Super God Gene Chapter 3056

Chapter 3056 - Black Crystal Stone

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In the symbols etched into the wall, Han Sen saw something with which he was very familiar.

The carved symbol was in the shape of an egg. It looked like a pigeon egg with a thousand stars floating inside it. It looked like a small universe that existed within.

Although it was a simple line of a symbol, at this size, Han Sen was far too familiar with it. Back in the sanctuaries, he had killed a sacred-blood black armor bug and received the mysterious black crystal stone. At this shape and size, what he saw carved into the wall was precisely the same.

After that, Han Sen had absorbed the black crystal stones shell. There was a black crystal armor inside the black crystal stone. It was the black crystal armor that pulled Han Sen into that world of kingdoms.

Now, on the wall, he saw a symbol of the black crystal stone. It was extremely similar. He was super shocked.

Is this a coincidence or a secret? Han Sens mind flashed through many different lines of thinking

The black crystal armor pulled him into the geno universe. Then, he appeared in Ancient Big God Mountain. The location of that drawing also just happened to be someplace in Ancient Big God Mountain. It was hard to think that none of it was related.

Han Sen quickly and carefully examined the details of the carving. He discovered what was drawn there was like some human performing a ritual.

The ritual did not have a god or a king or a sort of character that required obeying. They were kneeling and obeying the black crystal stone object.

It looks like there is some kind of ritual going on in this drawing, but it is weird, Ghost Kill said. As far as I know, the seven kingdoms believe in the God Spirits. They just believe in different God Spirits. I have never heard of a kingdom obeying an egg before. That should be a gene egg.

If you dont know, then I most certainly wont, Han Sen said. Inside, he was actually thinking, Is the black crystal body really a gene egg? Is it a gene race inside the black crystal armor?

After thinking about it, that did not seem right. If the black crystal stone was really a gene egg, why would it run into the first sanctuary in the Alliance? Plus, the gene race power was different from the universal powers. If the black crystal stone really was a gene egg, it should have been repelled by the geno universe.

But it was different. The black crystal stone did not get repelled, and it was used to reinforce creatures.

as U

The two of them kept on walking and observing the symbols across the walls. It was like they were checking out one long drawing. All of the drawings documented the entire process of a ritual.

Countless humans were praying before the black crystal stone. In the end, humans were using their own blood to sacrifice themselves on the black crystal stone.

Further ahead, the content of the carvings was even weirder. A character who was like an officer of the ritual was holding the black crystal stone. He threw the black crystal stone into a thing that looked like the entrance to a volcano.

In the next drawing, at the entrance of the volcano, smoke was rising. People were praying before the smoke.

Han Sen and Ghost Kill wanted to find out what happened next. They hurried up and went forward. When they saw what happened next, they were given a massive surprise.

The content near the end showed an outsider falling from the sky. It entered the entrance of the volcano. In the next drawing, that outsider was holding the black crystal stone as he escaped the entrance of the volcano.

In the final picture, many angry humans were looking up at the sky. Then, there were no more drawings. The carvings ended there.

All of those depictions were very abstract. It was difficult to tell what exactly was trying to be drawn. One was not really able to figure out who was the one that stole the black crystal stone, but Han Sen could not help but think of Qin Xiu.

But that was just Han Sens idle thoughts at work. There was no proof that the one who stole the black crystal stone was Qin Xiu.

Have you heard of a story like this before? Han Sen was not very plugged-in to the history of this new universe. His knowledge was lacking, so he looked at Ghost Kill hoping to learn something useful from her. Ghost Kill was silent a moment before saying, I have never heard a story like this before. Perhaps the humans that obey the gene egg are humans from a smaller kingdom. Back in ancient times, there were many smaller kingdoms. It was not always the case that there were seven like now. Perhaps the story on the stone is just a folktale from some old country that no longer exists.

Han Sen nodded. He looked at the stone wall ahead. He did not see any more carvings, but the stone cave ahead revealed stairs that went down.

The stone staircase was a spiral one. It was unknown where it might have led. They looked at each other and went down the stone stairs together in a very co-operative fashion.

Han Sen and Ghost Kill were very interested in this place. They wanted to know who had put so many things in that Ancient Big God Mountain.

From what I know, the lone sky dragon is a very rare god gene race, Ghost Kill said as she kept walking. The legends of how many times it has appeared can be counted on your fingers. The most famous instance of a lone sky dragon was the one attributed to Mo Li. If the purple-haired monkey really is a blood ghost spirit, then the lone sky dragon from earlier could very well be the one Mo Li used to own.

Han Sen had no hesitation to ask what he was wondering about. But if Mo Li was killed in the Wei Kingdoms palace, his gene races should have died with him. How could they have appeared here?

I do not know, Ghost Kill said. If they are not Mo Lis, who could have a lone sky dragon and blood ghost spirit at the same time? How could that happen? It would be too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

We cannot confirm if the purple-haired monkey is a blood ghost spirit, so maybe it isnt one, Han Sen said.

You are right. Ghost Kill nodded and said nothing else.

The two of them went down the stone steps. They had walked down at least a few hundred feet when the stone steps reached the end. In front of them was a stone door.

While Ghost Kill was investigating it, she discovered there was nothing weird about the stone door. She pushed it, but the stone door did not budge.

Allow me. Han Sen used the metal pillar in his hand to strike the stone door. He was very strong. After hitting it a few times, the stone door shattered.

The two of them looked beyond the stone door. Beyond the ruin of the door, there was an old hall. The walls had many different styles that looked like the drawings from earlier.

A 9-foot-tall stove was situated in the center of the hall. A green fire was burning under it. It lit up the entire palace.

The two of them entered the stone hall with great care. They looked at the stone stove. A dead body was hanging upside down. It was clad in armor. The bones were almost cracked. It looked as if it had been dead for a long time.

Han Sen noticed nothing special about the bones, so he looked at the drawings above. After having a look, he was given a fright.

There was no text on the wall, just drawings. There was text inside the drawings. Han Sen was able to understand it. On top, it said The Story of Genes.

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