Super God Gene Chapter 3026

Chapter 3026 Reverse Blood Line

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Chapter 3026 Reverse Blood Line

Han Jinzhi gave Han Sen geno fluid. It could make the blue blood calm down. Now, Han Sen had started his Blood-Pulse Sutra. It made his blue blood power explode.

Almost at the exact same time, Han Sens Nine-Life Cat tattoo revealed itself again.

"What are you doing?" Han Yufei asked with a frown. "Do not be reckless! Your power is not yet sufficient enough to harness the blue blood. Even if you force the blue blood power, do you really think you can defeat someone who has blue blood as a birthright?"

Han Sen knew Han Yufei was right. It did not matter if it was him or Human King, but the blue blood power originated from Qin Xiu. Using blue blood power before Qin Xiu was like waving a knife before Guan Yu.

Han Sen had no other choice. He could not watch Littleflower be defeated. That was his son. It was his family, and his family was very important. Now, it was not a mathematical question. There was no correct answer. There were some things that just had to be done, and they had to be done no matter what.

When Blood-Pulse Sutra was cast, the blue blood genes and Nine-Life Cat tattoo power exploded. It made the Blood-Pulse Sutra quickly spin. It was on the brink of losing control.

At this time, Han Sens presence suddenly changed. All his blood air went in reverse. It was going in the opposite direction of Blood-Pulse Sutra.

This was the geno art that was Blood-Pulse Sutra in reverse. It was called the Xuan Yellow Sutra. Han Sen did not dare use Blood-Pulse Sutra because he did not know what might happen if he used it. After all, his body was controlled by the blue blood and Nine-Life Cat power. The status of his body was too precarious. If the blood was reversed and made the three powers collide, it might mess up his body.

Han Sen did not care about that at this moment. Pure blue blood power could not defeat Qin Xiu. He could not save Littleflower. As long as there was hope, Han Sen had to try.

When the blood air reversed, the blue blood power went in reverse too. When it went in reverse, that weird blue color started to look light. It was turning into a red color.

The Nine-Life Cat tattoo was becoming brighter and brighter. It was like it was being buffed by a god power. It turned into a god light that covered Han Sens body.

"How could this happen. Does this mean Nine-Life Cat power is the power to reverse the Blood-Pulse Sutra?" Han Sen felt the Nine-Life Cat tattoo burn on his back. His power was getting stronger. The blue blood had almost completely turned into red blood.

Suddenly, a shadow stepped across the heavy snow and quickly walked next to Han Sen.

Han Sen saw the shadow. His eyes looked cold in response. He stared at the shadow and asked, "Do you dare show yourself in front of me?"

"Nine-Life Cat?" Han Yufei looked shocked too. She had heard Nine-Life Cat was still alive but seeing him now was still a surprise.

After all, she had watched Nine-Life Cat die. She was not able to bring people back to life. She had only worked as a researcher to inspect Nine-Life Cat. She wanted to know what method Qin Xiu used to revive Nine-Life Cat. "I am so sorry for what I did to the Han family, and I am so sorry about Littleflower. If you want to kill me, you are free to do it now." Old Cat walked toward Han Sen slowly. He looked very calm.

"Do you think I wouldnt dare?" Han Sen clenched his fists. He threw a punch toward Old Cat, who was less than nine feet away. Pang! The punch was not buffed with geno arts, but the strength of Han Sens body made the punch twist Old Cats face. The cat flew away and hit an icy mountain. The icy mountain collapsed.

Old Cat quickly scrambled out from the broken ice. He was bleeding from his mouth, yet his face was still very calm. He walked back to Han Sen and said, "Everyone knows I am one of the four holy beasts of Sacred. They did not know that the four holy beasts were just test subjects. At the end of the day, I was the one that suffered the most. I died, but Qin Xiu brought me back from hell. I have been unable to escape the sad fate of being controlled by him."

"If things are like that, why do you insist on hurting Littleflower?" Han Sen looked at the cat coldly. His fists were still clenched. He was on the brink of striking once again.

Old Cat shook his head. "Even if I had not selected Littleflower, some other human would have been chosen. That person would have had to have been from the Han family. I chose Littleflower, but I left the Han family a hope. That is what I wanted."

"What do you mean?" Han Sen asked with a frown.

"Other people dont know it, but I do. Littleflowers blood comes from you. Although I know his blood is not perfect, your other child, Linger, has perfect blood. Do you know why I did not take Linger and only took Littleflower?" Old Cat got about 30 feet away from Han Sen and stopped.

"That is because Linger was born too late," Han Sen coldly said with a grunt. "You cannot swap people because Qin Xiu could not afford to wait that long,"

Old Cat shook his head. "If Qin Xiu saw Linger, I am afraid he would be willing to wait 10 million years. But it has only been a few years."

After pausing, Old Cat went on to say, "Liittleflowers gene blood is good, but it is not perfect. Qin Xiu used his body to be reborn. That means he has flaws. If he has flaws, then we have a chance. This is our final chance." Han Sen did not believe a word that came out of Old Cats mouth. He coldly said, "If you did not give Littleflower to him, he would not have been reborn in the first place."

"That is because you dont know Qin Xiu," Old Cat said. "If he wants something done, hell have a number of backup plans. Even if I did not bring him Littleflower, he would have found a way to get what he wanted. If we had to wait for him to get a perfect body, we might as well have given him a body that was close to perfect. It was something that seemed perfect, and he fell for it."

"Did you think I would believe you?" Han Sen coldly looked at Old Cat.


"I do not need you to believe me," Old Cat said with a laugh. "You just need to follow your own will to do it."

"My will is to kill you and Qin Xiu," Han Sen said as he stared at Old Cat.

Old Cat smiled even more. "You can achieve the second wish, but the first wish is something I can do for you."

After that, Old Cats body possessed a red flame. When one looked closer, it was not fire. It was a lifeforce leaving his body.

Han Sen and Han Yufei were shocked. They did not know what he wanted to do. Pulling his lifeforce away like that was self-harm. It was more painful than being skinned alive.

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