Super God Gene Chapter 3019

Chapter 3019 Absolutely Still

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Chapter 3019 Absolutely Still

Han Sen felt as if he was food on the chopping board. Anyone could have done something to him.

Dragon Lady used all kinds of skills to torture him. She used a knife to slash and an ax to strike. She used fire to burn and water to boil. She used almost every method, even going so far as to sprinkle spices on him. Han Sen wondered if Dragon Lady had wanted to do this to him for a long time. It was as if she wanted to eat him and see what he tasted like.

Although Han Sen was not able to use geno arts, his body was still very strong. The knives in Dragon Ladys hands only inflicted small wounds. They were unable to cause big cuts. His wounds also recovered quickly. No scars remained after the wounds healed.

Dragon Lady was holding back. She never struck with the desire or possibility of outright killing him. The bone-cutting knife hit him a hundred times. It almost broke his belly, but there was never a strike that endangered his life.

If Han Sen was a cow, Dragon Lady was a butcher. She could have scraped all the meat and left nothing behind.

The intense pain was surging through Han Sens body. Although his heart was tough, it was still very painful. He had to grit his teeth to avoid roaring out loud.

"Pain is just an alarm system for your body," said Han Yufei, who was nearby. "The alarm is different and dependent on the situation at hand. There are many different alarms, such as pain, itching, soreness, and numbness. Ordinary people only feel the strongest alarm systems, such as when your back is itchy, or you step on a nail. Normal people only feel pain in the foot and ignore the itch on the back. You must feel the deepest sense inside everything. If you can understand every aspect of your body, you can really control it."

Han Sen had to quiet down to feel the sensations of his body being injured so that he could feel the pain. Hurting already made people feel bad, but Han Sen needed to feel the nitty-gritty details of it. There werent words to describe how bad that made a person feel.

In this kind of situation, Han Yufei required Han Sen to be absolutely still. She needed him to remain calm. That was like the devils devil.

Fortunately, Han Sen was not like an ordinary person. It took one day for Han Sen to get used to the feeling of pain. He was able to calm down and come to grips with the details and feelings of the pain. With a feeling like that, it was a little bit different. Even though pain was one feeling, it had many subtle layers. Different types of pain made the body react differently to the sensation. That represented the body having different levels of hurt. In response, the body made changes to it.

Feeling pain was terrible. If one used their heart to feel it, some pain actually came along with some small and weird feelings. It made people unable to discover if it was a good feeling or a bad feeling.

"A normal creatures evolution mode makes the body tough and strong. They think that is power, but they will forget about the reinforcement of feeling. It makes your body more solid. The feeling powers will be delayed. This is actually the incorrect course of evolution. Not feeling pain does not mean your body isnt getting hurt. Having a sensitive body can make your body react much faster and more precisely. This reaction of the body makes you think faster."

Han Yufei kept explaining. "It would be like if you were sleeping and your legs were burned by fire. Your body raises the alarm of pain. It is sent to your brain, and your brain starts thinking and making you react to deal with the situation. Pain itself is a bodys alarm. You do not need to think about what you have to do. You will make an ordinary reaction, and that is the fastest reaction. If you can make do by just using your bodys reaction during a fight, then you will be faster than everybody because you do not have to think. Compared with others, that saves you a lot of reaction time."

Han Sen thought, "That means I am just a brainless man with a simple head but strong limbs.

She seemed to see through Han Sens thoughts. Han Yufei smiled and said, "Do not underestimate the natural reactions of your body. Brainless does not really mean you are dumb. If you can really make the body react in a fight, with the Sacred blood power, you do not even have to use your brain to kill other creatures."

Although Han Yufei spoke as if it made sense, Han Sen did not agree with her at all. He thought everything was better when he relied on thinking

On the other hand, if he was able to get a reaction power like Han Yufei was describing, it would not be a bad thing to possess.

In fact, regarding what Han Yufei said, it wasnt necessarily a bad feeling. Yet, like many others, Han Sen ignored that question.

Han Sen used his heart to feel. With Dragon Ladys help, it only took a few days for his body to react to small feelings. Even so, Han Sen did not think he was controlling the blue blood. It was still working with a mind of its own. It had not combined with his red blood.

Han Sen asked his question. Han Yufei replied, "To understand your own feelings is just the first step. What comes next is the true beginning. Do you remember what I told you? You must go to the absolute still level to really control the blue blood so that your body will stop and feel the details of itself. It is down to you to understand that. No one can help you."

Ever since Dragon Lady stopped hurting him, Han Sen just stood alone without moving.

Han Sen quickly discovered that to be absolutely still was entirely impossible.

He was able to make his heart stop pumping and his lungs stop breathing. He had even made his blood stop flowing, but his body still had many of its functions running.

Like the brain and changing of cells, Han Sen thought it would be easy to quiet them down. The more he tried to suppress them, the noisier his body became. Countless numbers of cells functioned. It was like a partying nightclub. Because of that, his feelings grew deeper. His feelings were supremely sensitive. The more he felt, the more his body could not be kept still.

Han Sen was no longer able to resist telling Han Yufei, "It is impossible to remain absolutely still."

"Blue blood power has never fit into the rules of this universe," Han Yufei coldly said. "If you cannot achieve absolute control of your body, how are you supposed to control a power that exists outside the rules?"


Han Sen did not say anything because what Han Yufei said sort of made sense. Only rare people did rare things. If he did not have the power to be better than everyone else, there was no way he could control the powers that werent bound by the rules.

Han Sen tried to calm down and make his body much quieter. He hoped he could reach the absolutely still mode that Han Yufei described.

The more Han Sen wanted his body to be still, the stronger the reaction his body developed. Standing there and not moving seemed to be more tiring than a fight to the death.

Dragon Lady looked at the near-petrified Han Sen, who was standing still nearby. She asked Han Yufei, "Does this really work?"

"He must do it," Han Yufei seriously said. "It is the only way to survive. God Spirits will not let anyone who possesses blue blood go. When the God Spirits descend again, it wont be another goon like Shadow God."

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