Super God Gene Chapter 3007

Chapter 3007 Ancient Spirit Type

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Chapter 3007 Ancient Spirit Type

Han Sen knew the little kid was not a human. The temperature of the pot was enough to cook true god class flesh. If that little kid was a human baby, before it was even in the pot, the heat of the steam would have cooked its flesh. The kid that was in the water now was just a little burned skin. It still struggled in the water, but whatever it was, it was nothing normal.

"What is this thing in here?" Han Sen looked at the baby crying in the water. He had many guesses, but he did not know what sort of race it was.

Han Sen could not use the Dongxuan Aura. He could not see what things were like outside the pot, but the water temperature kept rising. He did not need to see anything to know that the two xenogeneics were using fire element powers to heat the baby god wok.

"What do I do now?" Han Sen had to rest a little longer before he could use Super God Spirit mode again, but the temperature of the pot was getting higher. Even his skin was starting to feel prickly and painful.

The baby cried even louder. It kept making splashes in the water. Although its skin was hardy, it was just a baby. It could not really move. It could not escape the baby god wok.

The little baby struggled a bit. It somehow approached Han Sen.

"Go, go, go. Do not come any closer." Han Sen saw it almost kick away the green chili next to him. Han Sen used his hands to try and push it away.

The little baby touched Han Sens hand and discovered him. It was like a koala bear. A fat little hand held onto Han Sens arm. It stopped crying and looked at Han Sen with puppy eyes.

"I can barely save myself. I cannot save you. Go, go, go." Han Sen kept thinking as he tried to swing it away. He wanted to lose the little babys clutch on him.

The little baby was like it was stuck on his arm. He could not shake it off.

Han Sen did not dare to speak or make a big movement. He did not know what to do with the presence of that baby.

"Weird. Why did the ancient spirit seed stop crying?" The one-eyed xenogeneics nasally voice was heard again. It gave Han Sen a chill.

"He must have gotten cooked," the rough voice said. "Ground heart flame. The baby god wok is already so hot. With my true Yang flame and your ghost underworld fire, it was bound to cook this true god xenogeneic. It was just a baby."

"What do you know?" the one-eyed xenogeneic asked. "That was not a normal baby. It was an ancient spirit seed, you know." "What is an ancient spirit seed?" the rough voice asked with confusion. The one-eyed xenogeneic coldly said, "I cannot believe you used to be a leader of a system, yet you dont even know about the Ancient Gods ancient spirit seeds."

After pausing, the one-eyed xenogeneic explained. "Ancient Gods are based on their Ancient God Origins. That is how they go on. When the old Ancient Gods die, they leave an Ancient God Origin behind so new Ancient Gods can be created. So, the number of Ancient Gods is fixed. There will not be anymore, and there will not be any less unless the Ancient God Origin is destroyed. The Ancient God will use a mysterious ritual to make new Ancient Gods, but there is only one Ancient God that has ever had their Ancient God Origin destroyed. He activated the ritual and made a new Ancient God. This Ancient God comes about like a newborn baby, and their powers have not been approved. They cannot support elemental powers. That is why they are called ancient spirit seeds. They will become a real Ancient God once they receive the approval of an element."

"Does that mean the ancient spirit seeds are Ancient Gods? Do we use ancient spirit seeds to make geno fluid and give it to the lady? Does that mean we are eating those of the same kind?" The rough voice had not finished talking when it was interrupted.

"Be quiet! Dont keep talking. No one would ever think you are a mute." The one-eyed xenogeneic hushed his voice and said, "Our master is the king of the Ancient Gods. One ancient spirit seed is nothing. Even if you cooked a real Ancient God, no one would say anything."

The volume of the rough voice lowered as it quietly replied, "Weird. The rules claim Ancient God needs to wait until the old Ancient Gods die before the new Ancient Gods can be reborn. If that is true, why does the master only have the lady as an heir?"

"That is not a secret you and I are allowed to know about. Stop talking and hurry up with the fire. We must cook the geno fluid before the ladys adult ceremony can begin. We cannot afford to fail at this." The one-eyed xenogeneic briefly paused and went on to say, "You keep cooking. I will take a look at what happened to that ancient spirit seed."

"You do not need to look. It must have been cooked."

"Just do as I tell you and stop talking crap."

Han Sen heard the one-eyed xenogeneic move. He looked at the ancient spirit seed, which was still holding his arm like a koala bear. There were many tears in its eyes. It made him sigh. "I cannot believe I am in the realm of the Ancient God, and this is Ancient God Kings territory. Can I escape with what I have now?"

He saw the one-eyed xenogeneics head come above the pot. Han Sen brought the ancient spirit seed with him in a jump. Han Sen stepped onto the one-eyed xenogeneics head and started to fly. He ran toward the path leading out of the cave.

The moment he rushed out, Han Sen saw another xenogeneic. It was a xenogeneic that looked like a black bear, but it had eight arms. It was spitting out a fire at the bottom of the wok.

Its brain did not seem to work. It saw Han Sen bring the ancient spirit seed out with it. It watched Han Sen head through the tunnel and did not do anything.

"Why are you standing here?" The one-eyed xenogeneic madly shouted, "There is an enemy that has invaded here! He has taken the ancient spirit seed! Hurry up and chase after him!" He turned around and raced down the tunnel where Han Sen had run off into.

Because the tunnel Han Sen had selected was only tall enough for one person, the one-eyed xenogeneic was too big to give pursuit. So, he had to break through the rocks to maintain the pace.

Han Sen could not use geno arts, but his body power was true god class.

When he ran, he was like lightning. He quickly down the many tunnels that led to various places. People could not even see his shadow.

The ancient spirit seed held onto Han Sens arm. Its small face was twisted. It was being blown by the wind.


Han Sen put the ancient spirit seed onto his chest. The ancient spirit seed let go of his arm. Its hands were now clutching Han Sens clothing. It opened his eyes and smiled at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not have the sensing power of the Dongxuan Aura. He just went down every path he came to and crossed every bridge he saw. He was like a headless fly traveling down the tunnels.

Fortunately, he did not encounter any other xenogeneics. He also did not see anyone else from the Ancient Gods. Han Sen eventually felt a bit safer.

Suddenly, the cave up ahead widened. There was a large underground space with many weird flowers and fruits. It was a beautiful underground garden.

A white-clothed girl was sitting on a swing in the garden. She was looking at Han Sen and the ancient spirit seed that had just entered the garden.

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