Super God Gene Chapter 3059

Chapter 3059 - Old Friend

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Chapter 3059 Old Friend

The blood ghost spirit noticed something was wrong. It twisted its body mid-air and looked behind itself. Just as it turned around, Han Sens burning blood-red flame fist was already striking its face.

The blood ghost spirits face was mangled by Han Sens hit. Its entire body spun like a cannonball fired from its barrel. It struck the stone wall behind Li Bing Yu. The stone wall collapsed and buried the monkey below the rubble.

Li Bing Yu looked at Han Sen, who was descending like a demon before her, in shock. Her mouth was agape. She struggled to muster the slightest response.

Han Sen moved his body and moved in front of Li Bing Yu. He touched her forehead. Li Bing Yu was heavily injured, so she could not react. She saw darkness and passed out.

Han Sen used one hand to hold Li Bing Yu and put his power into her body. He tried to squeeze the purple air of the blood ghost spirit out of her.

Han Sens eyes were not trained on Li Bing Yu, and he did not look at the stone wall that the blood ghost spirit had been driven into. He frowned and stared in another direction of the stone palace.

There was a weird movement in the area. A purple lotus light appeared. It turned into the shape of a pretty man in purple clothing.

What are you? How dare you trespass in my territory That man, who was like a god descending, coldly spoke. When he looked at Han Sen, he was so shocked that he fell back and screamed, Dollar You You You How can you not be dead?

Evil Lotus God, do you want me dead that badly? Han Sen looked at Evil Lotus God as if he was smiling, but he wasnt smiling. It also made him think, God Spirits can appear in the universe of kingdoms. What is their role existing in both worlds?

No, Evil Lotus God said after calming down. He looked at Han Sen with a conflicted look. About that Dollar, can you put your power away? This is my territory. If you are trying to break the rules of the world and a higher-level God Spirit feels it, you will be up to your neck in trouble. Dont say I did not warn you if that comes to pass.

Han Sen saw Li Bing Yus purple air had been pushed out. He put away his power. In fact, he could hardly last much longer anyway. Going against the rules of the world required a lot of power. He would have run out of power soon.

Seeing Han Sen look normal again, Evil Lotus Gods face looked even weirder. He checked out Han Sen but did not speak.

Evil Lotus God, why dont you tell me what is going on? Han Sen checked out Evil Lotus God too.

It looked like Evil Lotus God did not possess something and descend. His god body was really there before him. Now, he had all the power.

What do you mean what is going on? I do not understand what you are talking about. You should just stop stirring up trouble in this world. After saying that, Evil Lotus God was ready to leave.

Do you think I will break your god temple? Han Sen looked at Evil Lotus God coldly.

Evil Lotus Gods expression changed. He gnashed his teeth and looked at Han Sen. I am warning you. Do not think that just because you saved the geno universe you have free reign to do what you please. You broke the rules of this universe. If your body did not get restricted by the world, you are best off staying low profile. Do not stir up trouble. If our supervisor learns about this, you will end up like Qin Xiu. Han Sen laughed and asked, Why was Qin Xiu bad? Did he not tear down god palaces happily?

Evil Lotus Gods face turned a bit green and white. He did not stay angry at Han Sen. He coldly said, Hmph! Qin Xiu used your sons body to become a part of the geno universe. He would not be restricted by the rules, but you cannot do the same. Do you think you can fight a higher-level God Spirit in your condition?

Against that Mister God, I do not think so, but breaking your god temple would not be much of a challenge, Han Sen casually said.

Evil Lotus Gods eyes twitched. He madly asked, What do you want from me? How are my people doing in Space Garden? Han Sen did not ask about this world anymore. He asked about the other world.

They are fine, Evil Lotus God said. Space Garden is the No. 1 faction in the geno universe now. The spirits lit up the lantern, and the humans almost did too.

If they became the first faction, why did humans not light up the lanterns yet? Han Sen asked with confusion.

How would I know? Evil Lotus God asked while staring at him. Go and ask your son.

OK, how do I go back and ask my son? Han Sen asked Evil Lotus God.

Evil Lotus God froze. After a while, he said, Dont you ask me that. I really dont know. Aside from Qin Xiu, no other creature can visit a different universe. Regarding how Qin Xiu managed that feat, you would have to ask him. I cannot descend here for long. I have togo.

What is the relationship between these two worlds? Han Sen asked.

I do not know. You should figure that out for yourself. The God Spirits abide by the rules of the God Spirits. If I break the rules and they find out, you and I will go down together. I need to go, so you should be careful. If you want to break my temple, then we will endure a bad stroke of luck together. Im telling you that my supervisors will find you, and they will not stop until you are dead. Evil Lotus God stared at Han Sen. He did not care for anything more Han Sen said. He had to go now.

Dont leave just yet, Han Sen said with a smile. Can you give me some of your God Spirit Blood-Pulse?

No way. Evil Lotus Gods body was vanishing. He gnashed his teeth.

Dont be so selfish! You gave it to so many humans. Why can you not give any to me? Do I have to go visit your god temple before you give me some? Han Sen laughed evilly at Evil Lotus God.

Evil Lotus Gods body was one second away from being gone completely. He was annoyed and said, Your gene Blood-Pulse is better than mine. My God Spirit genes cannot find your genes. How can I give you a God Spirit Blood-Pulse?

I see. You should have told me sooner. Han Sen looked like he understood something. He grinned and said, In that case, goodbye. If I have trouble, I will come to look for you. I am sure you will have no trouble assisting me, right?

The disappearing Evil Lotus God looked at Han Sen with a complicated expression. He was very mad and angry. He had a feeling about Han Sen that he could not explain.

Seeing Evil Lotus God disappear, Han Sen said to himself, It looks like helping people to get their God Spirit Blood-Pulse is not hard. If Mister Yang is a good guy, I will go to the temple and get him an Evil Lotus Blood-Pulse.

Han Sen did not understand Evil Lotus Gods attitude toward him. It seemed like Evil Lotus God was afraid of him. It was not like what Evil Lotus God said was real and that the elusive supervisors would kill them. Otherwise, why didnt Evil God Lotus just go ahead and tell the supervisor? He did not have to risk blackmail by Han Sen.

Han Sen thought, It looks like the God Spirits in this world suffer from many rules and restrictions as well. I wonder how that Mister God will treat me when he sees meagain.

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