Super God Gene Chapter 3051

Chapter 3051 Gene Race In The Mountain

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Ou Yang Qiu Shan looked at the mountain. Suddenly, his body burst with a green light. His shadow was like a weird snake that departed his body.

In the next second, Han Sen and the others noticed Ou Yang Qiu Shans eyes were like those of a snake. They were green and white. There were no pupils or white visible. His body had green snake scales, and his back had strange scale wings. His entire body looked like a monster. He had combined with a gene race.

Before anyone else could react, Ou Yang Qiu Shan reached out his hand and waved at the mountain that had sounded with a roaring of a beast. An invisible wind blade went into the woods. The tree branches, which were a few hundred feet away, were cut down. Then, a very bad scream was heard. After that, everything returned to normal.

"It is done," Ou Yang Qiu Shan coldly said.

After seeing this, Peaceful frowned. Mister Yang shockingly looked at Ou Yang Qiu Shan and asked, "Is Mister Qui Shans gene race the legendary wind-winged snake?"

Ou Yang Qiu Shan had a cocky expression. He looked at Mister Yang with respect and said, "It is no wonder you are a Mister. Your knowledge is very wide. It is the Ou Yang familys wind-winged snake."

One of the people there did not know what the wind-winged snake was. He looked at Mister Yang and asked, "Mister Yang, what level is the wind-winged snake gene race? Is it powerful? What is it like compared to the king class storm tiger?"

Ou Yang Qiu Shan heard this and looked disdained, but he was not planning to explain.

Mister Yang said, "The king class storm tiger is powerful, but it is different from the wind-winged snake. In legends, while the last generation of the Ou Yang family was looking for land pulses on Big God Mountain, they suddenly saw a storm boil from afar. Across the mountain, their daytime travel turned to one of night. Then, an evil green wind, which was like an evil dragon tornado, wrecked the valley. It broke down trees that would require many people to tear down. It pulled their roots out of the ground and tossed them into the sky. It was very strange. The scary and evil wind did not leave half an inch out of that valley. The master of Ou Yang thought there was something weird in that valley, so he waited outside the valley for half a month. He waited until the evil wind ceased and then carefully entered the valley. There was a very weird land pulse there. He dug up a wind-winged snake egg from that land pulse."

"Did the wind-winged snake egg make that weird scene?" the man asked. "It must have been a very powerful gene race. Did Mister Qiu Shan bring this gene race to help us? I feel much safer after learning that. I do not have to worry about meeting powerful gene races."

The other people nodded and agreed. They all complimented Ou Yang Qiu Shan. It made Ou Yang Qiu Shans face look even more wretchedly cocky.

Han Sen, who was next to them, saw it all clearly. The few guys were not smiling truthfully.

The people who dared go to Ancient Big God Mountain were not weak. They were there to bully Ou Yang Qiu Shan. They wanted to kill him.

Now that he had been complimented by them when they met a powerful gene race, Ou Yang Qiu Shan would be dying to show off. He would probably rush in front of people and make their danger point lower.

"OK, lets go see what gene race that was." Peaceful called the men to go and get the gene race Ou Yang Qiu Shan had killed.

The God Spirit Blood-Pulse mark on the forehead of a man flashed. Suddenly, a gold ape-like gene race was summoned out of thin air. After it combined with the owner, he looked like an ape. He climbed into the mountains, which somehow looked very flat. He quickly raced into the mountains.

"Argh!" Everybody was waiting for him to bring the gene race body back. After disappearing into the mountains, who would have expected the man to suddenly let out a big scream?

The leader, Zhao Jue Ye, looked into the mountain and screamed, "Old Nine, what is going on?"

Although the true leader was Peaceful, she had only brought one guard. Aside from Han Sen, Mister Yang, Ou Yang Qiu Shan, and Ghost Kill, they were all people belonging to Zhao Jue Ye.

Han Sen did not know anything about Zhao Jue Ye. Peaceful had made no effort to introduce him.

Zhao Jue Ye looked like a very nice old man. He appeared to be in his 50s or 60s, yet he seemed very young. He looked a bit holy, and the way he talked was funny. On the way, he had been talking pleasantly with Han Sen and the others. He was like a very nice old man.

Han Sen sensed that the men he was with were all weirdly polite to him because they were likely obeying Zhao Jue Ye.

Zhao Jue Ye shouted a few times, but no one answered him from the mountains. Everyones expressions changed.

Ou Yang Qiu Shans face looked the worst. He was the one who had said the threat in the mountain had been eliminated, but now someone had just screamed. His words were why Zhao Jue Ye had one of his people collect the body.

Now, something had happened to Old Nine. Thus, everyone looked at Ou Yang Qiu Shan, whose face looked grim.

"I will go and check it out," Ou Yang Qiu Shan said. He flapped his scaled wings and flew into the sky. He flew toward the mountain.

"Lets go take a look." Peaceful seemed worried that something might happen to Ou Yang Qiu Shan. She summoned her gene race, combined with it, and went off into the mountains.

Everyone summoned their gene race. They combined and went to the mountains wall. They were headed for the forest.

"Mister Yang, I am so sorry." Han Sen was holding a metal pillar. He used his other hand to grab Mister Yang. They jumped outside of the mountain.

A few of them jumped into the mountain. He put down Mister Yang and heard some screams come from the mountain. Han Sen quickly followed the other people into the mountain. He was surprised by what he. Everyone else was shocked as well.

Leaves were falling everywhere. On an old tree, which was 9-foot tall, there was a monkeys skin that was stretched. The gold hair was dyed blood red. There was still blood dripping.

Han Sen had a look. It was not the skin of an ape. It was Old Nine, who had just combined with an ape. Now, all that remained of Old Nine was his skin. It was unknown where his flesh and bones went. There was only that bloody skin left, and it was pinned to a tree with branches.

"Whoa!" Ou Yang Qiu Shan was unable to keep his shock in. He threw up everywhere. He almost coughed up his guts.

No matter how talented he was, he had never seen such a grisly sight. The blood on the skin dripped across the tree. It made everyones scalp feel numb. Chills were running down their spines.

"Cry Cry" Not far away, from deeper into the mountains, a baby cried. It was either the sound of a baby crying or a cat crying. Regardless, the sound was ringing in everyones ears. It made people feel a chill.

Han Sen looked toward where the sound had come from. Since his seventh sense was suppressed too much in this world, and there were lots of trees and vines around him, he was unable to see what was there.

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