Super God Gene Chapter 3057

Chapter 3057 - Ancient Version of The Story of Genes

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This The Story of Genes was different from The Story of Genes with which Han Sen had practiced. The language of this The Story of Genes was far clearer. There were not many details. At the same time, it was quite deep. It was just like Han Sen reading the Dongxuan Sutra in the past. One needed more profound knowledge of old languages to understand it on a greater level.

If he had not already practiced with The Story of Genes, he probably would not have understood what the text on the wall meant.

To speak clearly, The Story of Genes here was a version written in an ancient text. In the past, Han Sen had practiced with a version written in modern text.

Although the descriptions were different, the content was similar and did not have many differences.

Weird. Wasnt The Story of Genes created by Qin Xiu and Han Yufei? Wasnt it composed by those two together? Why is there an older version? Han Sen thought this was very strange.

Do you understand what is written up there? Ghost Kill asked.

I can guess that it is some kind of weird skill, Han Sen replied.

Ghost Kill shook her head. Most of this text is written in the common language of the universe, but the grammar is very old. It can probably be traced back to the original star


What is the original star era? Han Sen asked with a frown.

Ghost Kill looked at Han Sen strangely. You dont know about the original star era?

I am not interested in history, Han Sen flippantly said.

Ghost Kill did not say anything. She tried to explain. The Blood-Pulses of the seven kingdoms of the universe all came from the same planet. That planet was called the Original Star. Thus, that is why the era was dubbed the original star era. Original Star was destroyed a long time ago. I do not know how many billions of years ago it was.

Looking at the text on the wall, Ghost Kill went on to say, I have seen some information about the original star era. The text used here is similar to the text of that era.

Han Sen was silent a moment before asking, Are you saying this is a leftover from that era?

Ghost Kill shook her head. It shouldnt be. The original star era did not even have space travel. If so, how could things from that era come to another planet and be here on Ancient Big God Mountain? Maybe the text is from the original star era, but someone copied it down here.

I dont know who the master of this place is. Why did he make a stone temple in this place? Ghost Kill looked at the dead body.

The two of them investigated the stone palace. There was nothing important to find. There were only the body and the stone stove they hadnt searched yet.

If you are interested, why dont you examine it? Han Sen asked with a laugh.

He wanted to know who the master of the stone palace was. He wanted to know far more than Ghost Kill did, but he made sure to not show it.

I would like to. Ghost Kill did not delay. She bent over and went to check the body.

Suddenly, a purple light flashed. It was like a demon attacking Ghost Kills back. That purple shadow was too fast. Neither Han Sen nor Ghost Kill was able to react.

Ghost Kill did not even have the time to turn around. Although Han Sen reacted, his body was limited by that world. The faster he moved, the more pressure he felt. There was not enough time to rescue her.

Han Sen still saw it clearly. The purple shadow was the purple-haired monkey. The purple light of its body was spreading. It was like a purple light shadow. It went behind Ghost Kill to tie her up as it did to Ou Yang Qiu Shan. It latched onto Ghost Kills back ready to dig into her head with its mouth.

That chomp made Ghost Kills body turn into black smoke. The purple monkey did not bite anything, and the black smoke moved away. Then, it turned back into Ghost Kills body.

The purple-haired monkey made the noise of a baby crying. It turned into a purple shadow and ran at Ghost Kill again. The two of them fought. It was hard to tell who was going to win and who was going to lose.

Han Sen realized that Ghost Kills power was greater than what Ou Yang Qiu Shan had possessed. She exceeded him in battle experience and ability. She was far above Ou Yang Qiu Shan. The purple-haired monkey had a weird and incredible power, but it was unable to hurt her.

Ghost Kill could not do anything to harm the purple-haired monkey either. The two of them fought across the stone palace. They both seemed worried about something. Even the purple-haired monkey controlled its power to avoid damaging anything in the stone hall.

Seeing Ghost Kill not being too pressured, Han Sen walked over to the body. He put his hand on the armor and began to rummage around in the high hopes of finding something

The purple-haired monkey saw Han Sen touch the dead body, and it screamed weirdly. It ignored Ghost Kill, bared its fangs, and launched itself at Han Sen.

Han Sen kept rummaging through the armor of the dead body while his other hand kept swinging the metal pillar. Who would have known that the purple-haired monkey would be wrapped around the metal pillar headed for Han Sen like a snake?

Han Sen found something, but he did not have the time to take a look at what it was. He pocketed it and quickly fell back.

In this world, it was like Han Sen was always walking through waist-high water. The resistances against him were too much. No matter how fast he went, he could never go faster. Although he was already running fast, he still ended up being scratched by the purple-haired monkey.

The clothes he wore were torn open, but the purple light of the sharp claws did not dig into his skin. Only a few red marks were drawn across his skin.

Ghost Kill was shocked. Her eyes flashed twice. She flew over and detached the purple-haired monkey.

Han Sen was not fast, so it was hard for him to participate in this battle. He retreated a little. He looked at the item he had collected from the bodys pocket.

It was a leather notebook. The whole notebook was wrought in leather, but the pages were not made of paper.

Han Sen flipped it open and saw the text was of the common language of the universe, but the grammar was very old like The Story of Genes on the wall.

Han Sen read a few lines and found it very difficult to understand. He was only able to read the simple parts of the book.

This person is an important officer from the Qin Kingdom who took a request from King Qin to find a skill that could enable immortality. Han Sen only understood one part of it. It was what he thought it was. That guy was a subordinate of Qin Xiu.

Most of the text was too difficult for Han Sen to understand. It said something like what he had found something in Ancient Big God Mountain. Regarding the details, he had to understand it all to understand.

With the situation being what it was, Han Sen did not have the time or space to study it. He put the notebook back in his pocket and observed the current battle. He was ready to get rid of that purple-haired monkey with Ghost Kill.

It seemed to realize the crisis it faced, so the purple-haired monkey weirdly squealed. Its purple hair went straight like a raging fire. A scary purple fire suddenly wrapped up its body. Inside the purple flames, its body became transparent crystal like a ghost. At the same time, a weird presence came out of its body.

Ghost Kill lost her voice as she screamed, It really is a blood ghost spirit

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