Super God Gene Chapter 3012

Chapter 3012 Han Yufei

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Chapter 3012 Han Yufei

On the cold planet, a man and a woman traversed a snow area. The man was holding a little baby wearing fur.

Ancient Origin God had made a space element Ancient God teleport to help Han Sen, Dragon Lady, and the ancient spirit seed get to the planet. It saved Han Sen a lot of trouble. Han Sen thought it would not be difficult to find someone on the icy planet. When he reached it, he realized it would not be easy.

Although the cold planet was a planet with life, the environment made it a harsh place to live. The temperature of the planet was very low. Many cold-element xenogeneic creatures were living there. The only beings with high intelligence were a race of creatures called Snowmen. The Snowmen were not xenogeneics. Their technology had yet to reach what was expected of those living in the interstellar era. Even the evolution of their bodies was capped by the planets level. They were very far behind.

The only thing Han Sen discovered was that the Snowmen had villages and a language of their own. They did not know how to speak the common tongue of the universe, so it made communication with them difficult.

Han Sen and the others visited a dozen Snowmen villages, but they were unable to gather any news about Han Yufei being there. "Is Han Yufei really on the cold planet?" Han Sen was starting to wonder whether or not Han Jinzhi had spoken the truth or not. He had frequently been called the greatest liar, so it would be no surprise if this was just another fib.

Han Sen was most depressed about his inability to make use of his Dongxuan Aura. Otherwise, he could have used it to scan the entire planet. If Han Yufei was really there, she would have been easy to find.

Han Sen was thinking about whether or not he should use his Super God Spirit mode to use Dongxuan Aura for scanning the entire planet when Dragon Lady suddenly asked, "What is this?"

Han Sen followed Dragon Ladys direction. There was a snowy mountain in the ice fields.

Seeing a snowy mountain was not weird. What was weird about it was that the snowy mountain looked like a giant steam bun sitting on the ice. It looked large and strange.

The cold planet had ice and snowy mountains everywhere, but there were no circular ones. The texture of the ice and snow could not have made an ice mountain or snow mountain that was half-circular.

"Lets go and take a look." Han Sens body moved fast. He was like a bolt of lightning going straight for the half-circular snow mountain.

Han Sen soon noticed that it was not a mountain. It was a half-circular building covered with heavy snow. There was no snow near the entrance. "I cannot believe there is a high-tech building here. Even if this is not where Han Yufei is, we will likely find a lead or two about her there." Han Sen looked at the curved metal door. He knew the Snowmen could not have constructed that building

Dragon Lady followed him. The two of them looked at the building. The metal door opened, allowing Han Sen to see what was inside the building.

"Does ice compose most of this buildings construction?" Han Sen noticed that the building was full of semi-transparent ice. No matter if it was a table or platform, it was all made of ice. Only the tools and high-tech stuff was made of metal.

"Welcome to Zero Laboratory." A very old robot walked out to meet them. Its head was like a big half-circular lightbulb. It looked like a police siren. It flickered with red and blue lights. It was headed toward the gate.

When Han Sen and Dragon Lady saw the robot, they wanted to say something. Their expressions swiftly changed. The robots head shone a light on them. It quickly froze their bodies and turned them into ice cubes.

"I found three test subjects. This is great! Master will be so happy. Ha! Ha! Ha!" The robot used a voice that sounded electric, but it did not sound like a robot.


The robot was going to take the frozen Han Sen and others away when the cold Dragon Ladys body suddenly flickered with light. She broke out of the ice that encased her and raised her hands. A giant knife and fork appeared in them.

"Even though you are a robot, you must still be able to understand food. Dragon Eaters eight skills Knife and Fork Dance." Dragon Lady sounded calm, but the knife in her hand was like a storm as it attacked the robot.

Noises of metal clashing sounded everywhere. The robot was captured by the fork. When the knife and fork danced about, he was chopped into pieces. He turned into broken copper cast all over the floor.

An icy snow-like fairy came flying out of the light coming from the robots head. It flapped its little wings and dodged Dragon Ladys knife and fork storm like a ghost. It quickly flew deeper into the building. Now, Han Sen knew the robot was just a disguise. The snow-like fairy xenogeneic was its true self.

"Do you want to escape? Not so fast!" Dragon Lady looked cold as she shouted. "Dragon Eaters eighth skill, Barbecue Pork!"

Dragon Ladys fork went flying. It went straight for the fleeing snow fairy. The fork trapped it, making it unable to move.

Dragon Lady moved the fork, and the snow fairys body flew back through the air.

In the next second, Dragon Ladys knife arose with a storm of fire. She was going to cook that snow fairy straight away.

The snow fairy struggled and screamed, "Master, help me!"

Seeing the fire was going to touch the snow fairy, a cold light suddenly flashed. The shadow of the fork was broken by the cold light. The snow fairy was set free. It flapped its wings and flew away. She dodged the dangerous flame that sought to cook her.

Deeper into the hall of the laboratory, a woman was wearing a white lab coat, short skirt, stockings, and high heels. She had short hair and wore a pair of black-framed glasses. She had a scalpel in her hands. The cold light came from the scalpel.

The snow fairy raced to the woman. It flew around her, saying, "Master, they broke into the lab and wanted to kill me! Capture them and make them a test subject."

The womans vision was snared by Dragon Ladys gaze. It looked like there were sparks between them. The woman coldly said, "I thought someone dared to trouble me here in my lab, but it was just a mixed Ancient God. I suppose that is perfect for a test subject. She will come in handy."

When Dragon Lady heard that, her face turned sour. She held the knife and fork and raised her eyebrows. "Before that, you will become food on my plate."


The two women stared at each other. The knife, fork, and scalpel all shone. It was so scary. The levels of their powers continued to amp.

"Stop it! We are all friends here. We should talk about this. This was all just a big misunderstanding." Han Sen broke the ice and stepped forward. He ran between the women and stopped them from fighting.

The two women spoke the same words at the same time. "Who says I am friends with her?"

After that, the woman saw Han Sen and looked at him with shock. "Its you! Why are you here?"

"Han Jinzhi sent me to find you. He said only you can sort out my blue blood problem." Han Sen did not cut corners. "Han Jinzhi? Who is that?" Han Yufei looked confused.

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