Super God Gene Chapter 3003

Chapter 3003 Everyone Must Die

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Chapter 3003 Everyone Must Die

Blue blood power was almost flowing throughout his body. It made Han Sen feel very weird.

Blue blood power was incredibly strong, but it also gave Han Sen the feeling of abandonment. All of the rules and power he had amassed were being shoved out of his body. It was like everything he had come to know was abandoning him.

"Damn it!" Han Sen really disliked this feeling that he could not control. He was fighting against the blue blood power, but his own power was not as strong as the blue blood power. It was getting corroded by the sheer force of the blue blood. His body was losing control.

It was not like it was not controllable. He just needed to follow the blue bloods desire, then he could control his body. But Han Sen did not want what the blue blood desired.

Jadeskin It could not be used Dongxuan Sutra He could not run.

Han Sen cast a few geno arts one after the other. He was still unable to feel the existence of those powers. Even The Story of Genes did not react.

He wanted to become a xenogeneic, but he still had no response from his body.

"Waner is still inside Destinys Tower. My body has lost control, so I cannot get Waner out. I cannot use Super God Spirit mode for long, but there is no other way now. I must try it." Han Sen was preparing to use his Super God Spirit mode when he suddenly felt his body become hard.

Han Sen felt a hot power cross his entire back. It was so painful that it made him scream. Now, he could not use his Dongxuan Sutra. He had no idea what had happened to his back.

After having this heat on his back, the blue blood power stopped corroding his body, especially his back. The blue blood power was unable to overtake that part. When the blue blood reached his back, it was like it was vaporized by the heat.

Although he could not repel all the blue blood power, it made Han Sen feel a little better. He was having trouble pulling out a mirror, but he took off his blue robe and revealed his naked back. He positioned it in the mirror.

Han Sen was shocked when he looked at his back. His back was blood red. The Nine- Life Cat tattoo was glowing. It was the same Nine-Life Cat tattoo that was on Zeros body.

Han Sen thought, "Why has the Nine-Life Cat tattoo appeared again? I thought I vaporized


Back then, the Nine- Life Cat had combined with him. His back was given this Nine-Life Cat tattoo, but the tattoo was absorbed while he was practicing the Blood-Pulse Sutra.

Now, while the blue blood was taking over Han Sens body, the previously absent Nine-Life Cat tattoo was revealing itself once more. It was able to repel the conquest of the blue blood. It did not allow the blue blood to overtake his body.

Han Sen thought, "In the past, the Nine-Life Cat pendant was able to restrict the blue blood. Although I absorbed it, the effect should still be here. Only Human Kings blue blood power is too strong. Even with Nine-Life Cats power, it cannot completely keep the blue blood power at bay."

The blue blood and Nine-Life Cat tattoo power were able to be activated by the Blood-Pulse Sutra, yet they were bad for each other.

The Nine-Life Cat tattoos power was a bit weak, and it only appeared on his back. The blue blood had still taken over the rest of his body. The two powers were stuck inside Han Sens body. Neither could get complete control of him.

Han Sen could barely control his own body. He tried his hardest to get up, but he did not know where he was. Also, he could not use Galaxy Teleportation. He could not just run away now.

"That is a planet with life." Han Sen looked around. He noticed that, not too far away from the planet, there was a giant planet. It looked closer than the moon did to Earth. He saw mountains and giant trees on it.

Han Sen watched it for a while. He noticed the planet contained buildings.

He forced his body to fly to that planet. Now, Han Sen could only use his bodys power to fly. He wanted to know where he currently was.

The blue blood and red blood in his body kept waging a war inside him. The feeling was corrosive, and it was awfully painful. Plus, Han Sen could not control his body. Even a short-distance flight like this was enough to make him shiver and shake. He looked as if he was going to fall any second.


He entered the atmosphere of the planet. When he did, Han Sen was drawn down by the planets gravity. He could not control his body, so he fell straight down.

Fortunately, his body was strong enough. He fell from a high place and hit the woods. He broke the branches on the way down and avoided injury.

Han Sen got up from the ground. He flew toward the buildings on the mountains he had seen. After a while, he reached the building through flight. He finally saw what that building really looked like. When he did, he felt disappointed.

It was an old-style, wooden building. It looked like a very old house. Judging from the material and style of it, the technology of this planet had yet to reach the interstellar era.

"If I am here, perhaps I can ask a thing or two." Han Sen landed in front of the door. He wanted to knock, but he saw the door open itself.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time. Come in." An old man at the gate smiled at Han Sen and walked back into the old house.

"Who are you?" Han Sen frowned.

"Come on in first. You are already in such a state. There is nothing to be afraid of." The old man did not look back as he spoke.

Han Sen thought the old man was correct. He was already like this, so what more could he be afraid of?

He walked into the old house. He entered the living room with the old man.

The living room was very old. There was a square table that was still whole, but the red paint on it was peeling. It revealed the original wood color. It looked very old.

"Drink something." The old man sat on a wooden chair and handed Han Sen his wine gourd.

Han Sen accepted the wine gourd but did not say anything. He opened the lid and had a swig. With the power of his body, especially with the fact he was still wrestling with the blue blood, not many toxins could hurt his body. He did not have to fear the elixir.

"If you want to do something, then tell me." Han Sen gave the wine gourd back to the old man and sat in the door frame. He looked like a dead pig that was unafraid of boiling water.


The old man drank some wine too. He swallowed it, smiled at Han Sen, and asked, "Do you believe in fate?"

"Yeah, but not all," Han Sen replied.

"What makes you say that?" the old man asked with interest.

"There are a lot of things that are meant to be in life," Han Sen said. "if you want more, you have to fight for it."

The old man looked at Han Sen and asked, "What if I told you that you and your family were all meant to be dead. Would you believeme?"

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