Super God Gene Chapter 3052

Chapter 3052 Blood Ghost Spirit

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"I want to see what thing you are," Ouyang Qiu Shan coldly grunted. He flapped the wings on his back, wanting to borrow the wind and fly.

Peaceful suddenly stopped him and quietly said, "Lets figure out where things stand first. Ancient Big God Mountains have many scary and cruel gene races. Perhaps what we have now encountered is a scary guy. Do not underestimate such a foe."

One of Zhao Jue Yes men screamed. "Blood ghost spirit We must have encountered a blood ghost spirit!"

It was such a big operation, so it could not have been just one mister there. There was more than just Mister Yang. Zhao Jue Ye had brought two of his own misters. The mister who sounded so frightened was Li Three Eye. His surname was Li. The reason why he had the title of Three Eye was because of the scar on his forehead. It looked like a third, albeit closed, eye.

Of course, the most important thing about himaside from the fact he could see land pulseswas his ability to identify gene eggs and gene races. He only needed to see the shape of a gene egg to determine what kind of gene race was inside. That was also why he was called Li Three Eye.

When Zhao Jue Ye heard the words blood ghost spirits, his face changed. The kindness in his face rapidly depleted. He stared at Li Three Eye and asked, "Three Eye, are you certain that it is a blood ghost spirit we have stumbled upon?" Li Three Eye was trembling as he confirmed it. "I cannot be wrong about this. It must be a blood ghost spirit. I have heard about these things before. Ancient Big God Mountain has a blood ghost spirit, and now, Old Nines skin is hanging on the bark. Aside from a blood ghost spirit that eats flesh and bone, what else could the gene race be? What else would do such a thing?"

Peaceful and the others were like Han Sen. They did not know what a blood ghost spirit was. They asked, "Mister Li, can you explain what level and element a blood ghost spirit gene race is?"

Li Three Eye looked conflicted. He said, "Lady Peace, in the Big Qin Kingdom, there is a famous assassin called Mo Li. You should have heard about him before."

Peaceful nodded and said, "Mo Li was our kingdoms famous hero and warrior. Back in the day, Chu, Wei, and Han, the three big kingdoms, wanted to attack the Big Qin Kingdom. It was in danger. The Chu Kingdoms assassin, Mo Li, killed the king of Wei. He succeeded, but he died. It made the cooperation of the three kingdoms fracture and break. A dozen years later, they discovered that Mo Li was from the Big Qin Kingdom. He had disguised himself as an assassin from the Chu Kingdom when he assassinated the Wei king. He helped with the danger the Big Qin Kingdom faced and earned a bad reputation for a dozen years. Yet he was actually a hero for the Big Qin Kingdom."

Li Three Eye nodded and said, "The legends say Mo Li had three gene races. The most famous one was called One Sky Dragon. It became famous for assassinating Weis king. Everyone knows that, but not many people know that Mo Li combined with three gene races to assassinate Weis king. One of them was the blood ghost spirit." "Really? What is the level of the gene race blood ghost spirit? What power does it wield?" Ouyang Qiu Shan asked with shock.

Li Three Eye shook his head. He looked afraid as he said, "No one knows what power the blood ghost spirit has because aside from Mo Li. No one in this world has a blood ghost spirit. The legends claim that the land pulse of the blood ghost spirits birth was beneath the ruin of a city. That city had a population of 10 million, but it was murdered in one day. The whole city was full of human skin, and the blood made a river. No one knew why until a land pulse was discovered beneath that ruined city. The gene egg in there belonged to the blood ghost spirit."

After hearing that, Peacefuls expression quickly changed. "Is the ruined city Mister Li is talking about Half Day City?".

"Yes, it is Half Day City," Li Three Eye said with a nod.

Peaceful saw a dark cave deeper in the jungle. Her face looked serious. "I have only heard about Half Day City and the presence of a very murderous gene race. I did not know the culprit was a blood ghost spirit."

"Cry Cry" It was like it was answering Peaceful. The mountain echoed with a weird noise sound like the crying of a baby. It sounded like something was crying or laughing. It made peoples scalps feel numb. Everyone developed a cold sweat.

"If that is really a blood ghost spirit, I am afraid we are all going to die," Li Three Eye said. "The blood ghost spirit is the strongest. If we offend it, it will likely kill us all. Even if we leave Ancient Big God Mountain now, it will still pursue us." He looked at Ou Yang Qiu Shan.

Regarding Li Three Eyes stare, everyone knew it was Ouyang Qiu Shan who had offended the blood ghost spirit. If they handed him over, the others might survive.

Aside from Ouyang Qiu Shan not knowing what was happening, everyone knew what was happening. Peacefuls face changed as she said, "We still cannot confirm if it is the blood ghost spirit. Even if it is, are we going to fall back empty-handed just because of a blood ghost spirit? Are we going to give up on the Blood-Pulse?"

After Peaceful said that, Zhao Jue Ye looked confused.

Peaceful wanted to protect Ouyang Qiu Shan. Everyone knew that, but what she said made sense. They were all experienced when it came to shedding blood on their blades. Could they really just fall back because of the chance that there was a blood ghost spirit gene race nearby?

If they kept on going, having the wind-winged snake Ouyang Qiu Shan with them would prove to be an invaluable boon.

Zhao Jue Ye laughed. He looked at Ouyang Qiu Shan and bowed. "Mister Qiu Shan, you are the strongest out of us all. We are going to listen to your command. Do you think we should keep going?"

Ouyang Qiu Shan was too young. He was young and cocky. He did not have experience. He did not know people could be evil sometimes. He thought everyone was depending on him. He did not know Zhao Jue Ye wanted to use him as bait. He saw Zhao Jue Ye was being extremely polite to him and felt as if they were all relying on him. He said, "We are here to hunt a gene race. We cannot allow ourselves to be scared off by a gene race. I will scout the path ahead to ensure the safety of all."

Everyone complimented him. They all made that young, naive man sound like a god. Han Sen and the others developed a wry smile. Ouyang Qiu Shan was very happy, but he had no clue what was really going on.

Peaceful wanted to say something, but she held her tongue and did not speak.

This was Ouyang Qiu Shans own mess. If she tried to protect him, everyone would become angry. If people started to splinter, the entire trip would become a disaster.

While Peaceful was thinking about how to fix this issue, she heard a weird scream come from the mountains. It sounded far away yet also very close. It made everyone feel a bit chilled.

Ouyang Qiu Shan did not say anything. He had his wind-winged snake, so he moved like the wind. He sprinted into the forest. He was looking for the gene race.

Peaceful gnashed her teeth and ran into the forest. She felt sad. "If I knew Ouyang Qiu Shan was that naive, I would not have agreed with his master to bring him." "Argh!" Before Peaceful reached the mountain, there was a scream that made her heart jump. The scream was made by Ouyang Qiu Shan.

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