Super God Gene Chapter 3046

Chapter 3046 Looking At An Angel

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The white-clothed young man reacted quickly. He went behind Han Sen and grabbed him by the clothes.

Han Sen was going to throw the landlords stupid son away since they did not know each other. He did not know if the young man was a good guy or a bad guy, and he did not want to be his meat shield.

The beautiful, angel-like woman broke space and arrived. She did not seem to care much about anything. She pointed at Han Sen with a long sword. Scary thunder rolled through the sky and broke space. It was obviously trying to blow Han Sen and the white-clothed young man behind him into charcoal.

Han Sen did not want to start any trouble, but he was not going to allow others to bully him. Thus, he threw a punch at the lightning coming from space.

Peaceful was next to them. She shouted, "Careful! She has combined with the god class gene race Big Space Thunder God Eagle! Big Space Thunder God can destroy everything and travel a thousand miles! Do not underestimate it!"

The lightning came too quickly. Before Peaceful could finish, Han Sens fist had already smacked the scary lightning.


The electric light exploded. Han Sen blew up the scary lightning. It flickered in the sky. It did not hurt Han Sen, and it was not sent into the white-clothed young mans body.

Peacefuls mouth opened wide. She could not even close her mouth. Going against Big Space God Thunder with his body and not being harmed was incredible. It was beyond what she could have ever believed.

The beautiful lady in the sky also looked shocked, but it was just for one moment. In the next second, she started swinging her long sword. Many Big Space God Lightning came striking down at Han Sen.

"This world really does still possess elites." Han Sens fist felt a bit numb. Although the lightning could not hurt him, it made him feel bad.

Seeing more thunder break space and come, Han Sen waved his fist back to welcome them. With one punch after another, he broke the incoming lightning. Sparks exploded everywhere. It was like a god battle shower with thunder and sparks.

Upon seeing this, Mister Yang and Peaceful were frozen. Mister Yang thought Han Sen was not a human. Peaceful looked at Han Sen as if she was not watching a real person.

From his position behind Han Sen, the white-clothed young man looked happy. After hiding behind Han Sens strong body, he felt as if there was nothing to be afraid of in the entire world. He shouted, "Han Sen, dont you like maids? Go get that powerful woman! I will have her and Peaceful be your maids!"

When Han Sen heard him say that, he thought it was rather funny and ridiculous. Han Sen could have any girl he wanted, but he never really got obsessed with women.

Besides, he could just beat that angelic, beautiful woman. He did not need the young man to grant him anything.

Peaceful, who was next to them, looked worse than Han Sen. That landlords stupid still remembered that.

Han Sen blocked a dozen lightning strikes. It looked as if his hands were going to end up swollen by the electricity. He saw that the beautiful lady was not ceasing her relentless discharge. He thought it was going to be a bad situation if things carried on that way. He jumped up and flew toward the angelic, beautiful woman.

Han Sen had no choice. His body was getting repelled by the world. He was no longer able to fly, so he had to jump. The faster he jumped, the more power he used. That meant he felt even more restrictions.

Han Sens body was like a cannon firing into the sky. The pretty woman flapped her wings. Like lightning, she ascended to fly at a higher altitude. Han Sen grabbed nothing and fell back to the ground.

The beautiful woman did not wait for him to land. She waved her long sword without emotion. Her body was like lightning. Her sword was like a bolt of bullying electricity. Her body flickered amid the lightning, which was like a sharp sword crossing. It was all wreathed to take care of Han Sen.

"This woman is insane! She hasnt said a word, yet she has come here to try and kill us. She is just like the landlords stupid son." Han Sen felt depressed. He could not use strength in the air, and he could not dodge her attacks. The lightning ahead was fine, but Han Sen couldnt block the lightning in the back. When the thunder hit his back, it made his body shake. It was like he was delivered a lashing from a whip.

Although that power could not harm his body, it did not feel good.

Han Sen frowned. Even with the world repelling his power, it was still stronger than what that mad woman possessed. Still, she had flying and thunder powers. Han Sen was unable to touch her. He was being forced into getting beat.

As Han Sen was feeling depressed, Small Cat, who was in his arms, sweetly meowed. Then, Han Sen saw a red light flicker within Small Cat. A red light went into his body.

Han Sen felt as if his body was suddenly delivered a warm power that surged throughout him. In the next second, the power roared through his body. It made Han Sen unable to hold anything. He roared into the sky. "Meow!"

After that cat voice shocked the sky and earth, Han Sens head grew red cat ears. He also grew a fluffy cat tail behind him. Even his eyes were red like Small Cats.

"He finally used a xenogeneic gene!" Peaceful looked frozen. She looked at Han Sen, wanting to know what xenogeneic gene the almighty Han Sen was using.

Mister Yangs mouth opened wide. It was like he had an egg stuck in his throat and could not scream or swallow. His face looked extremely weird.

"No That is impossible Isnt he a gene race How can a gene race transform because of a gene race?" Mister Yangs head was too cluttered with thoughts to think straight.

Han Sen looked at the pretty lady, who looked like thunder. Some weird power was filling up in his eyes. It made his eyes look very red.

That pretty woman saw Han Sen combine with a gene race and transform. Her thunder power grew more powerful. She clutched a long sword in her hands and slashed at Han Sen. The thunder gathered up like a weird bird. It came slashing in front of Han Sen.


Han Sens eyes flashed red. He fired out two red lights. He blew up the thunder eagle. The red light did not seem to stop. It was like a laser shooting into the sky.

Flowers were everywhere. The two red lights pierced through the womans body. She screamed and madly looked at Han Sen. She flapped her wings and became a bolt of lightning to escape. Suddenly, she was in the clouds and gone.

After Han Sens eyes fired out light, it felt as if the weird power in his body was decreasing. He could not shoot out a second light.

The woman was gone, and the power inside Han Sen was gone as well. It turned into a red light that came out of him. It gathered up and looked like Small Cat again.

Now, Small Cat looked very weak. Its young claws grabbed Han Sens clothes. It sounded very tired as it let out a "Meow."

Han Sen was delighted. He cuddled Small Cat and complimented it. "Not bad. Not bad. Claiming you was not such a bad idea after all. You are much better than that Old Cat asshole."

"It looks like I can use this worlds power." Han Sen checked out Small Cats body and knew that it was just a little weak. He stopped worrying and felt happier. He thought he was unable to use gene races, but that no longer seemed to be the case.

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