Super God Gene Chapter 3053

Chapter 3053 Purple Haired Monkey

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Raging wind blades came flying out of the woods. It was like knives cutting the branches and trees. They quickly cut down a few of them in the forest.

Han Sen and the others saw them clearly. The wind blades were coming out of Ou Yang Qiu Shan. The young mans situation was very bad.

Ou Yang Qiu Shan was half-kneeling on the ground with his hand raised. The wind blades were still exploding. There was a purple shadow on his back tightly holding his body. The arms, which were full of purple fur, went past Ou Yang Qiu Shans armpit to grab his neck. It made Ou Yang Qiu Shan have to raise his hands.

The position he was in was very awkward. That purple-haired monster was like a ghost. It trapped Ou Yang Qiu Shan, bared its fangs, and bit him in the back of the head. Its scary face looked as if it was going to suck out Ou Yang Qiu Shans brain juice.

Not everyone had seen the blood ghost spirit before, so they did not know if this purple-haired, ape-like thing was the blood ghost spirit or not.

Fortunately, Ou Yang Qiu Shans combined gene race was the wind-winged snake. It was a god class gene race. After combining with his body, he had green snake scales that looked very sturdy. If this was happening to an ordinary person, they would have likely ended up like Old Nine and get sucked up by that scary gene race until only their hide remained.

Peaceful saw that Ou Yang Qiu Shan still had a lifeforce and felt relieved. Her body was combined with a fiery leopard. As this occurred, her claws were like sharp blades carrying a fire that reached out for the purple-haired gene race.

Before, everyone was scared of the name blood ghost spirit. They were very frightened. Now, the blood ghost spirit did not appear very scary.

It was about 3-foot tall, maybe a bit more. Its body was furry, and the fur was purple. Its hair looked very shiny too. Aside from its fangs, it was only a bit scary. It was not an ugly thing. After seeing how it looked, their fear of the beast lessened.

Of course, the primary reason for this was because Ou Yang Qiu Shan had not been immediately killed. It made them doubt their initial fears. If it really was the blood ghost spirit, Ou Yang Qiu Shan would have been sucked dry in a flash. He would not have lasted as long as he had.

If Ou Yang Qiu Shan had not been murdered, people would not think this was a genuine blood ghost spirit. They did not feel as scared as they did earlier.

Seeing Peaceful do something, everyone else pitched in to help. The purple-haired monkey screamed weirdly. It sounded like a baby crying. Its body leaped up and rolled around in space. It bounced away 30 feet to escape deeper into the forest.

"That damn monkey ambushed me from the bushes! I must kill it!" After Ou Yang Qiu Shan was set free, and he was furious. He flapped the wings on his back, carrying himself along with a flurry of gusts, and chased after the purple-haired monkey.

Peaceful gnashed her teeth. She ordered everyone to continue the pursuit.

She did not really care for Ou Yang Qiu Shan. Normally, gene races remembered who they hated, which tended to be those who offended the gene race. If one could not kill a gene race, the gene race would know that. Even if they did not want to kill in return, they would still want to mess their foe up.

If this was not the blood ghost spirit, they had to kill it and not leave any trace behind. Zhao Jue Ye and the others knew this line of reasoning, which is why they followed Peacefuls commands. Otherwise, they would not have cared about Ou Yang Qiu Shan being dead or alive.

The purple-haired monkey moved very quickly. Ou Yang Qiu Shan was combined with the wind-winged snake, so his speed was greater than that of the monkey. Still, the monkey was going around and around in the forest as nimble as it could be. It used the stone and trees as cover. Ou Yang Qiu Shan could not really spread his wings, so he was unable to catch up with it.

The purple-haired monkey kept moving and screaming weirdly. It occasionally turned around and made funny faces at Ou Yang Qiu Shan. It made Ou Yang Qiu Shan angrier. He was not ever going to end this pursuit.

No one had the speed to match Ou Yang Qiu Shan, so they could only follow from behind. Han Sen was carrying Mister Yang, so he was at the very back of the group. He had not planned on being first anyway.

Mister Yang was lying on Han Sens back. He frowned and quietly said, "Mister, something is wrong. It seems as if this monkey is luring us someplace."

Han Sen nodded. He had known that was what was happening a long time ago. He just had not said anything about it. He wanted to see where the purple-haired monkey was taking them first.

After chasing the pest for a while, they went by a mountain and entered a valley. The purple-haired monkey was still making its escape and jumping like mad. Peaceful and Zhao Jue Ye thought something was wrong. They were quite experienced, so they were not noobs like Ou Yang Qiu Shan.

"Mister Qiu Shan, stop right now! Stop chasing after it!" Peaceful shouted at Ou Yang Qiu Shan, who was quite far ahead. She sounded very serious. If Ou Yang Qiu Shans wind-winged snake was not that fast, she would have just stopped him by force and easily caught up. Now, all she could do was shout at him.

Ou Yang Qiu Shan did not adhere to her calls. He did not stop. The monkey had made him extremely mad. He just wanted to chase the monkey and cut it into pieces. He did not care for what Peaceful said. He just gnashed his teeth and continued giving chase.

"This kid is going to experience a bad stroke of luck," Han Sen thought.

Zhao Jue Ye stopped in his tracks. No one dared to continue the pursuit. These guys had survived for as long as they had because they were not reckless. They knew when to go forward and when to go back.

Peacefuls expression was green for a while. It was white for a while too. She madly shouted, "Qiu Shan, listen up! Otherwise, when we go back, I am going to tell Mister Ou Yang all about your performance today."

"Sister Peaceful, it is already trapped at a dead end. I can kill it very soon. All you must do is wait a bit longer." Ou Yang Qiu Shan obviously did not want to give up.

Peaceful wanted to say something, but she suddenly heard Ou Yang Qiu Shan screaming matched with the sound of roaring from a beast.

The beasts scream was like a tiger roaring in a forest. It almost broke everyones eardrums. Everyone knew that the scream did not belong to the purple-haired monkey.

Before anyone figured out what was going on, Ou Yang Qiu Shan ran out from the valley like a mess. A snow-white beast followed him. It was the height of an average human.

The beast looked like a tiger, but it was not a tiger. It looked like a lion, but it was not a lion. It had snow-white fur and glowed with a cold light. It looked very powerful and overbearing.

"That is a jade lion king! Run!" Zhao Jue Ye recognized the gene race that the snow-white fiend belonged to. His face changed. After shouting, he turned around and wished to flee.

Everyone turned around too. When they did, their expressions changed.

Around the valley, along the walls, in the forest, and even at the exit, were many gray-colored jade lions. They were not as overbearing as the lion king, but they were all just as powerful. Just by their presence, it was obvious that they were not a low-class gene race.

Han Sen looked casually around. He noticed there were around 70 or 80 jade lions in the area. They all surrounded the group he was with. Only the purple-haired monkey was far away someplace in the mountains. It kept weirdly screaming as if it was celebrating. It was like it was mocking them.

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