Super God Gene Chapter 3011

Chapter 3011 Forever Standing By Her Side

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Chapter 3011 Forever Standing by Her Side

When Dragon Lady held the bronze tool, it kept shining with a rainbow color. The lifeforce was like a rainbow mist.

Han Sen was very jealous as he watched. That bronze tool was probably made of many true god class xenogeneics. He was able to hear some god demon big beast crying and roaring. One cup of geno fluid was worth many years of Han Sens work. Those 300 Ancient Gods, which was every Ancient Gods blood, made it enough to boost someone to true god elite status.

Han Sen complimented the scene. "Are the adult ceremonies of the Ancient Gods always this lavish? I would really like to become an Ancient God."

Dragon Lady was standing on the altar. She was holding the bronze tool. She drank the geno holy fluid in one giant gulp. The cup of holy geno fluid had too much power inside. When it was delivered into Dragon Ladys body, her body underwent radical changes.

There were burning flames, lights, invisible wind, and crazy thunder everywhere. The sun, moon, stars, sea, and the sky flashed. Many weird scenes took place on that altar. One was not really able to see where Dragon Lady was amidst it all.

"That is a massive amount of energy. Can Dragon Ladys body withstand such a large intake?" Han Sen started to get worried. That power was too much.

"Do not worry. She has the God King blood of our people. She can accept the power of the geno holy fluid." Ancient Origin God had somehow walked next to Han Sen. He looked confident about the result.

"Are the Ancient God adult ceremonies always this lavish?" Han Sen asked.

Ancient Origin God shook his head. "Of course, they arent. This is a traditional ceremony only reserved for the God Kings that are becoming adults. Even if our race could eat everything, when we conquered the universe, only the Ancient God King could enjoy such a ceremony. Ordinary Ancient Gods cannot enjoy such a ceremony. Plus, these days, the Ancient Gods arent as rich as they used to be. It is harder to get the ingredients for the geno holy fluid. When I became a God King, not even I was reserved such treatment. This geno holy fluid is not as good as the old Ancient God King geno god fluid. In the past, there were 3,000 Ancient Gods, so the elixir was bestowed the power of 3,000 Ancient Gods. Now, there are only 300 of us."

Han Sen agreed with that. If every Ancient God played like that, every high-class xenogeneic in the universe would have been eaten by them.

Han Sen thought, "Fortunately, the Ancient Gods are not as effective as they used to be. If the universe was still controlled by the Ancient Gods, everyone would be their food. That would be much worse now."

Ancient Origin God seemed to see through what Han Sen was thinking. Ancient Origin God calmly said, "We Ancient Gods are about Return to Origin. Ancient Gods themselves are a part of nature. We only need resources that are enough for us. We do not aspire to take everything. We do not want to be like the other races, attacking and stealing as much as we can to fill our coffers and stomachs. To waste resources for ones enjoyment is selfish. After the Ancient Gods die, aside from the Ancient God Origins, their energy returns to the universe."

"I see." Han Sen now understood. The power the Ancient Gods had now was insufficient for ruling the world again. It was not difficult to create a faction, but he had never heard of the Ancient Gods ruling a large area. It seemed as if Ancient Origin God was telling the truth.


Suddenly, they heard a shaking noise come from the altar. Many weird scenes were unfolding there. Dragon Ladys body was revealed

Dragon Lady was wrapped up in some weird armor. She also looked weird. She was like someone praying before an altar. There was a giant and weird wheel behind her. When Han Sen looked closer, he saw that it was not a wheel. It was something that was made of many cutleries.

There was a knife, fork, cleaver, and spoon. There was also a barbecued steak and a spatula. They were all cooking utensils. They were behind her back lined up like a wheel.

The first cutlery tool was shining with a god light. It released a powerful presence. It was like a demon or a god that one was unable to look at.

"Ancient God Kings blood is finally revived," Ancient Origin God said. "Because she is a mix, her Ancient God King blood has exhibited some changes. She should not be looking like this." His face was contorted and looked strange. "Are these changes good or bad?" Han Sen did not have his Dongxuan Aura to scan her. He did not know if Dragon Ladys situation was good or bad.

"I do not know. We will take the time to gauge that." Ancient Origin Gods answers came thick and fast.

After the adult ceremony was complete, many of the Ancient Gods Ancient Gods left. They all lived in different places. It was not commonplace for them to gather together.

Dragon Lady, who was wearing armor, walked in front of Ancient Origin God and asked, "Ancient Origin God, are you going to keep your promise and let me go free?"

"Of course," Ancient Origin God said with seriousness as he looked at Dragon Lady. "Before that, I really want you to reconsider whether or not you want to continue with asserting the seat of the Ancient Gods God King."

Dragon Lady shook her head. "I am willing to have the Ancient God identity but only as an ordinary member of the Ancient Gods. I do not want to be a king to the Ancient Gods."

Ancient Origin God smiled and said, "That is fine. I said I would not force you. It is enough for you to admit that you are one of the Ancient Gods."

Han Sen thought the Ancient Gods would not let her go so easily because they had given her so much. After all, the Ancient Gods were unlikely to be able to produce another geno holy fluid anytime soon. Ancient Origin God really did set Dragon Lady free. She was able to leave. He even gave Han Sen the directions for the correct cold planet he sought.

Han Sen found a place where there was no one else around. He asked Ancient Origin God, "Why dont you stop Dragon Lady? You know I am embarking on a perilous journey. She might be put in danger by following me."


Ancient Origin God gently said, "She will be the king of the Ancient Gods. Our king will be the highest in the food chain. If she cannot go through anything dangerous, she would be unable to stand atop that food chain."

"So, do you still want her to become king to the Ancient Gods?" Han Sen thought this was right. After all, the Ancient Gods had given her many resources, so letting her go was not easy.

"She has the blood of an Ancient God king," Ancient Origin God said. "Only she can become the real king for the Ancient Gods. I cannot force her to become an Ancient God King, but I have faith that she will assert the responsibilities by her own volition one day."

"Are you saying the geno god hall or the Sacred blood?" Han Sen could hear the sound of Ancient Origin God.

"I dont know, but I can feel this is the calm before the storm. The universe is going to be a mess. We Ancient Gods cannot wait and watch. I believe Dragon Lady will be a true Ancient God. When she needs to accept the responsibilities of king, she will do so with pride. Even if I am down one day, she will carry the Ancient God and keep the flame alive." Ancient Origin God looked at Han Sen with eyes that were on fire. He seriously asked, "Han Sen, tell me, when that time comes, will you be allied with Dragon Lady?" "If Dragon Lady is willing to have me, I will stand by her side forever," Han Sen seriously said.

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