Super God Gene Chapter 3023

Chapter 3023 The Holy Ridge

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Chapter 3023 The Holy Ridge

Time quickly flew by. One thousand years passed in the blink of an eye, but Littleflower did not do anything. It was like time could not leave a mark on him.

Moment Gods eyes looked very small. She saw Littleflower raise his hands. With five fingers open, the river of time flowed back under his hand. Moment Gods light power was going backward.

Moment God was in the river of time that flowed backward. Her body was affected by time. She started to go from old to young.

"Holy sh*t! Who is this guy? He used time power before a time God Spirit and suppressed Moment God."

The whole universe bubbled and boiled in a single moment. The very mighty Annihilation class God Spirits were suppressed by a creature from the universe in such a ridiculous manner. One found this hard to imagine.

To all the old antiques that understood Sacred and Sacred Leader, it was shocking. Their mouths were agape. They screamed out, "This is holy body time power! It is Sacred Leader Qin Xiu inside that armor!"

Moment God raised her hand and pointed into space. She was barely able to stop her flow inside the river of time. Her face looked ghastly. When Moment God was going to use Moments End, the door of the geno hall opened again. Someone walked out.

"Moment, you cannot beat him. You should hand him over to me. I will finish the Sacred matter." Qin Lan had emerged from the geno hall with blue flames that strongly blazed. His body looked like a blue crystal. He was very crystallized. He was releasing a weird and powerful presence.

Upon hearing him, Moment God frowned. She took her needle back. She flashed back to the geno halls door, but she did not go inside. She decided to watch the fight.

"It does not matter if you are the real Qin Xiu," Qin Lan said with an evil laugh. "You will die in my hands today. This world only requires one Qin Lan. We dont need Qin Xiu. We dont need an heir to Sacred. This rotten stuff should have been abolished a long time ago."

"You murdered Auntie Mei, Old Vulture, and the others!" Littleflower immediately recognized Qin Lan. He looked murderous.

Qin Lan was shocked. He instantly let out an evil laugh and said, "It seems as if you are not Qin Xiu. You are just an ignorant dumbass used by Qin Xiu. Whatever. It does not matter who you are since you are going to die quickly." "Did you kill Auntie Mei, Old Vulture, and the others?" Littleflower emotionlessly asked again.

"So, what if I did? They were just some useless servants getting in the way. I killed them. So, what?" Qin Lan looked at him with disdain as he spoke.

"Then, pay with your blood!" Littleflower was furious. His white fire and flames exploded. His hands were headed for Qin Lan.

Time was speeding up. Space was concentrating. Qin Lans body was pulled toward Littleflower. Littleflowers hands reached out to almost grab his neck.

"Holy body time and space power might work on other people, but against me, it is a sorry joke," Qin Lan said while looking at his opponent in disdain. He ignored the flow of time and concentration of space. He tilted his head and evaded Littleflowers hands. He quickly threw a punch at Littleflowers belly.


Littleflowers other fist had a white flame. It went up to connect with Qin Lans fist. People saw a two-colored shockwave that was white and blue come out from the center point of where their fists collided. The powerful power blasted them both away.

"You are not bad. I want to see what Qin Xiu taught you," Qin Lan coldly said. He turned into a blue light as he sprinted toward Littleflower.

Littleflower did not look weak. He battled with Qin Lan. Two-colored light that was blue and white kept crashing into each other in front of the geno hall. Creatures beneath deified class were not even able to see the light shadows move. Low-level deifieds only saw two lights in the sky hitting each other.

Human King sat upon his throne looking at the pair fight with much interest. "Interesting, it looks like they both come from Qin Xiu, but their powers are very different. Qin Lans body has a combination of sacred blood genes and God Spirit genes. The other one is funnier. He has power like a holy body, but it is not blue blood. This is so weird."

"Can he break the geno hall?" the red-clothed woman holding the umbrella said.

"If it was just that, I do not think so," Human King coldly said. "Their powers are very close to Qin Xiu back then. If that was something Qin Xiu himself could not do, how could they do it?"

"It is almost time Han Jinzhis prediction will be put to the test," the red-clothed woman coldly said. "If he still cannot break the geno hall, that means Han Jinzhi is lying to us again. I will go after him."


"There is no rush. Lets see what happens first," Human King coldly said. He was holding his jaw as he watched Littleflower and Qin Lan fight.

Littleflowers time and space power did not seem to work on Qin Lan, and Qin Lans power did not seem able to restrict Littleflowers holy body. The two of them were fighting. Time and space were messed up. The sky and ground were falling, but neither of them was able to gain the upper hand.

"If you want to die this much, I will gladly oblige your request." Qin Lans body departed the battleground. His blue flame was getting stronger. Both of his eyes were like blue suns. He opened his hands like he was holding the sky. He roared to the sky.

With that roar, Qin Lans bodys blue flame was like a volcano erupting. Even the armor on his body melted away. It displayed a body that was strong and godly. Within his body, everything was like a blue crystal and clear. Only his spine was a deep blue color. It was like a dragon spine knife. It was releasing a scary power throughout his body. It made the power inside Qin Lans body keep rising.

Qin Lan used his hand to rummage through his chest. He pulled out his spine. It was like a weird sword that he held in his hand. "Qin Xiu thought too highly of himself. He thought I was a failure, but he would have never dreamt that I was able to generate a sacred blood body and combine with a God Spirits genes. I made this holy spine. It is the strongest gene in the universe. It is the strongest blood. I am the one who should be the leader." Qin Lans eyes looked at the holy spine with immense pride. He laughed and said, "You are wearing Qin Xius armor, so you must be the heir of Qin Xiu. Today, I am going to kill you. I am going to completely squash that which Qin Xiu placed his hope in. That way, he will never rest in peace in hell. He will regret treating me so poorly." After that, Qin Lan raised the holy spine in his hands. In the dark blue weird spine, a strange blue flame was burning. It was like the whole universe was shaking because of that holy spine. The universe was listening to its resonant calling

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