Super God Gene Chapter 3032

Chapter 3032 Admiring The View Of Hell Together

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Chapter 3032 Admiring the View of Hell Together

Han Sens body moved. His movement was not visible, but he was already coming before Qin Xiu. He grabbed Qin Xius head and pushed downward.


Qin Xius head was pushed onto the stone floor by Han Sens hands. His head hit the geno hall, making the very heavy god stone floor fracture. Qin Xius whole head was inside the undying, hot stones that were broken.

Qin Xius eyes opened wide. His pupils looked as if they had lost their focus. He looked to be in total disbelief. Waner, who was in his hands, flew away and fell across the floor.

Han Sens hands were pressed upon Qin Xius forehead, and he continued to push him. Qin Xiu was unable to raise his head. His body had bloody flames wildly dancing. His hands gripped the ground to get up, but Han Sen was still pushing him. He was unable to get up. His eyes looked to be in disbelief at what was happening. He said to Han Sen, "Impossible How can Waner not affect you?"

"You discovered The Story of Genes," Han Sen coldly said. "Didnt you know that it has Forever Power? It cannot be affected by any power."

The Story of Genes power was waving through his cells. In the past, Han Sen was unable to make The Story of Genes power be the best it could be. After he understood what it meant to become absolutely still, he understood what forever really meant. It was enough to control the body for real. Not even Waner could affect him now.

"No Impossible The Story of Genes cannot work. You must have the super gene to practice The Story of Genes. If you have super gene, then you do not have to practice The Story of Genes. This is a cycle that cannot work. It is impossible for it to work" After Qin Xiu spoke, the bloody fire madly exploded. He was going to send Han Sen flying.

He only managed to raise his head one inch before Han Sens hand pressed him down again. He was squashed against the rocks deeper than last time. His entire upper body was being pressed.

Scary, bloody fire whipped around Han Sens body, but it was unable to bring him a speck of harm. The reversed blood power that could downgrade a God Spirit did not affect Han Sen.

"Qin Xiu, it is time for you to pay the price." Han Sen pressed on Qin Xius body. His eyes flickered with a strange light. Qin Xius bloody fires were raging. He was like a volcano erupting. Although he could not get up, he laughed and said, "I did not expect a geno art that could not be successful like The Story of Genes was actually made successful by you. So what? Can you kill me? If I die, Littleflower dies with me. You cannot kill me."

"Really?" Han Sens face did not change. The light in his eyes started to look weird.

The Dongxuan Sutras power was quietly floating through Han Sens body. In Han Sens eyes, the whole universe was split. It turned into the smallest substance that was completely primitive.

Han Sen held Qin Xius forehead. His transparent hands were like nothing as they went straight into the helmet. It went through Littleflowers body.

A blood-red shadow was pushed out from Littleflowers body by Han Sens hands. He threw it on the floor.

Littleflowers body flew away. The god stone floor was like a spiderweb cracking in all directions. It created a giant stone hole. A red shadow was in the center of hole. That red shadows face was like Qin Xius statue.

Littleflowers body fell on the floor. He woke up. He coughed and climbed up off the ground. He looked at Han Sen in shock. "Father"

Han Sen was holding Qin Xiu as he asked, "Are you OK?"

"I am fine," Littleflower said with a shake of his head.

"I am glad you are OK," Han Sen said as he stared at Qin Xiu. "You should leave. Someone will collect you and take you to Space Garden. I still need to deal with this guy."

"Please be careful, Father." Littleflower knew staying would only hamper Han Sen. After saying that, he flew away from the geno hall. Han Sen said, "Qin Xiu, you are right. We are the same. We will do anything for something that we care about. Therefore, you must die." The power in his hands suddenly increased. Super Spank power was going to turn Qin Xius spirit body into dust.

Under the power of Super Spank, Qin Xius red spirit body kept turning into red dust as he faded. Qin Xius was still smiling. "Yes. We are the same. I understand you, and you understand me." After that, Qin Xius eyes turned. He looked at Waner, who was lying down nearby. "I, Qin Xiu, have never asked anybody anything, but may I ask you one thing?"

"Speak," Han Sen said. The power in his hands increased to crush Qin Xius body. His spirit body was rapidly breaking.

"If I win, you do not have to do it," Qin Xiu said. "If I lose, please could you take care of Waner? All this crime is my doing. Waner should not suffer from my sins since she never did anything wrong. She should not come to harm. Please take care of her."

"As long as she does not hurt anybody, for as long as I live, I will not allow any harm to come to her," Han Sen said.

"Thank you very much." Qin Xius eyebrows raised. His body was changing. He looked weird as he went on to say, "To me, this world is like hell, but this is Waners world. She has family and friends here. She does not want to see this world destroyed. I do not want to watch her die."

"I really cant do it." Qin Xiu closed his eyes. A weird sun arose in his red spirit body.


When the power in Qin Xius body was released, the cracks underneath his body spread. It created a giant space crack. This space crack was different from ordinary space cracks. This space crack had a grey presence. It was weird. It made Han Sen feel like he was in danger.

In Qin Xius presence, it was like a fish in water. The red fire was becoming stronger.


Upon seeing this, Gods expression changed. He looked at Han Sen and hurriedly said, "Hurry up and kill him. We cannot allow him to open the path of reverse."

Han Sen realized how bad this was. Even though scary space power was consumed, the undying god stone melted like snow. In that space, the scary presence grew stronger. It was like a demon presence from a demon land.

Han Sen was familiar with this power. When he was fishing in Outer Sky Lake, he had felt a similar presence. It was the presence of the antimaterial world.

Qin Xiu suddenly let out a weird laugh. "Han Sen, come and enjoy the view of hell together."

Qin Xius hands suddenly grabbed Han Sen and pulled him into the space crack.

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