Super God Gene Chapter 3055

Chapter 3055 Lone Sky Dragon

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Zhao Jue Ye was in shock and screamed "Lone sky dragon"

When Han Sen heard those three names, he frowned. He had heard that name from a story. It was that thing called King Qins assassin Mo Lis gene race. It was the one he used. It seemed to be very famous.

"If that purple-haired monkey really is a blood ghost spirit, and now there is this lone sky dragon, can it really be that much of a coincidence?" Han Sens heart kept flashing with many thoughts.

Mister Yang, who was protected by Zhao Jue Yes people, shouted, "Mister, run! This is an adult lone sky dragon. In the seven kingdoms, it is a very famous god class gene race! There is no way for us to fight it!"

In fact, everyone was running away. The jade lion crowd had dispersed, so nothing was looking to impede their flight. Peaceful and Zhao Jue Ye took people deep inside the valley. Nobody wanted to fight the lone sky dragon.

The lone sky dragon was like a snake. Aside from its head having a horn, it did not have claws like a dragon would have. Half of its body was coming out of the ground. It was like a jade-green statue raising its head to hang above the sky. Its pair of weird eyes stared at Han Sen and the others.

In the next second, the lone sky dragon opened its snake mouth. Green smoke came out of its mouth. It turned into a pillar of smoke that rushed toward Han Sen. It was incredibly fast. Han Sen was unable to dodge it.

Han Sen did not plan on dodging it anyway. He waved his metal pillar like a lance toward the incoming smoke.


The metal pillar struck the smoke. Han Sens entire body was like an asteroid. He flew away. He traveled a few miles and hit the deepest wall of the valley and broke the wall.

Peaceful and the others saw that Han Sen unable to take that hit, so they knew it was a genuine lone sky dragon. They were not wrong about that. Peaceful gnashed her teeth. Her body flashed with electric light. It was like an electric eel gene race combined with her body, turning the bottom half of her body into a fish. She was made to look like a mermaid. Her body had weird lightning around it.

Peaceful had dared to go Ancient Big God Mountain for adventure. She had come prepared for the worst-case scenario. Otherwise, Ou Yang leader would not have felt safe about letting Ou Yang Qin Shan go with her.

It was a shame that Ou Yang Qin Shan had it coming. If he had just stayed next to Peaceful, he might not have been killed.

"Run!" Peacefuls hand pressed on the floor. Electric light and patterns came out together. It wrapped up 15 feet of the surrounding area. Suddenly, the electric light burst forth. Peaceful, Zhao Jue Ye, and the others disappeared with the electric light. It was like they used a teleportation technique to leave.

Only two or three people were not able to get into the electric light in time. They were still out in the valley, and they looked completely deprived of hope.

Seeing Peaceful and the others escape, the purple-haired monkey atop the mountain was furious. It was screaming. The lone sky dragon breathed out green smoke, which billowed like a tide. It suddenly blew the flesh of the three men off of their bones. Only three skeletons remained.

Han Sen was hit by the lone sky dragon and fell into the mountain. It felt as if his entire body was in pain, but he was not heavily injured. Only his skin was a little sore.

Although he had been suppressed by that world a whole lot, the strength and sturdiness of his body remained. No matter how scary the lone sky dragons power was, it could not heavily damage him.

The mountain wall had collapsed and buried Han Sen. He tried to break open the rocks. When he used strength, the rocks on his back started to shake. They rolled to the side. Han Sen discovered there was a cave behind him.

When he frowned, black smoke came out of the gap between the rocks. Han Sen thought it was some of the power that the lone sky dragon possessed, but the black smoke generated the face of a woman. It was the woman who wore a night ghost mask. It was Ghost Kill.

"You took the strike of the lone sky dragon and were not killed," Ghost Kill said with a look of surprise as she studied Han Sen. "Your power deserves a place of recognition in this universe."

Before, she had felt a little bit upset. She wanted to go and see if Han Sen was dead. If he was able to be saved, she would save his life and get closer to him. That would have made it easier to assassinate Qin Kingdoms crown prince, Qin Bai.

No one would have expected Han Sen to only suffer a minor injury. For the most part, he was fine and dandy.

Han Sen looked at Ghost Kill and asked, "Why are you here? Where are Mister Yang and the others?"

"Dont worry, Mister Yang was saved by Peaceful," Ghost Kill coldly said. "Her body has a god-class electric flint eel that can enable her to teleport miles away. I did not have enough time to enter the area of the electric flint eel. I wouldnt have ended up here if I was able to."

"Peaceful really did come prepared." Han Sen was not surprised. It would have been strange if a person like Peaceful did not come to Ancient Big God Mountain prepared.

Ghost Kill wished to say something more, but the mountain started to shake. Green smoke was leaking through the gaps between the rocks. The rocks touched by the green smoke started to glow green. They eventually crumbled into green dust.

"The lone sky dragon is coming. Can you walk?" Ghost Kill reached her hand out, wanting to hold Han Sen.

"Yes, I can walk." Han Sen and Ghost Kill walked into the cave. The cave was fairly large. Many branching paths offered tunnels in different directions.

Behind them, noises of the lone sky dragon breaking stone were heard. They did not have to time figure out which way to go, so they selected one route and went down it.

The lone sky dragon kept chasing them from behind. They also heard the squeals of the purple-haired monkey. Han Sen turned around and saw the purple-haired monkey was riding the back of the lone sky dragon. It was coming at them like mad.

Seeing this scene, Han Sen felt even more weirded out. "Is that really Mo Lis lone sky dragon and blood ghost spirit? Why are they here? People say Mo Li assassinated the Wei king and died. His gene races must have died too. Why did they end up here in Ancient Big God Mountain?"

"This way," Ghost Kill said that from up ahead. She walked into a cave that only allowed one person to press their way through by walking sideways.

Han Sen understood what she meant. The lone sky dragon was very big. It would be very difficult for it to squeeze through a small cave like that. If they could prevent it from reaching them, they might be able to gain some distance.

Han Sen followed her into a cave. They both traveled fast. Not long later, they heard a big sound. Then, there was the sound of rocks breaking

The lone sky dragon was unable to fit. Every little bit it moved resulted in it needing to break more stone. Its speed was slowed down.

Han Sen and Ghost Kill were running for half an hour. The exploding sounds from behind were already growing quiet. The cave ahead started to become wider.

Ghost Kill suddenly stopped walking. She looked at the stone walls around and said, "Weird. Why are there signs of people digging here?"

Han Sen also noticed it. The stone walls around had many symbols. The drawings were very simple, but it was obvious they were manmade.

While Han Sen was observing the wall, his pupils instantly became smaller. He saw a familiar shape in the carvings.

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