Super God Gene Chapter 3001

Chapter 3001 Blue Blood Starts

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Chapter 3001 Blue Blood Starts

The body near the geno halls door did not do anything. It looked at Han Sen, who was covered in blue blood, and quietly said, "I hope you will not regret this."

After saying that, the shadow turned around and left. It disappeared inside the bright lights of the hall. The geno halls door was closed.

All the creatures thought there would be a fight that would shock the sky, but who would have known it was to end like that? After the geno hall door closed, the palaces and the god temples closed down as well. Silence returned to permeate the atmosphere of the god palaces.

"Oh, my God! Even all of the God Spirits got humiliated and did not do anything to him. Who is that man? Which race does he belong to?"

"He cannot be the boss of the Very High, right?"

"The Very High are strong, but they cannot be strong enough for so many God Spirits to be afraid of him."

"What does he want to do to Godfather Han?"

Every race had been talking about these events. They were guessing the identities of the man and woman and what it was they sought to do.

The expression on Sky Palaces first seats face changed. "Although the god palaces are there, the God Spirits were ended by the rules of the god palaces. They guarded their god temples, unable to exit their god temples to do battle. That guy spoke with disdain. That person inside the geno hall was actually willing to put up with it. Does that mean the man really is Sacred Leader?"

Sky Palace Leader looked at the man for a long time before saying, "He is not Sacred Leader. Although his blood looks like the blood of the legendary Sacred Leader, you and I both know Sacred Leader cannot still be alive. He is not Sacred Leader."

"It does not matter if he is or not. This person can make the guy inside the geno hall scared. I am afraid he is in big trouble. Why is he soaking Han Sen in his blood? Whats that for?" Sky Palaces first seats expression looked scared.

Sky Palace Leader quietly moaned and said, "You said Han Sen came from the sanctuaries. If that is true, he might not possess pure crystallizer blood. I am afraid this entire thing is not so simple."

While they were both talking, the man pulled his hand back. The wound on his hand was already healed. Han Sens body was dyed blue by the blue blood. It was like a blue fairy glowing with a blue light.

The blood was being absorbed like a sponge. It went into his skin. Han Sens body returned to normal. He had black hair and white skin.

In his veins, fresh red blood was soaked by the blue blood. It became the blue blood. The man, who stood beneath the umbrella, took a few steps back. He looked as if he was a sculptor examining the breadth of his creation. He watched Han Sen with keen interest.

Han Sen felt like the blood in his body was boiling. Even the time cycle did not stop the blue blood power roaring in his body.

His red blood was crystallized. After being touched by the blue blood, it started to melt. It carried a weird and strange power. It went into Han Sens organs and muscles. His veins were like many blue, small snakes. They were showing across his skin.

"Roar!" Han Sen looked at the sky and made some painful moaning noises. In that moaning noise, his entire bodys blue flame was like an exploding volcanic eruption. Han Sens entire body was wrapped up in it. At this moment, the time loop composed by Moment God did not come to affect him. He had been set free from the trap.

"Of course, Han Sen is not a pure crystallizer," Sacred Leader said with a sigh. "His body has Sacred Leaders blood. He cannot combine with the blue blood power."

"Who are you people?" Han Sen was set free. He looked at the man beneath the umbrella. Now, he felt like his body was full of weird power.

Although Han Sen thought this man was Human King, he could not be entirely sure.

"It does not matter who I am. You just need to know that your power was gifted to you by me. That will be enough." After speaking, the man turned around and went to the Moment God Temple. The red-clothed woman was still holding the umbrella from behind. The two of them quickly left the Moment God Temple and disappeared into space.

Han Sen had no time to find out who that man was. Sorting out the trouble there was the most important task at hand. He could not allow Baoer to be trapped there.

Han Sens heart jumped. He sprinted toward Moment God and used his light scissors to approach her. One white and one dragon, two dragons, were headed for Moment Gods neck.


The power of the light scissors broke a few strands of Moment Gods hair. She had a red mark on her neck. In the next time cycle, Moment God returned to normal.

"Although the light scissors can sever time powers, the damage it deals is not strong. Because I have blue blood, I escape the binding of the time loop. They are still in the time loop. It is pointless for me to kill Moment God since the time loop will remain and she will resurrect." Han Sen frowned. He felt his bodys blue blood power, but he could not use that power.

He gave up the idea of killing Moment God. He flashed away and went to Sun Moon God Ape. He tried to pull him away from Moment God Temple.

Han Sen did not dare try and use Baoer and Golden Growler as a test for this method, so he had to try it on Sun Moon God Ape.

Han Sen quickly discovered that he could not pull him away from the time loop. No matter where he went, he re-appeared inside the time cycle. His body could not leave the Moment God Temple area.

"What to do?" Han Sen kept thinking of ideas.

Right now, he could use his blue blood powers. He could ignore Moments End power, so he could get out of there.

But Baoer and Golden Growler were trapped there. Han Sen could not let that slide.

In that situation, even if Han Sen used his super God Spirit body, that would only make him not be affected by the time loop. He could not save Baoer.


"Blue blood power is not affected by the time loop. If I can control this power, I do not know if I can use it to kill Moment God." Han Sen thought about the man who put the blue blood in him. Wherever the blood touched, it would not be affected by the time loop.

Han Sen tried to control the blue blood power, but it did not fare well. He could not control the power.

Han Sen hesitated. He cast Blood-Pulse Sutra. Han Sen knew there was a geno art that could control blue blood power, but he was worried. Thus, he did not use Blood-Pulse Sutra. Now, he could not care for much.

Blood-Pulse Sutra opened. The blue blood power in his body was running like mad with the Blood-Pulse Sutra. The speed of the bloods flow was way over Blood-Pulse Sutras speed. It was not Blood-Pulse Sutra controlling the blood power to run. The blood power was pulling the Blood-Pulse Sutra to run like mad.

In a palace, Human King squinted. He looked at Han Sens black eyes turn blue and said to himself, "It is starting."

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