Super God Gene Chapter 3062

Chapter 3062 - Reverse Life Cycle

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When they had almost left Ancient Big God Mountain, Li Bing Yu suddenly said, If it was me, I would not go into town right now.

Why? Han Sen looked at Li Bing Yu with interest.

Ou Yang Qiu Shan was killed in Ancient Big God Mountain, Li Bing Yu said. He was the only person who had a perfect God Spirit Blood-Pulse in the past few years. He was the Ou Yang familys favorite child. The Ou Yang family will not just let this slide.

Are you saying the Ou Yang family is going to lay the blame of his death on our feet? Han Sen quietly asked.

Someone will be held accountable for this, Li Bing Yu said. Perhaps the Ou Yang family might not do anything to Peaceful, but it is hard to determine what might happen to the others. Their son died. They will probably do something to allay their anger.

We didnt have a grudge with Ou Yang Qiu Shan, and we did not offend him, Han Sen said with a frown. Why would they want us dead?

Li Bing Yu coldly said, If a crown prince is murdered out there, the guards that were in charge of protecting him would all be killed. Does that make sense to you?

Han Sen laughed and said, I suppose you are right. In that case, where do you think I should go? You can go anywhere, just avoid Ancient God City, Li Bing Yu said. Dont go there again. In my opinion, you should leave the planet. Ou Yang family members are only nobles in Ancient God City. Once you have left this planet, the Ou Yang family will no longer pose a threat to you. Do you think the Ou Yang family is stronger than the blood ghost spirit? Han Sen looked at Li Bing Yu and blinked as he spoke. Regarding sheer power, the Ou Yang family is not stronger than you, but the Ou Yang family are nobles of the Qin Kingdom. You, however, are a nobody in the Qin Kingdom. If there is ever a conflict, even if you kill the Ou Yang family, youll have a lot of trouble in the Qin Kingdom territories.

You are right. Han Sen was not afraid of the Ou Yang family, but it would be very troublesome.



If you need it, I have a way to safely send you to another planet, Li Bing Yu said.

After thinking a moment, Han Sen said, Thank you. But before that, I need to locate Mister Yang.

That will not be difficult. If he is in Ancient God City, I can ask him to come out and meet with you. But it is not on me whether or not he wants to meet you.

What are you trying to say? Han Sen asked.

Li Bing Yu looked at Han Sen and said, If ordinary people have to choose between you and Dragon Song Citys Peace family, people will choose the latter option. If it was you, what would you do?

No matter what, we must bring him back, Han Sen coldly said. If we cannot do that, I will go back to the city myself to find him.

Mister Yang knew that Han Sen had come out of a gene egg. He wanted an explanation as to how that came to be. Han Sen was not going to just simply leave it alone.

Fine, I understand. I will bring Mister Yang back, Li Bing Yu said. She then turned into smoke and vanished.

Li Bing Yu was a very efficient person. Even Han Sen was surprised. She only took half the day to bring Mister Yang back. Mister, you are safe! Mister Yang was so happy to see Han Sen.

I am planning to leave Ancient God Planet. Han Sen looked at Mister Yang and asked, Are you going to follow me or are you going to stay? I already said I would follow you to the ends of the world, Mister Yang quickly said. I will always go with you wherever. In that case, Ghost Kill, please arrange things. Han Sen looked at Li Bing Yu as he spoke.

That will be no problem. Where do you want to go? Li Bing Yu was happy. She thought, If he is going to the Qin Kingdoms capital, I can get closer to Crown Prince Qin Bai.

Lets go to Turin Planet, Han Sen quietly said.

Sure. Hearing that Han Sen did not want to go to the Qin Kingdoms capital, Li Bing Yu was disappointed. She did not say anything negative and simply agreed.


Han Sens decision to go to Turin Planet was not a random one. Legends claimed that the Big Qin Kingdoms emperor Qin Xiu was born on Turin Planet. It was Qin Xius home.

Qin Xiu and Qin Waner were alleged to have been born there, so Han Sen thought it was worth scoping out. He hoped to find a lead there.

Han Sen and Mister Yang operated beneath what Li Bing Yu prepared. They reached an interstellar cargo ship with Li Bing Yu.

Traveling in space took a long time. Han Sen found a chance to browse the internet. He had been researching the content of the notebook.

After he had a deep session of research, the information he learned surprised him.

Qin Xiu put Qin Waners body in a mysterious coffin and sealed her inside. It preserved her body, keeping her look the same way as the moment of her death. It prevented her corpse from rotting. Afterward, he waited for his chance to revive her.

An important officer of the Qin Kingdom was Bai Mo. Qin Xiu commanded him to find a skill that could resurrect the dead. He wanted to bring Qin Waner back from the dead.

Bai Mo tried many ways to accomplish it, but nothing worked. In the end, he found some information. That information came from an old place in the original star. Many things were recorded and too surprising to believe.

After Bai Mo shared his research, no one dared to believe what was written, but most of the parts really did exist.

The notebook did not mention what it was, but there was a line that shocked Han Sen.

Death was just another beginning. Bai Mo must have looked tense when he wrote that down. His handwriting looked different from how it was normally. It looked like a fast scrawl. It was easy to tell how excited he was.

That sentence was something other people would not understand the meaning of. When Han Sen saw the sentence, he was fairly confident of his guess.

The content behind it tried to explain what it meant, which was that energy was forever. It would not disappear. It would just appear in different shapes.

Humans and the creatures of the universe of kingdoms were energy. They would not disappear from the universe. When a human died, they continued with another life.

According to Bai Mos research, after a human died, they were born in another world. If they died in the other world, they would be born in the universe of kingdoms.

Bai Mo called this energy-changing process reincarnation. It was unknown if it was a coincidence, but Bai Mo called the other world the antimaterial world. If the creatures from the right world did not exist in the antimaterial originally, they would be destroyed if they tried to cross over.

The creatures between the two worlds always believed the opposing world was the antimaterial world.

This suggestion suited Han Sen. He had guessed this as well. There was something Han Sen had yet to understand. What role did a God Spirit play between these two worlds?

The content in the back shocked Han Sen even more when Bai Mo researched an old faction. He discovered that this old faction had a relic that opened a path to connect the two worlds.

The crystal stone! Han Sen saw the relic on the notebook. It was in the same shape as the black crystal stone. It was just like the one he saw on the cave wall.

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