Super God Gene Chapter 3041

Chapter 3041 Evil Spirit Spring

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Han Sen went before the slope of the mountain. He lifted his fist and prepared to punch the slope. Mister Yang quickly ran ahead to stop him. "Mister! Dont do that. Before the gene egg hatches, it is very weak. You cannot apply much force to it. If it is broken, the gene inside will be useless."

Han Sen pulled his fist back. He looked at Mister Yang and asked, "How do I dig up the gene egg?"

Mister Yang felt bad and said, "Please wait here for a moment. I am going to dig up the gene egg now."

Mister Yang really felt terrible. He was just a Mister and had no gene race of his own to use. Even if people hired him to go and find land pulses, they would not make him do such hard work.

Now, Mister Yang had no choice. He had Han Sen as his master. He could not allow Han Sen to do the hard work, so he had to do it himself.

Mister Yang still felt rather glad. He was glad he did not take Han Sen to Ancient Big God Mountain. That place had rocks all over. He would have tired himself to death before he made any progress there.

This place was only soil and grass. Digging there would be far easier for him.

Mister Yang circled the slope a few times. He took out a small shovel and dug up some soil to check it. He used his nose to sniff and tongue to lick. It made Han Sen freeze.

In the end, Mister Yang settled on an appropriate location. He used his small shovel to continuously dig. He went down slowly. Mister Yang was not very strong, and his shovel was small. After digging for a while, he only managed to dig two feet down. His face was pale, and he kept gasping. Han Sen was laughing as he asked, "Old Yang, are all the Misters this fancy like you?"



Mister Yang heard what Han Sen said. He gasped before replying, "Anyone can learn how to look for land pulses. The nobles that can use gene races would have an easier time. Misters like me, who do not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse must learn this just so we can survive."

"Should I just dig it up myself?" Han Sen could see how tired Mister Yang was. He could barely get back up. The mans forehead was sweating, so he could not help but make the offer.

"Just sit tight, Mister," Mister Yang said with a shake of his head. "The land pulse here is very weak. It is not buried deep. It should be out very soon. Please, just wait for a second."

Han Sen sensed that Mister Yang insisted on this, so he said nothing more. He just watching him dig with interest.

While he was digging, he suddenly heard a sound. It was like a "katcha" that almost sounded like glass was broken. Mister Yangs face changed. "It cannot be that the gene egg broke. No way! With what I have predicted, it should have been half a foot away. I cannot have been wrong."

While he was thinking, Mister Yang took out his shovel. The moment he pulled his shovel out of the soil, some spring water came bubbling out the crack.

The spring water was a bit weird. It was dark purple. The pillar of water ended up gushing out a few feet high. After it descended, it covered the soil Mister Yang had dug up. There was more and more purple water coming out. Mister Yang was shocked. He looked at the spring-like purple liquid. His face changed. He screamed, "Evil spirit spring water! How could there be an evil spirit spring" Han Sen saw that Mister Yang was frightened. The mans elderly body fell back. He almost tripped and stumbled. He threw away the shovel. Han Sen reached out his hand to hold the mans back. After he stabilized him, he asked, "What is an evil spirit spring? Did you not say there was a gene egg there?"

Mister Yangs face turned pale. "Lets just get out of here. We cannot dig here. If we keep digging, we will both end up dead."

"Tell me why first. It was fine earlier, so why can we not dig any further?" Han Sen was not in a rush. He still spoke with a smile.

Mister Yang wanted to leave right then and there, but Han Sen did not want to. He could not leave without explaining, so he hastily said, "I must have made a mistake. I thought this was just a small land pulse, but this place has an evil spirit spring. If we do not go, a disaster will fall upon us."

"What is wrong with evil spirit spring?" Han Sen still did not see why they had to leave. He pulled Mister Yang and peered at the purple spring water that kept spilling out.

Mister Yangs heart was rapidly beating. He wanted to use the shovel and knock Han Sen out to drag him away someplace safe.

But he was not powerful enough to do that. Han Sen had his hands on him, and he could not even run if he wanted to. He hurriedly replied, "Did I not tell you that all creatures have a god? Gene eggs are created by the god of all things."



"Yes, I remember," Han Sen said with a nod.

"Basically, gods are spirits. Everything has a spirit. When those spirits gather together, a gene egg is formed. Everything can be good and bad, so spirits can be good and bad too. If you see some purple air rise in the land pulse, that means there are evil spirits around the land pulse. In an old battleground where many people died, there are often evil spirit pulses."

After pausing, Mister Yang went on to say, "I never heard about this place being the site of an old battleground before. I did not expect there to be an evil spirit air, and the evil spirit already made a spring in this land pulse. That means there is something evil beneath this land pulse. If we do not leave, we will be affected by the evil spirit spring. Something unfortunate might happen to us. We should just run now."

After Han Sen heard this, he looked at him and asked, "According to what you have told me, if there is an evil spirit spring, does that not mean the land pulse is strong? In that case, isnt there a possibility of us having a higher-level gene egg?" "You are correct. But if you get the evil spirit spring on you, you will suffer disaster. The gene egg that hails from this evil land pulse will harbor something wretched. Ordinary God Spirit Blood-Pulses would not be able to suppress it. If you are forced to combine with it, it might take over the master. The stronger the gene egg is, the more harm it can do to the master. I would suggest not touching it." Mister Yang saw that the hole he had dug was full of liquid. He had a morbid expression. He now wanted to leave more than anything else.

"I understand. You can head on home, Old Yang." Han Sen let go of Mister Yang. He walked over to the spring by himself.

Mister Yang was going to run off, but he saw Han Sen approached the evil spirit spring. He quickly shouted, "Mister, what do you want to do?"

"You go back now. I will look for you later." After speaking, Han Sen moved to pick up the little shovel Mister Yang had thrown away. He squatted next to the hole and started digging.

"Mister, please dont do it! From what I know, whoever encounters an evil spirit spring and touches but a mere drop, let alone digging, very bad things happen to them. The last leader of Ancient God City dug up an evil spirit spring and touched the evil spirit spring water. He turned into a monster with purple eyes that killed everyone. He did not even dig up the gene egg!" Mister Yang tried to convince Han Sen.

"You just go back. I will be careful." Han Sen did not care for Mister Yangs concerns and continued digging with the shovel.

He was not afraid of a sky full of God Spirits, so he was not going to be afraid of evil spirits.

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