Super God Gene Chapter 3035

Chapter 3035 A Punch

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Chapter 3035 A Punch

One punch. Han Sen felt as if he had just enjoyed a nice sleep. He felt so good that he almost groaned.

He opened his eyes. What he saw in front of him gave him a shock. He wasnt able to figure out what had happened to him in the space of a second.

Han Sen only remembered the black crystal armor dragging him into a reverse tunnel. He had kept falling and falling until he lost consciousness.

Han Sen thought he was done for. It seemed as if the black crystal armor was content to kill him, but that wasnt what happened. It was like he had just slept.

When he woke up. Han Sen noticed he was naked and curled up in the remnants of a broken eggshell. Waner was missing, and a middle-aged man was standing in front of him. He was staring at his body with a greedy look in his eyes.

Han Sens head was flashing with a few words: horny, gay, and glasses. Han Sen looked at the middle-aged man with his wriggling fingers who was approaching him in a rush. He was mumbling, "You are mine. You are mine."

"Go to hell, you pervert." Han Sen thought but did not say anything. He swung a punch toward the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man saw Han Sen wave a punch. He did not notice his face looked even more excited as he said, "Humanoid gene race. A very rare humanoid gene race. I wonder what element it is. The legends claim King Qins gene egg was a time and space element. If this is a time and space humanoid gene race, after growing him, he can take a god temple and create his own kingdom. This would be possible."

"Be careful, Mister Meng. Something is wrong here" Mister Yang, who was nearby, looked weird as he tried to caution the other man.

"Do not worry. Do you think I cannot claim a humanoid gene race that was freshly born?" Mister Meng did not care for Mister Yangs words of caution. He felt no power from Han Sens punch. He had just been born, so the gene race could not do anything to him. Mister Meng thought, "No matter what, lets just claim him first. We can then teach him. Humanoid gene race people are very precious. We cannot allow this news to leak. I cannot keep Mister Yang." He suddenly pushed out some power and reached out his hand to block Han Sens punch.

Mister Mengs body expanded. He had weird features. His head had cow horns, and his body had black hair like steel. His body was becoming very strong. Some very powerful presence emerged from him. When his hand touched Han Sens fist, Mister Mengs face suddenly changed. He did not have a chance to fight back. Mister Mengs hand was perforated by the fist. The fist proceeded to strike his chest and blast his body away. He hit a stone wall, exploded, and became a smear of blood across the wall.

Mister Yangs mouth opened wide. He was frozen upon seeing Mister Meng become a bloodstain. He could not believe it.

He knew he had sensed something wrong, but he did not suspect something as awry as this would happen.

It did not matter how high the level of a gene race was, it would not be as strong as this upon their birth. Although high-class gene race babies were stronger, there were not strong enough to turn Mister Mengs body into a smear with one punch.

Mister Meng was an elite who was at a very high level in Ancient God City. Even if he had not used a gene race, with his bloods power, he would have been better than most humans. A gene race that was just born would not be so easily killed by one measly punch.

Mister Yang was certain that if he told others this story, no one would believe him.

"How could he be so weak?" Han Sen looked at his fists with surprise.

Han Sen had not meant to murder someone. He thought that the middle-aged man looked quite strong, but he was so weak and could not endure one small punch.

In fact, that was a very small punch for Han Sen. When Han Sen punched, he cast a geno art. He wanted to use the geno arts power to trap the man so he could obtain information to figure out what was going on.

Who would have known that once he used a geno art, he would feel some scary pressure land on him? It forced him to suppress his power. He erased the geno arts power and weakened the punch considerably. It was like punching water. The resistance was very extreme.

Yet, a punch like that still blew up the middle-aged man that looked strong. Han Sen was not afraid of murdering people, but he was afraid of murdering good people. Thus, he wanted to ask questions first. Unfortunately, things had already ended up this way. He felt kind of bad. He looked at Mister Yang, who was nearby.

Mister Yang was feeling the willies. Earlier, Han Sen had killed Mister Meng with a punch. The scary scene had his guts in turmoil. Now, Han Sen was calmly looking at him. It was scarier than being looked at by a demon king. Mister Yangs legs went soft. He laid on the floor. His pants were wet.

Han Sen frowned. He wanted to cast the Dongxuan Sutra to look at the man. Right when he cast his Dongxuan Sutra, he felt the scary pressure that suppressed the sky and ground land on him. He could hardly stand it. It was like a mountain crushing him. He could not use geno arts.

After Han Sen canceled the geno art, the weird suppression that crushed the sky and ground was gone.


"Does that mean Have I come to another world?" Han Sen was no stranger to that feeling. When he used blue blood power, his body was destroyed by the rules of the universe. But it was never that strong.

Han Sen tried it a few more times and discovered that his guess was right. This worlds power was repelling him, but not repelling him entirely. If he did not use a geno art or use a power that was too much, the world would not repel his body. He felt nothing when he was not doing anything.

"Now I understand. This should be the world Qin Xue was born in. My body has some of Qin Xues genes, so I am not being repelled. In this world, the geno arts of the universe are repelled. My situation is like Qin Xue going to the universe." Han Sen quickly learned what was going on.

He had been afraid that the world Qin Xue came from had many powerful creatures, so this discovery made him happy. It did not look like that was the case. At least, the two men in front of him were very weak. They could not stand a chance.

"If Qin Xue was able to enter the universe, I should be able to get back there. The most important thing is to find out what is going on in this world. Perhaps then I can find something out about Qin Xue." Han Sen looked at Mister Yang, who was shaking on the ground.

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