Super God Gene Chapter 3054

Chapter 3054 Trapped In Jade Lion Valley

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The king class Jade Lion king was not scary to Peaceful and the others, even if the Jade Lion king was already an adult. It was just a strong king class gene race.

Since they had come prepared, they could fight a god class adult gene race. And this was just a king class gene race.

The Jade Lion was a special gene race. Ordinary gene races loved living alone or living in small enclaves of two to three others at a time. The Jade Lion was a gene race that loved to live with others. A group of king class Jade Lion was able to bring about damage that far exceeded what a god class gene race could bring.

Peaceful knew they would probably die there, so they had no choice but to fight until their dying breath or survive. It was fortunate she knew Han Sen was powerful. She did not let the fire of hope be fully extinguished in her heart.

She bolstered the courage in her heart, looked down, and made a command. "Ghost Kill, you and I remain at the back. Zhao Jue Ye, you guys protect the few misters. Han Sen and Qiu Shan"

Peaceful stopped when she said that. She was frozen. She was so angry she started shaking. She cared nothing for her image as she began scolding.

She was supposed to make Han Sen and Ouyang Qiu Shan cleave a path forward for them. With the strongest two people in the front forging a path for them, that would get them out of the Jade Lion valley. Thus, there would have been a higher chance of them surviving the dangers of the forest. When she looked at Ouyang Qiu Shan, she saw he was using his wind-winged snakes flying ability to quickly flee and save his own hide. He flew out of the valley and escaped.

Peaceful wanted to curse him so badly. When she went to the Ouyang family to visit the Ouyang leader and Ouyang Qiu Shan heard she was going to Big God Mountain, he was passionate about lending his services. He called her "big sister" this and "big sister" that. He had begged Peaceful to take him on the trip.

Peaceful was asked by the leader of the Ouyang family to take him, so she took him with her against her will. She tried her best to be nice to him. If it were not for him, though, none of this would have happened to them.

Who would have known Ouyang Qiu Shan would smack his butt and run off? He did not care if they ended up dead or alive.

Peacefuls heart was sinking low. In the next second, her expression suddenly changed. Ouyang Qiu Shan was flying out of the Jade Lion valley, but the Jade Lions could not fly. They were not stopping him.

The purple light shadow flashed. They saw the purple-haired monkey was like a bolt of purple lightning. It managed to catch up with Ouyang Qiu Shan.

Ouyang Qiu Shan felt something was wrong. He turned around. The purple-haired monkey latched onto him from the back and was on his body. It was going to bite his head.

"Argh!" Ouyang Qiu Shans scream echoed throughout the valley. The purple-haired monkeys fangs pierced into his head. It was like a demon biting his head hard.

Everyone saw Ouyang Qiu Shans body become smaller in a very short amount of time. Within a second, he was sucked until only a flap of snake-scaled skin remained.

The purple-haired monkey used its claws to grab Ouyang Qiu Shans skin. Another claw pierced inside the mountain walls stone. It pinned Ouyang Qiu Shans skin to the mountains wall just like what had happened to Old Nines skin. The limbs were stretched as it was pinned to the wall, and blood smeared the area.

The purple-haired monkey was still nearby. Its eyes looked weird. It stared at Peaceful and the others weirdly laughing. Its face looked like it was laughing, but it made people feel a chill when they saw it.

Everyone realized that the purple-haired monkeys speed was faster than that of the wind-winged snakes combined with Ouyang Qiu Shan. It feigned weakness earlier to lure them to Jade Lion valley.

Everyone felt a chill. The chill went down their spines and into their hearts. Regardless if they were able to escape the attack of the Jade Lions, even if they did survive, it was unlikely they could escape the hunt of the evil purple-haired monkey.

"That cant actually be a blood ghost spirit, can it?" Everyone started to feel scared.

Reality did not have an obligation to let them take their time with all of this. The Jade Lion group was roaring and coming after them. They blocked the way they could not proceed.

"Han Sen, Ghost Kill, you guys, clear a path together!" Peaceful shouted. "Me and Zhao Jue Ye will stay at the rear! The others can protect the misters! We will sprint out this way!" Zhao Jue Ye and the others were not happy that Peaceful had brought someone like that there, but they knew now was not the time to complain. They listened to her commands, formed a group, and started to leave.

Han Sen used both hands to hold the metal pillar. He swung it. Seven or eight of the jade lions coming at him were swept away. He did not kill them, but he made all their mouths bleed.

Everyone was frozen, but they were instantly happy. "Brother Han, you are so powerful!"

Han Sen only smiled in response. He clutched the giant metal pillar and swung it around. The 12-foot-long metal pillar was swung again. He danced like a tiger. The king class jade lions did not dare come close. He formed a path for everyone.

"Brother Hans power is like a god has descended. I wonder what gene race you have combined with."

"Brother Han has god power. He can be more than a city leader."

"I have been living for so many years. Today, I know what a real god power is."

The men were shocked, and they complimented him profusely. Although they were just licking his boots, seeing Han Sen was that powerful really did surprise them.

Everyone had been scared. They were trapped by the lion group, but now things were not looking so glum. Even Zhao Jue Ye smiled at Peaceful and asked, "Lady Peace, where did you locate such a huge noble? It is no wonder you have dared go to Big God Mountain."

Peaceful presented a wry smile but did not say a word. She looked at Ouyang Qiu Shans skin on the wall and felt terrible. She thought, "Ouyang Qiu Shan deserved what happened to him after what he did. This cannot be blamed on anyone, but how do I explain this to the Ouyang family?"

The powerful jade lion group was suppressed by Han Sen. They did not dare try to stop them. Seeing everyone was going out of the jade lion valley, there were some weird screams like a baby crying again.

There was a purple shadow flashing through space. The purple-haired monkey was at the entrance of the valley. It bared its fangs and screamed weirdly. Its eyes looked extremely weird.

Han Sen did not care much for it. He swung his metal pillar and chased away the rest of the lion horde. He hurried their race to the valleys exit.

The purple-haired monkey put its middle finger into its mouth and bit down. He then pointed the middle finger at the ground. Purple blood dripped down into the valleys soil.

Han Sen and the others were wondering what it was doing. Suddenly, the whole jade lion valley started to shake. The Jade Lions started to behave like small, scared cats. They ran off. They were instantly all gone.


The valleys ground broke. A giant head came out from the place where the purple-haired monkey leaked its blood. There was a giant, weird snake. What came out of the ground was 30 feet tall. It was as thick as a barrel.

The snake looked very weird. Along with its scaly skin, its head had a horn that was crystal and like jade.

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