Super God Gene Chapter 3043

Chapter 3043 Extreme Evil Beast

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"Does that mean an extremely powerful gene egg lies buried down below?" Han Sen was very happy. He used both of his hands to hold the black iron pillar. He wanted to put it down and see what sort of gene egg it was suppressing.

Han Sen was a character that had conquered the world. He did not really care about finding ordinary gene eggs. With such an interesting gene egg available, he wasnt keen to miss out.

Regarding whether or not it was aggressive, Han Sen did not care.

Mister Yang looked at it with shock. He almost scared his own soul away. He waved his hands and shouted, "Dont do it, Mister! If that gene race is born, it will be a disaster for everybody here."

Before Mister Yang could finish speaking, the iron pipe-looking suppress pulse item was pulled out one whole foot by Han Sen. The iron pipe looked heavy. Under Han Sens strength, it was nothing.

Han Sen used both hands to pull out the iron pipe, one foot after another. He did it in the blink of an eye. He easily removed the 24-foot-long black metal pillar from the earth.

Boom! Boom!

When the metal pillar was pulled out of the ground, the entire zone seemed to quake a little. Even Ancient God City shook. It made the people think an earthquake had struck.

After the initial shake, there was no more movement. It made people wonder and scratch their heads.



"Good grief! Good grief!" Mister Yang was paralyzed on the ground. He looked at Han Sen down below. His mouth was shaped like a ducks beak. He was in so much shock that he forgot to run.

Han Sen was too lazy to show him any attention. He got close to the metal pillar and looked down into the cave. He saw a purple light flicker in the darkness down below. It was like an orb that was glowing in the dark.

The cave was very small, so only a portion of it was visible. One would not have guessed that it was a part of the gene egg.

"There really is a gene egg!" Han Sen was delighted. After he confirmed the gene eggs location, he was no longer worried. He just slid his hand down.

There was a loud "katcha" sound. The soil was slashed open by Han Sen. It suddenly created a big crack. Everything down below was now clearly visible.

Han Sen was staring at it. He saw the soil possess a three-foot big purple skin jade egg. Under the sunlight, it glowed with a weird purple. The egg had many patterns across it. They all looked like symbols.

"Mister Yang, how can I hatch this gene egg?" Han Sen landed next to the gene egg. He reached out his hand and touched the purple-looking eggs shell. Han Sen was most surprised by the fact that he could detect the presence of a heartbeat by merely touching the shell of the egg.

Mister Yang sighed and said, "If you have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, you just need to touch it. That way, it will respond to your heart. If it is willing to obey you, it will give you the message. But you, Mister"

Before Mister Yang could finish his sentence, Han Sen knew what he was going to say.

"Without a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, I cannot take the gene race." Han Sen did not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, therefore, he could not communicate with it.

"That is correct. If there was a simpler way, no one would treat the God Spirit Blood-Pulse necessity with such importance." After pausing, Mister Yang tried to convince Han Sen by saying, "Mister, if you cannot use it, just put the suppress pulse item back." Han Sen was silent a moment before saying, "That is not right. I thought you said anybody could grow a gene race." "Of course, you can grow a gene race, but you cannot combine with it. You can only use it as a pet, and you cannot just have one randomly. If you meet a gene race that is very nice and tame, you can tame it. If you meet some evil gene race and cannot keep it, you must run away from it. This gene egg must be the evilest of all time. If it ever hatches"

Before Mister Yang could finish speaking, there was a "katcha" noise. The shell of the gene egg broke from its top. The cracks webbed down quickly. It made Mister Yang so shocked that his mouth froze.

Han Sen looked at the breaking gene egg with interest. More cracks were showing up. Most of it broke in a short while. A fluffy head soon appeared from the hole.

Han Sen looked a bit closer. He was surprised.

Inside that big, giant, purple egg, the gene race that emerged from it was only the size of a fist. Its body was circular. It looked like a hairy ball.

Its hair glowed red, and its tail was curled up. Its ears were sharp. The eyes had just opened, and they appeared to be red. It was obviously a cat.

It was not because of its size that Han Sen was shocked. It was because the little cat looked rather strange. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like the asshole Old Cat.

This little cat was much smaller than Old Cat. It looked cute. It did not look as bad as Old Cat.



The two of them had many other aspects that looked familiar. For example, ordinary cats did not usually have such big tails. Its tail was like a foxs tail. Its ears were sharper and longer than the average cat. It looked like a fox.

Even so, that little cat had something different from an ordinary cat. It looked similar to Old Cat though. It looked like a cat but was not a cat and looked like a fox but was not a fox.

"Meow." The little cat emerged from the egg. It rushed over to Han Sen and meowed. It was all shaky next to Han Sens feet. It used its claws to climb into Han Sens pants. It seemed to have great difficulty doing so.

Han Sen reached out his hand to pick the cat up by its neck. He put it in front of him. He checked out that newly born gene race little cat. Admittedly, it looked rather cute, but it looked like Old Cat.

Han Sen held the little cat. It looked nice. Its circular face looked very innocent. It put out its pink tongue and meowed at him.

Han Sen looked at the little cat and thought, "This should be impossible. Old Cat is dead. Even if he was alive, he could not reverse his age and return to his gene egg. He looked at Mister Yang and asked, "Old Yang, is this the murderous gene race you were talking about?" Han Sen picked up the little cat and jumped out of the hole.

Mister Yang was frozen as he looked at the little cat Han Sen was holding in his hands. He did not say a word.

After a while, Mister Yang slowly said, "The evilness of a gene race cannot be judged solely through their appearance. Perhaps it is too small and has not yet developed. Anyway, to be suppressed by a suppress pulse item, combined with the god pulse and the ancient evil beast that appeared, it must be a generational evil beast"

"What is a god pulse weird scene and an ancient evil beast?" Han Sen had heard Mister Yang talk about it before. Now that he had mentioned it again, he figured he might as well ask him.

Mister Yang replied, "Normal people know gene races as kings, dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, and barons. There are six levels. They do not know there is a higher gene race. When that gene race is born, there will be a god pulse weird scene and an ancient evil beast. It is a sign of the god pulse weird scene. The legends say it is a sign of an extremely evil xenogeneic coming into existence."

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