Super God Gene Chapter 3025

Chapter 3025 So Many Crimes And No Regret

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Chapter 3025 So Many Crimes and No Regret

Lone Bamboo drew his sword. He was going into the sky.

There was a sudden movement in space. A powerful bai sema trapped the area. Lone Bamboo tried slashing the bai sema. Since there were light shadows, the strike was unable to break the barrier.

"Teacher, let me out! I need to bring Waner back!" Lone Bamboo looked confident as he spoke.

Sky Palace Leaders voice echoed through the bai sema. "Everything will turn into nothing in the end. If you can understand the true meaning of the Textless Book, you can make that bai sema fall."

"Waner!" Lone Bamboo was as angry as a wild flame. He kept striking the bai sema, but the bai sema looked as if it could absorb any power thrown at it. Lone Bamboos strong sword was unable to break the bai sema at all.

In front of the geno hall, Qin Xiu calmly looked at God. In his eyes, the appearance and body were not important. He could see that it was God.

"God, the reason I lost before was because of this world restraining me," Qin Xiu coldly said. "Now, my body has earned the approval of this world. You and I are on the same level now. It is time to bring this to an end."

God stood before the geno hall. He calmly looked at Qin Xiu and said, "You have already lost."

"Oh? Then, you must tell me where and how I lost." Qin Xiu looked at God with interest.

God smiled and said, "I still remember that proud Sacred Leader Qin Xiu once saying he would become the leader of the world even if he had to go against the whole world. Now, you have given into the world. You might be able to beat me, but you have already lost."

Qin Xiu seriously said, "Yes. I have already lost. I wanted to use the origin of genes to make genes that were greater than the genes of the gods. That way, I could be on top of the world. In the end, though, I lost. That was almost impossible. So, I took a step back. I used my body to combine with god genes. I am half-human and half-god. I can keep my power and be accepted by the world."

Even as he spoke, Qin Xius eyes had yet to move. He still looked confident as he said, "None of that matters anymore. Even if I were to use all the bad methods of the world, and even though I am hated by call creatures, it is just this body that is lost. All of that does not matter as long as I can fulfill my wish. Even if I turn to dust, it will have been worth it."

God asked. "Would you let others suffer for your own benefit? Is that truly worth it?"

"I dont mind having a thousand crimes on me because my mind is stalwart." Qin Xius heart was as strong as steel. His mind would not be changed. He walked toward the geno hall.

With each footstep, it was like the whole sky and the world was suppressing the god palaces. In the god palaces that never broke, countless cracks were developing.

The god temples in the bottom cracked first. Some of the smaller temples fell away from the god palace collective.

"The god palaces are starting to fall. This really is Sacred Leader Qin Xiu." Human King looked at the sky with much excitement.

"Han Jinzhis prophecy came true," the red-clothed woman said. Her voice trembled with sheer excitement.

Seeing Qin Xiu walk to the geno hall, the god palaces beneath his feet kept cracking and breaking. He looked like a big dragon cracking the god palaces. The god palaces kept breaking. It was like the end of the world.

God stood in front of the geno hall. He did not do anything. His body was glowing with serious holy light as he fought against Qin Xius power.

Gods power could not stop Qin Xius approach. He only made his approach slower.

Qin Xiu kept walking as he said, "In this world, there are not many people I admire. You are one of them, but it is a shame you are bound by rules. What you can accomplish is limited. I exist beyond those rules now. I am not bound. I can do anything. We can tell who will win. Even you will lose today."

The god palaces fell, but God was still calm as he said, "I do not think so. You cannot make something out of nothing. There must be rules, and rules breed possibilities. If everything was nothing, then nothing would exist. There would not be you and I. Things were always meant to be, and it cannot be forced." "The world is not fair. What do we need it for? If this world really required rules, then it should be me who decides them." Qin Xius eyes possessed god light. The black and white flames grew brighter. The blue pattern on the armor was glowing with a blue light. It was like they were coming alive.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

While Qin Xiu was suppressing the god palaces, more and more cracks developed. Although God tried his best to protect the geno hall, his power did not really do much to affect Qin Xiu.

Under Qin Xius suppression, his mouth was bleeding

Qin Xiu kept walking forward as he said, "Your god body is limited by rules. You cannot fight me. You can only use your body to descend, but your body is too weak. Still, you must have selected this girl for a reason. Why dont you tell me what it is?"

"Her name is Waner," God said.

Qin Xius body froze when he heard that name. He stopped walking. His eyes looked complicated for a brief moment and became clear again. He looked at God and said, "This Waner is not the same Waner I used to have. If you think you can use her to stop me, I must inform you that you are incorrect."

After that, Qin Xiu walked forward again. He and Gods powers were in constant collision. It made the god palaces fall like mad. Many god temples kept splitting away and flying into space. The entire construct of the god palaces was falling apart. Most of the god temples below were all scattered.

"No, I just wanted to tell you that you are not the only one in this world with a family," God said.

"So what? Even if the world has countless creatures, to me, there is only one person." Qin Xius determination could not be faltered. He continued slowly walking toward the god palaces.

The indestructible geno hall was shaking. Inside the god palace, every races race lantern was shining extremely bright. They helped God fight against Qin Xiu.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky and ground were changing a lot. One Annihilation class god temple fell away from the god palaces. It drifted into the void of space.


A sky full of races was incredibly shocked. When the god palaces were falling, everywhere in the universe suffered a disaster.

There were floods all over, and volcanos erupting. In space, magnetic storms were raging. Streams were messed up everywhere. It was like the end of the world. On the cold planet, Han Sens eyes were burning with fire. His body kept shaking.

He knew Littleflower was inside the armor, but Qin Xius power was controlling it. It was like Waner being possessed by God. It was still Littleflower, but another power had taken control of him.

If he was able to repel the power, he could save Littleflower. But Han Sen was still unable to learn how to be absolutely still. He had not yet learned to control the blue blood power.

"I cannot wait any longer. Littleflower is suppressed now, but Qin Xius power will only become stronger. Littleflower might be defeated on the inside." Han Sen knew he was running out of time. He had to take a risk. He cast Blood-Pulse Sutra and activated the blue blood power inside him.

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