Super God Gene Chapter 3024

Chapter 3024 Im Back

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Chapter 3024 Im Back

"No matter how strong Qin Xiu was, he was abandoned by the world. No matter how hard he tried, he could not gain the approval of the world. I am different. I have his power, and I have the genes of God Spirits. It makes me the king of the universe. The whole universe will serve me."

It was like Qin Lan was being answered. The whole universe was resonating with the holy spine. In space, countless numbers of weird powers went to the holy spine. It made the holy spine and Qin Lans power all the more powerful. It was going to break the sky.

Littleflowers power was very shocking. Compared to Qin Lans power now, he was suppressed. It was like a commoner versus a giant. There was a big difference. Littleflower looked serious. He did not appear as if he wanted to fall back. His battle spirit was burning. A black and white flame was rising. It fought against that scary suppression.

"Go to hell!" The holy spine in Qin Lans hands finally moved. It was like a sharp sword thrusting toward Littleflowers heart.

Littleflower wanted to raise his hands and block that strike, but he suddenly discovered that his body had been locked down by the universe. He was not able to move.

All of that only happened in a moment. It did not allow Littleflower to react. The weird spine was thrust into his chest. Even Sacred Leaders armor could not withstand the force of the holy spine. The holy spine pierced through it. "What should have come has finally arrived." In an old building upon a mountain, the fortune-telling old man closed his eyes and sighed.

"Finally It is starting" Old Cat, in front of the palace, looked very excited.

Qin Lan was looking insane and ugly. He was excited as he held the holy spine and laughed loudly. "So what? Even if it is Qin Xius armor, so what? Even if you were chosen by Qin Xiu, you are not as good as me. I am the only one who can be better than Qin Xiu." Qin Lans madness still wasnt finished. His expression suddenly changed. In the next second, his madness and smile turned into ghastly shock.

Qin Lan was so scared that he screamed. It looked as if he wanted to get rid of the holy spine in his hands, but he looked electrified. He could not get rid of it.

Qin Lans power was going into the holy spine. The holy spine, which was in Littleflowers chest, seemed to melt. It turned into a blue fluid as it went into Littleflowers body.

"No Impossible" Qin Lans face was severely twisted. He felt wronged, hopeless, scared, helpless, angry, and hateful.


No matter what he thought, he could not get rid of the holy spine. His bodys lifeforce kept heading for the holy spine. He was rapidly growing old. His very handsome and young face was suddenly turning into the face of a middle-aged man. Even his hair was turning white.

Moment Gods face changed. She gathered up time god power and tried to strike Han Littleflower. Unfortunately, the time god power was still quite a way away from Han Littleflower and Qin Lan. It was like it was falling into endless space. It could not get close to them.

All the creatures in the universe watched as Qin Lan started to age. The man who was once an invincible elite had become an old man with white hair and on his death bed. His lifeforce was extremely weak. It was like it was hardly there at all.


Qin Lan finally got rid of the holy spine. He fell to the floor, but he was so old that he could not even get up anymore. He used his tired, old eyes to look at Han Littleflower.

The holy spine had completely melted and become fluid in Littleflowers body. The armors broken spot was already fully healed. Aside from the two black and white lights, Littleflower had blue power flowing through him. It quickly combined with his body.

The armor also looked as if it had been dyed blue. The black armor started to show some weird blue symbols.


A pair of blue wings opened up behind his back. They went all the way into the nothingness. It was like they connected with the very universe.

Littleflowers eyes now looked blue. Moments before, they had looked murderous. Now, they appeared rather calm. He was even smiling.

"You You are You are Cough Cough" The dying Qin Lan saw his face. His entire body started to shiver and shake. It was like he had discovered something extremely scary. His eyes opened as far as they could go. He could not keep talking

"You did a great job. Your work is done here. You did fine." Littleflower looked at Qin Lan kindly. It was like some elder who was complimenting a young man. "Impossible Impossible That is impossible" Qin Lan seemed to understand something. All the emotions inside him drove him insane. He tried his best to lift his old body. He wanted to jump at Littleflower, but he fell to the ground after taking only two steps. He angrily looked at Littleflower. At the same time, his face was drenched with a distinct lack of hope. His hands tried to grab Littleflower, but he ran out of power. His hands just slumped. His eyes were still opened wide. He was not able to close them.

"My poor child, you do not have to do this." Littleflower sighed. He did not look at Qin Lan. He looked at the geno hall ahead of him.

In Blood Legions palace, Human King stood got up from his throne. He looked weird as he said, "Qin Xiu really didnt die. That Qin Lan was unfortunate. He thought he had discarded Qin Xius control a long time ago and destroyed Sacred. He had no idea that was what Qin Xiu wanted all along. If he had not entered the geno hall and combined his genes with a God Spirit to create the holy spine, Qin Xiu would not have finished evolving. Now, he is being repelled by the universe. Who would have thought Sacreds biggest traitor was the key to Qin Xius rebirth? Qin Xiu used a body to be reborn. He has a powerful body and is not repelled by the universe. He is like those God Spirits. He has the power of the universe Very good Qin Xiu Very powerful conspiracy."

"God I Qin Xiu came back." Littleflower looked at the geno hall. He smiled and walked toward it.


Moment God wished to attack, but there was suddenly a loud booming noise. It was followed by the geno halls door opening. A hand touched her shoulder. She was unable to go out.

"God Mister" Moment God turned and looked at the body that was touching her shoulder. She immediately bowed.

"Go back. Go back to your god temple." God patted Moment Goddesss shoulder and warmly smiled. Moment God politely bowed and ran back to her Moment God Temple.

The entire universe could see the body that had come out of the geno hall was the shape of a lady, but it did not have any power. It was unknown why Moment God was being so nice to her.

Lone Bamboo saw the ladys face. When he did, he was so shocked that he screamed, "Waner!"

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