The next day, Han Sen had to meet up with Fox Queen. He became Dollar and wore the Sky God Crown. He returned to his God of Wealth Temple.

The God of Wealth Temple had just opened. Fox Queen secretly came before the god temple. While still outside, she said, "I am Fox Queen. Please, let me see you Mister God of Wealth."

"Come in." Han Sen stood atop his altar. He looked very serious when he spoke.

"Greetings, Mister!" After Fox Queen entered the temple, she bowed.

"What I promised you is possible," Han Sen coldly said. "Were you doubting my power?"

"I would never dream of doing that. Its just the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror is too important to the Fox race. That is why I feel very nervous. Please forgive me." Fox Queen was very scared as she kowtowed. At the same time, she was very excited.


"Hmph. Take it." Han Sens heart jumped. The Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror appeared in the air. It flew toward Fox Queen.

When Fox Queen had the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror in her hands, the Sky God Crown displayed a message in Han Sens head.

"Wish fulfilled. Received 300 lifespan. An additional requirement master and slave contract is available."

Many lifespan years flew out of Fox Queen and went toward Han Sen. Han Sen witnessed his lifespan increase. He had a lifespan of another 300 years. His total lifespan was almost 3,000 years now.

Han Sen also saw that Fox Queens forehead had a mark that said, "God of Wealths Wealth." It had some special connection to the Sky God Crown.

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