Super God Gene Chapter 2997

Chapter 2997 Fighting Moment God Again

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Chapter 2997 Fighting Moment God Again

Han Sen had just entered the Moment God Temple. He immediately used Galaxy Teleportation. He suddenly was in front of Golden Growler, who had been trapped by the time god light. He was waving the light scissors toward Golden Growler.


There was an invisible shockwave. It came from the center of the god temple. One easily saw it with their eyes. It suddenly flushed out like a wave, and it made time pass slowly. The power of the light scissors was not affected. One black and one white dragon, the two of them, crossed each other and headed for Golden Growler. They cut the twisted space that trapped him as easily as a sheet of white paper. The power seemed like it was breaking bamboo as it went toward Golden Growler.


Seeing the light scissors about to cut open the god power trap that was around Golden Growler, everyone suddenly felt dizzy. They could not see what happened. Moment God was already standing before Golden Growler. She flicked her long jade finger. It landed on the dragon head of the light scissors. It knocked the light scissors away.

"Sun Moon God Ape!" Bai King had the three-headed, six-armed spirit for protection. Although he was affected a little, it was not by much. It was forced to break the time delay power. He was swinging six weapons toward Moment God.

Sun Moon God Ape wasnt about to slow down. He was holding a sun and a moon. The sun and moon were twisted. It made the time go fast. It extinguished some of the delays caused by the time god power. It made it so that Han Sen and the others were not affected by it too much.

The Space Spirit was not affected by the time delay at all. Its transparent hands were striking toward Moment God. The space crack was spreading

Moment God did not move while everyone was attacking. She went with god light and pointed her finger. It was like time was rewinding. The movements of Han Sen and the others seemed to go backward.

Moment Gods body flashed. She teleported to Han Sen, who was closest to her. Although the light scissors were not affected by time rewind, Han Sen had been affected by it. He started falling back. He was not able to raise the light scissors to block Moment Gods attack.

Every creature in the universe was frozen. Han Sen, Bai King, and the others were the greatest elites in the entire universe. Before Moment Goddess, they were useless.


Suddenly, there was a thundering hitting noise coming from the god temple. Dollar was holding a mini, black, small hammer. It hit toward the space around the others. Suddenly, many space cracks developed in the god temple. It made the blood rise in Han Sen, Bai King, Sun Moon God Ape, and Space Spirit.

What shocked them most was that the rewind time power was no longer working, Moment Gods mouth was bleeding god blood.

"Holy sh*t! Dollar is so strong! He used a hammer to damage Moment God." Everyone was shocked.

Han Sen had not expected the kill sky hammer to be that strong. It broke time and space. Even the rewind time god power was not excluded from its might. Pang! Pang! Pang!

Baoer swung her hammer at space three more times. The god symbols on the hammer were vibrating. The whole of the god temple was like broken glass. There were more and more space cracks.

"Dollar, Big God, put away your god stuff!" Sun Moon God Ape was crying. Those three hammer strikes had not killed Moment God, but they were going to kill his god body. He had a few broken bones. Eleven of his organs were torn and bleeding. Only God knew how much blood he was spilling out.

This wasnt only happening to Sun Moon God Ape. Space Spirit was not faring very well either. Bai King and Han Sen were a bit better, but they were still shockingly pale from the blood gushing out of their mouths.

Moment Gods face was a bit pale, but she still looked better than Han Sen. She was staring at Baoer. She flashed away and appeared in front of Baoer. She pointed toward Baoer.

Baoer swung her hammer. She saw the hammer light and twisted powers collide. They arose like the lights that happen when a sun is destroyed.

Moment God was shaken away a few miles through space. Baoer flew away too. That hit provided no one with an advantage.

Han Sen was worried about Baoer having a disadvantage. Seeing a situation like this, he was incredibly delighted. He did not hesitate. He used the light scissors to cut toward Golden Growlers body.

One black and one white, the two dragons, crossed each other. They went straight for Golden Growler. They surrounded his body, cutting the time god power like it was cutting a cloth.

"Dont worry, Dollar! I am going to come to help you." Bai Kings spirit body god light exploded. He was waving six weapons at Moment God.

As for Sun Moon God Ape and Space Spirit, one had a time power buff and one had a space power buff. Bai King forced open Moment Gods time area.

"Moment Light!" Moment Goddesss eyes looked cold. She put her hands together like a goddess. Time waves and god light filled the god temple.

It was just for a moment, but Bai King and Han Sen suddenly felt their bodies age. It was like a thousand years had passed.

Han Sen shockingly found out his lifespan had decreased by a few hundred years, and it was still fading fast.


There was another clap of thunder. The Moment Light power was broken. Han Sens lifespan stopped leaking. One had a hard time watching this. No one knew if it was Baoers hammer breaking the Moment Light god power.

The shaking power shook Han Sen and the others like their bodies were broken. They were lucky they had not been torn apart.

Bai King and Sun Moon God Ape looked strange. They were very happy to be saved by Dollar, but they also felt depressed. Their lives had been saved. After a few more hammer hits, even if they were not killed by Moment God, they were not going to be killed by Dollar.


As this happened, the light scissors finally removed the restrictions around Golden Growler, who had been trapped a long time ago. Golden Growler was finally free. It roared to the sky with a beastly voice. It shocked the sky full of everything.

Golden Growler had been trapped, but he had not been lost. He had seen everything that happened in the god temples space. After he roared, the gold light in his mouth exploded. A mysterious, old, golden door was fired out.


Moment God saw Golden Growler release the golden door and frowned. The tips of her feet were in space. Some weird time shockwave spread out. Golden Growlers movements were slowed down, but the golden door could still fly out.

Bai King rushed toward Moment God and shouted at Sun Moon God Ape and Space Spirit, "Hurry up and help him open the door!"

Sun Moon God Ape and Space Spirit were soaked in blood. They used their time and space powers to buff Golden Growler. It made the golden door come out faster.

They looked at Baoer, who was swinging the hammer. Sun Moon God Ape was about to pee himself. He shouted, "Dollar God! Stop swinging! Swing again, and we are going to die!"

The wounds they had were not caused by Moment God. It was all because of Baoer.

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