Super God Gene Chapter 3000

Chapter 3000 Blue Blood Appears

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Chapter 3000 Blue Blood Appears

While everyone was watching, a man and a woman approached Han Sen, who was still repeating his actions with the light scissors. He was unable to get out of it. He had no other choice.

"Who are these two guys?" Although Han Sen was stuck in a loop, his mind was not caught in the cycle. He was still lucid and aware. He felt weird as he watched the man and a woman walk in front of him.

Because the red umbrellas light fell, he was not able to see who the man and women beneath the umbrella were.

Han Sen wanted to know the answer, and every other creature in the universe wanted to know the answer too.

In Space Garden, Wang Yuhang spoke with worry. He said, "These two guys can bypass the restrictions of Moments End power. Are Han Sen and the others going to be OK?"

"If those two are going there, they must be enemies," Wangfu Jing said with a frown. "Han Sen and the others will undoubtedly be in danger."

"Go save him!" Xie Qing King stood up. His eyes were on fire as he spoke.

"Dont do it," Moment Queen said as she coldly leaned against the doorframe. "It is pointless for you to go. You will just fall into the time loop created by Moments End. You cannot help."

"So, what?" Xie Qing King asked. "Are we not going to even try? Are we just going to sit here and watch them all die?"

"Brother Xie, do not be in such a rush," Zero said. "Moment Queen is right. If we go now, it is useless. It will only lead to the death of more of us."

"This wont work, and that wont work," Wang Yuhang said with a look of annoyance. "We can only watch San Mu die."

Moment Queen coldly said, "There is no need to be in a rush. Han Sen and the others wont die easily. In Moments End, time will remain in a fixed loop. Even if the man and woman seek to kill them, after killing them, the time loop will only result in them being revived. To kill them permanently, they must break Moments End. If Moments End breaks, Han Sen and Dollar can fight back. If they cannot fight, they can at least run." "How could I forget all that?" Wang Yuhang was very happy. They all were and felt a major relief.

"If they cannot kill Han Sen, what is the point of them going there?" Qin Xuan quietly asked.

No one was able to answer that question. They could only look into Moment God Temple and see the man and the womans movements.

The red-clothed woman stood behind the man while holding an umbrella. The man was standing in front of Han Sen, and he was inspecting him thoroughly. He watched him keep repeating the movement of releasing the power of the light scissors. After a while, the man reached out his hand. It landed on Han Sens head.

The hand was wrapped in a red mist. One was able to vaguely see the semblance of a face. The mans 10 fingers were very long. They appeared powerful. It gave people a strange feeling

"What does he want to do?" Sky Palace Leader frowned and looked at the mans hands. He could not guess what that man wanted to do.

"He is not going to one-palm slap Han Sen to death, is he? What if he does slap him to death? In the middle of Moments End, Han Sen can keep reviving." Sky Palaces first seat was confused.

In fact, in the universe, every scary elite was watching this scene with a look of profound confusion.

Only in a house perched upon an old mountain, where an old man was holding a bottle gourd of wine, was there a difference. He watched the mans hand. As he did, his eyes flashed as he exclaimed, "Finally, he is making the first step!"

When the old fortune-teller spoke to himself, the mans other hand flashed with a cold light. He cut the hand that was on top of Han Sen.

Every elite was shocked. They watched his injured hand with bated breath. They were unsure what the man planned to do.

Beautiful blue blood oozed out of the wound. It was crystal-like and glowing. It was as weird as it was beautiful to see.

When he saw the blood, Han Sen was shocked. He thought, "What is going on? This blue blood and Blood Legion blue blood has the same power, but this is much more powerful than the blue blood I saw before. Who is he? Human King? What is he doing here? Why is he doing this?"

Han Sens mind was riddled with questions, but no one was able to answer him. Besides, he could not ask because he was still stuck in a time loop. Aside from repeating his actions, he was unable to do anything.

"Holy blood." When Sky Palace Leader and Sky Palaces first seat saw the blue blood, their expressions changed.

Just like them, the expressions of many old antiques across the entire universe were changed. They all looked as if they had seen a ghost.

One drop of crystal-looking blue blood was allowed to drip onto Han Sens head. Where the blood dripped, his black hair and white scalp turned blue.

The mans hand was resting on Han Sens head. He allowed the wound on his hand to drip blood, one drop after one drop, onto Han Sens head.

Moments End was able to make this keep repeating. After repeating, Han Sens head, which was dyed blue, was still blue. It did not get wiped out by the time cycle.

More blue blood being released. It flowed through Han Sens hair and down his face. His entire head, face, and neck had turned blue. The blood was now seeping into his clothes. It was like it was going to dye his entire body blue.

"This guy. What does he want? I am not a blue fairy. Why dye my body blue?" Han Sen had countless thoughts, but he could not figure out what the man wanted from him.

All the elites of every race were frozen as they watched this happen. No one was able to understand why this man had suddenly appeared. No one knew what he wanted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

From the highest floor of the god palace in the geno hall, noise that was like thunder sounded. The geno halls door slowly opened.

The geno halls door completely opened. The light inside was bright. It was too bright to see what was in there. One was only able to see a body was there. It was standing inside. Because the light was so bright, it was impossible to see what the body looked like. Whoever it was, they had the presence of a god or demon. The suppressing pressure unleashed by that presence was felt everywhere in the universe. It was difficult for anyone to breathe. It felt as if everyone had to kowtow before it.

"Are you really going to do it?" The body standing at the door was looking at the man on Moment God Temples plaza.


"You can try and stop me," the man coldly said. His hand was still atop Han Sens head, allowing his blue blood to keep dripping all over Han Sen.

"How dare you." The God Spirits were mad. All the god temples burst open with god light. Countless scary god powers flew out. It was like many God Spirits were going to kill the man beneath the red umbrella.

"If I did not dare, how did I kill a sky full of God Spirits?" The mans voice was calm like undisturbed water. When he spoke, the many God Spirits were furious. All the god lights of every god temple exploded like a volcanic eruption. The sky full of God Spirits were breaking out of their temples.

The creatures of the universe felt a massive chill as they watched all of this unfold. Even though the suppressive feelings of the God Spirits werent coming after them, it made them feel shocked and have a desire to flee.

The man behaved as if he did not even see the fires wielded by the God Spirits. He still stood where he was. He let his blue blood keep dribbling onto Han Sen.

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