Super God Gene Chapter 3027

Chapter 3027 Change Of Plans

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Chapter 3027 Change of Plans

Old Cats body was excreting a lifeforce. It was like it was being pulled away with a magnet. It was going toward Han Sens body. Quickly, it went into the reverse Blood-Pulse Sutra. It became a part of the Xuan Yellow Sutra. It made Han Sens body more powerful.

"Why are you doing this?" Han Sen looked at the lifeforce, which was almost completely out of the animal. He noticed Old Cats body was looking to be in very poor shape. His face started to look weird.

Old Cats face was incredibly calm. He said, "I died because of the holy spirit tests. Qin Xiu used his gene blood to revive me. Through that, I became his puppet. All these years, I have been fighting the blue blood, but I have never been able to shed control of the blue blood. Although I discovered the reverse blue blood skill, I was still never able to completely control it. Then, I understood I had died a long time ago. My soul was broken. Qin Xiu was fixing my soul. He put his soul in me. No matter what, I was never able to escape his control."

"But I invented a blue blood reversal skill. It can restrict his blue blood. I was going to give it to Linger because only Linger could have the perfect body required. That way, she could beat Qin Xiu." After saying all this, Old Cat started to look strange. "To be honest, you and Human King are the same. You captured my attention a long time ago. In the end, I did not choose you because I did not think you guys were perfect enough. You all had flaws and could not be the one who could defeat Qin Xiu."

The fire in Old Cats blood was going dim. His lifeforce was going to be gone very soon.

Old Cats face looked very dim. "I am so sorry, Littleflower. He treated me like family, but I pushed him to hell. Dying will not be enough to redeem my sins, but I will still give my life to you. Use my life. Beat Qin Xiu and save Littleflower. I know it will be difficult, but I have faith you will be able to do this."

After that, Old Cat raised his hand and looked at Qin Xiu and Littleflower. His expression looked complicated. He looked guilty, and he looked as if he was longing for something. He also looked determined.

"Littleflower will believe you have what it takes too," Old Cat said. The blood light started to shine. It was like the last effort of a waning sun. The blood flames from his body all went into Han Sen.

The blood fire was like it was rewinding. It went dim after becoming so bright. It turned to ash. When the wind blew, it was gone.

Han Sen was conflicted. He did not know what he was feeling. He hated Old Cat, who had fractured his family and made Littleflower become Qin Xius new host.

Now, Han Sen could not really harbor any more animosity toward him. Although Old Cat did not say it, Han Sen knew what he meant.

Old Cat was going to wait until Linger grew up and allow Linger to get his blood for beating the imperfect Qin Xiu.

If they waited, Littleflower would have had no chance of being saved. Thus, Old Cat gave up his own life. He ultimately selected Han Sen, the one he did not have much hope in.

It was not because Han Sens power touched him. It was because Old Cat did not want to see Littleflower be defeated. He changed his plans. He used his life. He used his hope. He used his hatred and love for Han Sen, the one he did not want to pick.

"Even without your life, I can still save Littleflower. Why dont you just rest in peace?" Han Sen looked at the sky. The Nine-Life Cat light was glowing on his back. His body had red blood boiling and roaring. An incredible power gathered inside him.

The Nine-Life Cat tattoo was lively. The light broke away and became dots of light that entered Han Sens body. The blood tattoo dimmed. It melted into the stream of the Xuan Yellow Sutra.

The god palaces were falling. Many god temples were breaking. The whole universe was in chaos. All the races were suffering a disaster. No one in the universe could find a clear patch of soil.


The god temples that had yet to fall away from the god palaces were glowing. It looked like an erupting volcano. It was like God Spirits were coming out from the god temples. At this time, God said, "All the God Spirits should maintain their position. They cannot leave. The god palaces can break, but the base of the universe cannot."

"I am willing to live and die with you!" Among the many crying sounds, a godly voice called out from various god temples. It shocked the sky, which was full of everything falling apart. God smiled, but then his body suddenly turned soft. The shadow of a mans holy body appeared. He was holding a passed out Waner.

"The responsibility is in front of me. Other things do not matter." While God was talking, his holy light glowed. His light shone on the entirety of the god palaces, which were cracking. All of the god temples were separated from the geno hall. They were scattering into the universe. The god palaces only had the geno hall left.

"In the past, my boy was out there, and you could defeat me," Qin Xiu said with a sigh. "Now, my body is in here, so you cannot do a thing. You are very sad. Are these the rules you seek to protect?"

God laughed. He pushed his hand. Waner was wrapped up by holy light. She flew away from the geno hall, heading toward Sky Palace.

After all this, God looked at Qin Xiu and said, "Not bad. This is the rule I will keep. I will keep protecting it."

"Sorry, but I must break your rules." Qin Xiu looked serious. He stood in front of God. The two of them were three feet away from each other. They stared at each other. A scary power kept colliding between them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The whole of the geno hall shook like mad. It moved the spot they were at, which started to fall.

Suddenly, the whole universes base had space cracks and turbulence. Disasters were happening everywhere like it was the end of the world.

"The geno hall is going to fall," Human King said with excitement.

Most creatures around the universe were crying. Many creatures were affected by on-going disasters. They wanted to survive amidst the carnage, but most were consumed by it.


Mountains were breaking. Rivers were flooding. The sun and the moon were reversed. It was like the world was going to break.

"Damn it The geno hall has such a profound connection with the universe. We cannot allow him to break the geno hall!" Sky Palace Leader broke space. He wanted to go to the geno hall, but he had just gone before when he tried throwing a punch at Qin Xiu. The geno hall glowed with a god light. A strange power blasted Sky Palace Leader away.

The geno halls power was protecting it from someone who wanted to see it destroyed.

Many elites had the same idea as Sky Palace Leader, but they were stopped. Their entry to the geno hall was forbidden. No one was able to go in. They were stopped by the geno halls power. Their attacks affected the geno hall, which made it fall faster.

When all of those scary elites were at a loss with what to do, a flame that looked like blood burst out. It was not repelled by the geno halls bai sema. It went straight into the geno halls proximity. It landed on the geno hall plaza.

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