Super God Gene Chapter 3018

Chapter 3018 Do You Really Understand?

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Chapter 3018 Do You Really Understand?

In the ice bunkers testing room, Han Sen looked weird.

"About that, Teacher Han, can that really make me control blue blood power?" Han Sen stood atop an ice platform with one leg. He raised his hands to balance himself out. He looked like an old chicken standing. He had been doing this for more than 10 hours now. Han Yufei forced him to stand like that the entire time. She did not allow him to do anything else. She hadnt injected him with any geno fluids or anything of the sort either. She hadnt taught him a new geno art, which made Han Sen very suspicious.

"Is this not enough? In that case, I should add some more," Han Yufei replied. She placed an apple on Han Sens head. She lifted her black-framed glasses and squinted her eyes. "Control your body. Keep it from moving."

"Teacher Han, is this really going to work?" Han Sen wondered. He thought Han Yufei was playing with him. If standing there allowed him to control the blue blood power, why would she need high-class research apparatus? Sacred Leaders many years of research appeared to be going to waste.

Han Yufei coldly asked, "Do you know what still means?"

Han Sen said, "I have learned many skills to train my patience. The geno arts I have practiced can enable me to control my own skills. I am confident about this."

"Really?" Han Yufei was holding a thin and long stick. She pointed at Han Sens chest and poked it.

Han Sens body was very still. It was like a mountain. He did not move.

Han Yufei pulled the stick back and asked Han Sen, "Did you feel anything with those two pokes?"

"Pain," Han Sen answered.

"Anything else?" Han Yufei asked.

"What else could I possibly feel?" Han Sen was confused.

Han Yufei was holding her stick. She knocked Han Sens chest with it.

"So, you do not understand your body. You cannot even describe your feelings. Creatures of a high-level have bodily functions that are complicated. They have many systems inside them. Pain is just a simple feeling, but there are more changes and layers to it. You did not use your feelings to feel it. When the stick goes down, the clothes and your skin hit each other. When it goes against your skin, and when your muscles cave in and bounce back and your cells hurt, the small veins break. Did you really feel all that?"

Han Sen gulped his saliva. Although he controlled every inch of his muscles perfectly with the Dongxuan Aura, looking at himself and feeling himself was something he never bothered to do.

"Use your heart to feel your bodys small feelings," Han Yufei seriously said. "Make your body become absolutely still. If you can do that, it will be the time you can control the blue blood."

Han Sen started to believe Han Yufei, so he seriously asked, "What does being absolutely still mean?"

"You make your bodys organs stop running," Han Yufei explained. "Everything stops. That will be you becoming absolutely still."

"If my body completely shuts down, that means I am dead," Han Sen said with a frown. Although making his heart stop jumping and blood stop flowing was not difficult for Han Sen, if his bodys functions completely shut down, that meant he was dead.

"Stopping does not mean dying. Becoming absolutely just means that your body becomes absolutely still. It does not mean your lifeforce is still. I told you that you wouldnt understand. You need to feel it. When your heart stops and your body is as still as a mirror, that means you have succeeded." Han Yufei used her stick to smack Han Sens butt and said, "Keep practicing. You do not have much time."

Han Sen used his heart to feel that strike. When the stick hit his clothes, they pressed down on his hair. It made the hair rub against his skin. It gave him an itch. He then felt the clothes and skin rub each other. Next, he felt his skin and his vessels feel the pain.

When the pain appeared, the blood inside was pressed. It made him feel swollen. It was clearly in Han Sens brain. That complicated feeling could not be described in one simple word called "pain."

Han Yufei walked to her seat and sat down. She spoke to Dragon Lady and said, "You are very good at hitting people." "I am only good at making food," Dragon Lady quietly said.

"Treat him like a slab of pork and go cook him." Han Yufei crossed her long, pretty legs and drank some tea as she spoke.

"What if I cooked it?" Dragon Lady asked.

"If his body, which has Sacred blood, is so easily cooked, then I can only say he deserved it," Han Yufei said.

Dragon Lady did not say anything. She walked over to Han Sen and raised her hands. Her hands held two knives. The one on the left was curved like a crescent moon, and the other was like half a moon.

One of those two knives was for cutting through bone. The other was to slice meat. For a chef, every blade had a different use.

"Hey, you guys cannot be serious." Han Sen looked at Dragon Lady approaching him without the smallest flicker of emotion. He felt a chill.

His body was very strong, but she had Ancient God King blood. She was already a true god and not weak. If the knives were to come down, a very strong body would not be able to withstand the strike.

"Of course, I am serious. The body is yours, but feelings cannot be triggered on their own. You must have some other power outside to affect your body. When your body reacts, you can really understand your body. It is like a dumb kid that never went outside and never experienced gambling or drinking. He has never experienced what is good and what is bad." Han Yufei tried to slightly explain it. Han Sen felt as if what Han Yufei was trying to tell him made sense, but the description was weird.

"Take his clothes off first in case he makes them dirty," Han Yufei said to Dragon Lady, who was right next to Han Sen.

Dragon Lady did not speak. She waved a knife and cut open the blue robe he was wearing. The robe slid down. The knife made a few "katcha" sounds. Han Sens clothes were cut. They all fell to the floor.

Han Sen noticed he only had his underwear left and yelled, "That is enough That is enough"


Dragon Lady looked at Han Yufei. Han Yufei did not raise her head as she asked, "When you are cooking pork, do you leave the cloth on it?"

"No," Dragon Lady answered. She waved her knife and Han Sens underwear fell off.

"It is no wonder why this is a body that is combined with Sacred blood. Not bad," Han Yufei squinted her eyes to admire Han Sens body.

Han Sen wanted to say something, but the bone-cutting knife in Dragon Ladys left hand stabbed into his body. It made him take a deep breath. It hurt. His eyelids were quivering. He almost screamed.

"Do not move," Han Yufei said without emotion. "Use your heart to feel your body."

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