Super God Gene Chapter 3050

Chapter 3050 Entering Big God Mountain Again

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Han Sen felt very weird. Up until the text in the test showed up, he had yet to exhibit the syndrome the internet described.

According to other testers who had shared their progress, humans with a bad God Spirit Blood-Pulse were more likely to feel dizzy. Many of them even passed out.

Even the nobles who completed a God Spirit Blood-Pulse test did not last longer than half an hour, but Han Sen had already been in the test for an hour. He had also yet to feel uncomfortable.

The flickering text was already repeating itself. As it repeated, Han Sen was suddenly surrounded by darkness. He was bounced out of the virtual test room.

"Is it over?" Han Sen was a bit confused. He had yet to see his test results, so how could he have been thrown out already?

When he connected to the tests virtual community, it said the servers no longer existed. He was even unable to connect to the main website.

"How could this website shut down for no reason? This system is so unreliable." Han Sen felt a little bit depressed. He wanted to see what his level was like, but he could now not even access the official website.

Since there was nothing he could do about it, Han Sen decided to browse other websites to learn more about the world he was in.

Han Sen learned something about land pulses. He was quickly able to understand why the nobles only understood a small amount about them.

It was like a blend of fantasy and theory. With the information being half and half, it was a complicated subject. Many things were not explained very well, and there was no clear standard. It was just like the metaphysics Han Sen had studied. The complications involved were harder to understand than chemistry.

At least in chemistry, there were formulas to learn. Ground pulse skills did not have a formula. All kinds of reasons made the land pulses change and shift. Plus, there were some reasons as to why one only felt and did not sense these things. It couldnt really be explained.

Learning something about them was not difficult, but it was hard to master the subject. Regardless if a person had a lot of time to learn it, they needed a lot of experience to even master it a little.

Nobles did not have much time to learn all of it. They always located a Mister who was professional in the matters of land pulses. They usually had to employ their services.

Han Sen was quite interested in the skills involving land pulses. After a while of looking, he found it was similar to the metaphysics Mister White had taught him. It was all very confusing. His brain felt tired, so he eventually gave up. Peaceful still needed to get some matters of preparation in order. They were leaving in two days. Therefore, Han Sen had nothing to do. He started to research the text he had learned during the test.

The text recorded a skill called God Explode skill or a God Spirit skill. Using the God Explode skill was very simple. One needed a God Spirit Blood-Pulse and a gene race.

After combining with a gene race, it made the gene races power combine with the persons power to unleash a mighty strike. After that one hit, the gene races life essence dried up. They would then be turned into dust.

The gene race power was all released in that one hit. The power it produced was nothing like a normal gene race combining.

"What a very cruel skill. Every time you use it, you must sacrifice the life of a gene race. Only rich people should be able to use this skill." Han Sen did not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, and he did not want to blow up Small Cat. Even if learned it, he did not want to use it.

There was a hidden field of asteroids in space. One asteroid was as big as a football field. It followed the flow of the other asteroids. From the outside, it did not look like anything special. On the inside, it was a secret base that had everything.

After chasing down Crown Prince Qin Bai, fighting Han Sen, and being forced to escape, the white-clothed pretty woman was back in that base. Her back no longer possessed the angelic-white wings. Her face and senses were far inferior to how they were when she transformed. Even if Han Sen was there, he would no longer be able to recognize her.


"Leader, are you really going to risk this?" Su Lingers eyes were open wide as he looked upon the white-clothed woman.

The white-clothed woman coldly said, "Crown Prince Qin Bai is rarely alone. It was such a grand chance to kill him, so it will only be harder going forward. According to the resources we have, Qin Bai really misses Han Sen. He wants to bring Han Sen to the capital. He was rejected, but he has not given up. Han Sen will eventually visit Big Qins capital. We just need to stay on him. Then, we might have the chance to see Qin Bai again."

"But Leader, you do not have to do this yourself," Su Ling quickly said. "Just get some other people to do it."

The white-clothed woman shook her head. "This Han Sen is a mysterious person. He is not someone simple. Even I cannot deal with him. If I cannot, you guys definitely cannot. I will do it myself this time.

After pausing, the white-clothed woman asked, "Did you do what I told you to do?" "Yes, I did," Su Ling seriously said. "Ghost Kill is gone from this world." "That is good. We will continue doing things according to the plan," the white-clothed woman said, nodding with satisfaction.

Han Sen waited until the day started. Peaceful and the others brought two new people. One of them was a woman wearing black clothes and a night ghost mask. The other was a man wearing decorative armor.

When Peaceful introduced them, she said the black-clothed woman was Ghost Kill. They had spent a lot to hire her.

When she introduced the young man with decorative armor, Han Sen and the others were surprised.

The young man had received a God Spirit-Blood Pulse two days ago and triggered an evil lotus weird scene.

Han Sen only knew that he was called Ou Yang Qiu Shan. He was from the Ouyang family from Ancient God City. He was going with them to Ancient Big God Mountain.

Regarding why Peaceful was bringing him, it was something that Han Sen was not privileged enough to know.

The young man, Ou Yang Qiu Shan, had a complete God Spirit-Blood Pulse. Although he looked very polite and well-educated, he could not hide the cockiness that resided in his bones.

Ou Yang Qiu Shan only took peaceful seriously. He did not care for anyone else.

Han Sen was not interested in Ou Yang Qiu Shan. Regardless if had an Evil Lotus God blood pulse, Evil Lotus God himself had been badly beaten by Han Sen.

The group of people started their trek to Ancient Big God Mountain. The path ahead was led by Peacefuls people. They reached a spot nearby and needed Mister Yang to calculate the precise position.

They entered the roads of Ancient Big God Mountain. It was a different location from where Han Sen had come, which made Mister Yang breathe a sigh of relief. He now knew Peaceful was not looking for King Qins treasure.

They did not travel for long when, on the mountains, the noise of a weird beast sounded. It sounded like a baby crying and or a wild cats weird scream. It made people feel uncomfortable.

Peaceful said, "Ancient Big God Mountain does not have many people. Many gene eggs from the land pulse have already hatched. They will be hiding in the mountain. In this deep mountain, it is unknown how many scary gene races are here. Everyone should be careful and watch out for each other."

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