Super God Gene Chapter 3060

Chapter 3060 - Beaten to an Egg

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Some things are not possible to understand in a short amount of time. Han Sen stopped thinking about it and walked over to the collapsed stone wall. He moved the broken rocks, checking to see if the blood ghost spirit was dead or not. If it was not dead, he would give it another punch or two. If it was dead, he wagered it would make a nice snack for Small Cat.

Small Cat had eaten a lot of overbearing bug meat, but it had yet to fully recover its strength. Its body was still frail. It did not evolve yet either. It required more food.

The moment Han Sen removed the rubble of the rocks, he was surprised. There was no blood ghost spirit flesh. Instead, there was a fist-sized, purple-colored gene egg that looked like the gene egg of a blood ghost spirit.

No way. With one punch, it turned into the shape of a gene egg. Han Sen was surprised, but he was happy. To the people of this universe of kingdoms, only gene eggs could be claimed with a God Spirit Blood-Pulse. The gene race that hatched could not be later claimed by a God Spirit Blood-Pulse.

Even if he was able to claim it, he could only use it as a battle pet. He was not able to combine with it.

Han Sens Xuan Yellow Sutra turned the gene race back into gene egg mode. It meant that he could claim it again. That also meant there were many gene races that other people could not get. Han Sen was now able to get adult gene races. He did not have to rely on luck or meandering around to find land pulses where the gene eggs resided.

That is good stuff. I did not expect the Xuan Yellow Sutra would be that useful in the universe of kingdoms. Han Sen picked up the blood ghost spirits gene egg. He felt rather cocky.

Because he had the Xuan Yellow Sutras power, it was easy for him to become rich there. The prices of a gene race were far lower than a gene egg


Han Sen just had to find some gene eggs. That way, he could earn a dozen times more, perhaps even a few dozen times more.

Using all of his power to cast the Xuan Yellow Sutra had cost him too much strength. Striking a high-class gene race into a gene egg was difficult, but Han Sen did not have to fight those high-level gene races. Even if he did not use power, just using the Xuan Yellow Sutra to beat a king class or below gene race into an egg was not going to be difficult. It looks like I do not need to go to places like a land pulse and waste time that could be spent properly adventuring. I can just sell some gene eggs to raise Small Cat. Han Sens heart felt very relieved.

Seeing Ghost Kill, who was still in a coma, Han Sen did not bother waking her up. He opened the stone stoves lid, wanting to see if there was anything of value to be found inside.

Once he opened the lid, the stone stove let out a very pleasant fragrance. Han Sen thought, Is there some holy medicine inside? Qin Xiu sent him to go and find a way to bring him back to life. He was not here to make the medicine for resurrection, was he?

Han Sen put his head into the stone stove to take a look. He was shocked.

The stone stove did not have the holy medicine he thought there would be, but it was not empty. Underneath the stone stove, there was a golden gene egg. It was the size of an ostrich egg. It was gold crystal and transparent. There was some gold light inside


Inside this stone stove, there is a gene egg. I do not know how many years it has been cooking there for. It should be cooked by now though. This is perfect. I am a little bit hungry right now. Using this to fill me up should not be a bad idea. I wonder what a gene egg tastes like. Will it taste better than a bird egg? Han Sen was speaking to himself as he picked up the gene egg from the stone stove.

The gene egg was in his hands. Han Sen felt the faint beat of a heart pulsating in the egg. He noticed the gene egg was not entirely cooked. There was still something inside it. I assume the level of this gene egg is not low. I should see if I can claim it. Han Sen stroked the gene egg. He was feeling a bit troubled.

Last time, Small Cat was the one that combined with him. Han Sen knew he could combine with a gene race, but he did not know how to be like the humans of this world and absorb gene races.

Han Sen thought, If Evil Lotus God said my gene Blood-Pulse is stronger than his, it means his God Spirit Blood-Pulse would not work. But my Blood-Pulse does not seem to work. If he did not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, he had to do it through the oldest method.

Han Sen extended his middle finger. He poked out a hole and squeezed out a drop of blood. He dropped it onto the gold gene egg.

The red blood was absorbed by the gold gene egg. It was like it had entered a sponge and vanished.

Suddenly, Han Sen heard a sound in his head.

Got mutant god class gene race gold wing peacock king.

While Han Sen observed it, the gene egg exploded. A small gold peacock flew out of it. It became a gold light that entered his Sea of Soul.

A gene race that was claimed can go into my Sea of Soul like a beast soul? Han Sen was shocked.

The Sea of Soul was still there, but the beast souls inside could not be summoned. They were just like Han Sen. They were restricted by the powers of that world.

Han Sen tried to summon the gold wing peacock king. He noticed it was easy for it to be summoned. A small peacock, which was glowing with a gold mist, appeared next to Han Sen.

Just like the beast soul, Han Sen was able to view some information about it.

Gold wing peacock king: Mutant god class gene race (juvenile body)

peacock king had become a gold light that entered his body. Han Sens body changed. His head transformed into that of a peacock with peacock feathers. His back had gold-feathered wings.

Fortunately, my ass does not have peacock feathers Han Sen looked at his face. After combining with the gold wing peacock king, he sighed.

Han Sens heart jumped. The wings had a gold light. Han Sen was able to fly, and he could do so at a very fast speed.

At least I no longer have to walk. Han Sen was not afraid of being tired. If he used his strength to run, the world would restrict his power. Running was very tiring.

By using a gene race power to fly, the world would not restrict such powers. It was easier. No one wanted to live with a lot of pressure.

Seeing the blood-dropping method work, Han Sen took out the ghost spirit gene and dribbled some blood onto it.

It behaved just like the gold wing peacock king did. The blood ghost spirit egg hatched very quickly. Han Sens head rang with an announcement.

Got mutant god class gene race blood ghost spirit.

Of course, the purple gene egg hatched the purple-haired monkey. That purple-haired monkey was a much smaller size. He held it with one hand. It was very cute. It was like it was made of purple jade.

Blood ghost spirit: Mutant god class gene race (juvenile body)

What a shame. The blood ghost spirit was beaten back into gene egg mode, and it also reverted into a juvenile. If I want it to be an adult again, how much must I feed it? Han Sen felt terrible thinking about it.

Han Sen wanted to try combining with the blood ghost spirit, but Ghost Kill suddenly moaned. She was on the verge of waking up. Han Sen put the blood ghost spirit and gold wing peacock king back in his Sea of Soul. He looked at Ghost Kill.

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