Super God Gene Chapter 3017

Chapter 3017 No. 1 General

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Chapter 3017 No. 1 General

"Sacreds first general, Purple Fight, I have heard of your name," Shadow God coldly said upon seeing Purple Fight. "What a shame All you have left is just your mind now."

Purple Fight ignored Shadow God. He looked down to peer at Han Yufei.

Han Yufei looked disdained. She coldly said, "My business is none of your business."

Purple Fights voice sounded soft in his response. "I am not meddling in your business. I am merely not allowing anyone to hurt you."

"Do you not think I am as good as him?" Han Yufei looked glum as she spoke.

Purple Fight shook his head. "No. No matter how strong you are, you are already the strongest in the universe. As long as I am here, no matter who it is, they must go through me before trying to hurt you."

When Han Sen heard that, his skin flared up with goosebumps. He thought, "These two actually have something going on, but Han Yufei said Purple Fight was dead and only his mind continued to exist. Is this Purple Fight I am seeing now and not his true body?"

"Enough. Do you guys think I dont exist?" Shadow God could not listen to them any longer. He was furious. His god voice was like thunder coming down. His red eyes grew bigger and dyed the dark world red.

Under the bronze cars shadow, Han Sen and the others shadows were covered. He was not able to control them while they were under that shadow.

Now, Han Sen shockingly found discovered that Purple Fight had no shadow. He was like a phantom or ghost.

While the red lights from Shadow Gods eyes grew brighter, even his body, which had combined with the darkness, was appearing. Han Sen and the others now saw it clearly.

Shadow God was like a black, evil dragon. His entire body was full of black, inky scales. He had a pair of black butterfly wings. His head looked like a dragon, but he only had one horn. His entire body was releasing a weird, ghost-like black fire. It was like darkness itself was coming out from his body.

He saw the wings on Shadow Gods backflap. The dark space around followed the wings and flapped. The darkness gathered. It turned into a scary, big, black beast that was visible from every angle.

True dragon. Phoenix. Kirin. Fish bird. All kinds of creatures from all sorts of legends kept appearing in the dark. All of them had a scary presence. They did not look like shadows.

But their bodies were as black as ink. They looked like shadows, but they looked rather real. They all looked weird. They looked as if they were real and not real. One was not able to tell.

"Can the xenogeneics that become a black shadow actually fight?" Han Sen was deeply shocked. If they had fighting power, even if they doubled their numbers, it would be impossible to repel those scary creatures. Han Yufeis expression did not change. She sounded casual as she said, "These are Shadow Gods shadows born from his shadow power. These are not really xenogeneics."

Han Sen felt relieved, but Han Yufei went on to say, "But these shadows have 80 percent of the original xenogeneics power."

Hearing that high percentage, Han Sen was speechless. All of space was currently full of those scary xenogeneic shadows, including a phoenix. All of them were a true god class existence. Ignoring the 80 percent power mentioned, even if they had just half of their original power, there were so many of them that they would likely destroy everything in their path.

"The shadow in the darkness, revive your soul! Punish this world Shadow kingdom Darkness descends" While Shadow God was roaring, countless shadow xenogeneics roared. They were all headed for the cold planet from every angle.

The shadow of each xenogeneic was strong. Each of them was able to destroy a planet. Now, they were rushing like a tide of beasts that covered the sky and ground. They were coming fast. It was like a black, demonic wave. This scene was shocking.

Dragon Lady and Han Sen were ready to fight. With such a scary power descending, they did not think Purple Fight could repel the enemy alone.

Han Sen was even planning on using Super God Spirit mode to escape. The scary shadows were coming down on that place like a tide. It was not some power only two people could deal with.

Han Yufei just stood where she was. She was not planning to fight. She calmly looked at the xenogeneics that came from every direction and did not move.

Suddenly, Han Sen felt a scary presence coming. It was like some battle from ancient times. It suddenly filled up the sky and area around them.

He looked at Purple Fight, whose body had purple air rising. His whole body was releasing purple fire that he could not control. He released a scary battle mind. There was a purple light visible. The darkness turned purple.

"Like I said, as long as I am here, no one can hurt her." Purple Fights voice sounded cold. His eyes burned like fire.

"Let me see what the mind of the number one general can accomplish. Show me what you can do." Shadow Gods body blazed with a black flame. It made the shadows in the darkness develop even more xenogeneics.

Purple Fights expression did not change. Han Sen and Dragon Lady were prepared to fight. The xenogeneics arrived too quickly. It was like the end of the world. It was like the world was ending by a flood. Boom!

In that second, Purple Fights battle mind was totally activated. The purple flame gathered to become stars. It was like a universe of stars surrounding him.

"Very angry like a mad cow. Purple flowers make the universe kill all the stars around" Purple Fights voice was so cold that it was like ice. The universe of stars around his body exploded.

The scary battle mind swept through the universe. It was like a purple star going supernova and sending a billion lights flying. Wherever the starlight went, everything was destroyed.

The xenogeneics were like a tide, but they were killed by the starlight. It was like charcoal going against the snow.

The darkness in space suddenly turned bright purple. Purple Fight was like a star in the center of the universe. A sky full of stars was spinning around him.


The tide of demons covering the sky and ground were swept away. Shadow God screamed and vanished in the purple starlight.

"Purple Fight, if my body was not limited, I would not let you do this," Shadow God said before his voice disappeared. Space started to go back to normal. Purple Fight said nothing. He just looked at Han Yufei. He returned to the copper car. Ten cloud dragons pulled the copper car away. It disappeared into space. "Purple Fight is very powerful," Han Sen complimentarily said. "It is no wonder he fought with Sacred Leader once upon a time."

He had heard Purple Fight was the most powerful general in Sacred, but he had never been able to witness how powerful he was before. Now, he had seen it with his own eyes.

Purple Fight, who only had his will left, used his own power to beat an Annihilation class God Spirit.

"Go back. The God Spirits will not be coming here anytime soon. We must get you the power to control Sacreds blood." Han Yufei looked where the copper car had disappeared to. Without emotion, she returned to the lab.

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