Super God Gene Chapter 3049

Chapter 3049 God Spirit Blood Pulse Test

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Han Sen did not understand the reason for testing, but the method of doing so was simple enough. He just needed to sit in a chair in the virtual community. Then, a circular room would begin spinning. It would spin faster and faster.

On the spinning walls, some words would appear. The tester was required to memorize the words. The more words they remembered, the more powerful the God Spirit Blood-Pulse was.

Humans with no God Spirit Blood-Pulses were also able to take the test. When the room started spinning, they would be unable to see the words.

Han Sen was curious. It was a virtual test, so he would not lose anything by giving it a go. Thus, he started the virtual test. He sat on the chair in the virtual room.

After Han Sen sat down, the chair started hovering in the air. The dome-like room started to spin.

Before it started spinning, Han Sen saw now words on the walls. When the room started to quickly spin, he was able to see text uneasily flicker across the walls.

The text was written in the same manuscript as the language of the universe he had come from. Han Sen recognized the words, so he was able to memorize them all.

As the room kept spinning faster and faster, more and more text appeared. Han Sen had no feelings toward it. He easily memorized them all.

"The text in the content is a bit weird." Han Sen looked at them for a while. He noted it was sort of like a geno art, but that geno art was different from the geno arts of the other universe. It did not seem like something a human was able to learn.

Han Sen kept trying to remember and study it. He thought it should not have been called a geno art. It was more like a God Spirit art. Only people with God Spirit Blood-Pulses were able to learn that skill.

While Han Sen researched the God Spirit art and tried to memorize it all, an old man was staring at a tablet inside a machine inside the Big Qin Kingdoms capitals god blood department.

The god blood department was a new department for the Big Qin Kingdom. It was for recording how many God Spirit Blood-Pulses resided in the kingdom and what levels they had. Before, they had to do a national census, which required a lot of manpower and resources.

Ever since the virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulses test system was created, the god blood departments workload had been significantly decreased. All they had to do was collect the data, which was then sent straight to the god blood department.

Now, aside from some very important personnel, most of the people from the god blood department had been laid off due to technological advancements. The entire god blood department was only comprised of 30 employees. There were one chairman and three managers.

The one in charge of the virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulses test system was one of the managers. His name was Ma Guo Cheng. Thus far, his night had been nothing special. He made a cup of tea and sat on a chair to read the news.

Suddenly, the servers data showed something anomalous, which surprised Ma Guo Cheng. The server had been created 3,000 years ago. The system had been working fine the whole time. There had never been any errors.

It was not like the system was indestructible. The server itself had always been refurbished with newer hardware and always been kept in fine condition.

Even if there was a problem, there was backup hardware to swap out. If the data had a problem, the computer switched to the backup hardware.

Now, the problem was still there. The abnormal data made sirens sound, and nothing could be done to quell them. This had never happened before. Ma Guo Cheng was shocked. He quickly opened the camera feed to show the maintenance room.

As he was looking, Ma Guo Cheng was ever more surprised. The whole virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulse test systems heart could be swapped, but there was one thing that could not. The core of the virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulses test system was a God Spirit tablet.

Every kingdom had a virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulses test system, but the way the tests were conducted was different. Big Qin Kingdoms tests relied on a God Spirit tablet.

In legends, God Spirit tablets were there at the founding of the Big Qin Kingdom. They hailed from the very first generation of King Qins. The tablet was weird.

After many generations of research, no one was able to figure out what the God Spirit tablet actually did and what it could be used on.

Eventually, a clever researcher combined the God Spirit tablet with the virtual systems. He noticed that the God Spirit tablets could be used on the virtual internet and make it show words.

After many years of research, this virtual God Spirit Blood-Pulse test system was created 3,000 years ago. Compared to the testing methods of the other kingdoms, Big Qin Kingdoms testing accuracy was very high. There were never many mistakes.

Ma Guo Cheng had been in the god blood department for a few decades now, and something like this had never happened before. He saw the God Spirit tablet, which was slotted into the system, start to glow. The text on the tablet started to glow strangely. It lit up the whole room. The God Spirit tablet was like hot steel. It had become semi-transparent.

"What is going on?" Ma Guo Cheng thought this was bad. He quickly picked up the phone to call the maintenance workers over. He wanted them to go and check the tools inside that room to see if there was something wrong with one of the pieces of equipment.

Ma Guo Cheng soon learned the phone had no signal. All of the machines were starting to break. Some of them were frying and producing white smoke.

"Holy sh*t! What is going on here?" Ma Guo Cheng needed to act fast. He quickly went to the power button of the room and pulled the lever down. He cut off the whole rooms power to make all the equipment cease functioning.

After that, the room started to look a bit better. The God Spirit tablet had looked like it was going to explode at one point, but now it had ceased glowing. A second later, it returned to its form of a gray slab of stone.

The signal returned to normal. Ma Guo Cheng hastily called the CEO and other main members of the god blood department. He also called the maintenance workers.

After those people arrived, they saw that much of the equipment in the room was smoking. Everyone felt weird about what they were witnessing. CEO Li Qing Yun looked grim and asked Ma Guo Cheng what had happened. Ma Guo Cheng explained the situation, but no one seemed to believe him. Li Qing Yun commanded the team to go and fix the room and find out what happened.

There were many broken parts. Fortunately, the server was composed of many parts that could be swapped out. In half a day, the server was almost operating normally again.

The team was still unable to find out why it had broken. After a few days of research, they studied and investigated the feed of broken data and discovered something.

The maintenance team wrote their findings down in their log before handing it over to Li Qing Yun. "When it happened, Ancient God City had a giant chunk of data that was needed to be processed. The data, however, was broken. It cannot be located in its entirety, and we cannot find out from where in Ancient God City it came from."

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