Super God Gene Chapter 3063

Chapter 3063 - Understanding the Cause

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Han Sen was very eager to keep reading it. He continued reading what was in the back of the notebook. He wanted to learn more and find out what the black-crystal stone was.

Bai Mo had mentioned that the black-crystal stone could open the tunnel between two worlds. Qin Xiu might have made use of the black-crystal stone to enter the geno universe.

If things were like that, then that is a fair explanation. If Qin Waner was born in another world, the Waner in this world would have been impossible for him to revive. It would have been useless no matter what Qin Xiu attempted. That is unless he accessed another world and found a Qin Waner that was born there and brought her back. Han Sen had figured out why Qin Xiu went to the geno universe.

Although life worked in a cycle, a person never really died. On the other hand, reincarnation did not mean the same person was alive beyond the veil.

Without the feelings and memories of a past life, even if she was still alive, the Qin Wanler from that life and the Waner from the other life would have had no shared connection.

To Qin Xiu, the Waner he had found was just a Waner that was a Witch. That was not his real sister, Waner.

The reason Qin Xiu wanted to take Wanler back was so she could combine with the body of her past life and recover her memories. To do that, he needed to open the path between the two worlds. The geno hall prevented that from occurring. So, Qin Xiu had to break the geno hall and bring Waner back. If Qin Xiu really used the black-crystal stone to go to the geno universe, he should have been able to use the black-crystal stone to bring Waner back. There was no reason he had to stir up as much trouble as he did. If I get that black crystal, that would be the relic Bai Mo described. Why did it appear in the first sanctuary in the sanctuaries? Why was it not in Qin Xius hands? It was such an important item. With Qin Xius powers and planning, there was no way he would have lost it. Have I analyzed this all incorrectly? Who knows? Maybe something happened. Han Sen thought about all of this for a long time, but he could not get the answers he sought.

The content in the back of Bai Mos notebook detailed what occurred after he found the old factions relic and the ruins. Because the original star was destroyed, that old faction no longer existed now. Bai Mo tried everything he could to find out more about it.

Maybe they were blessed, and Bai Mo found a lead. Although he could not find the leader of that old faction, it enabled him to find the relic and stone stove. Inside the stone stove, there had been a weird skill. It was the older version of The Story of Genes.

Bai Mo had given the relic and The Story of Genes that had been copied to Qin Xiu, who approved him to research it even further. Although he did not find out the secrets of The Story of Genes, they found out the use of the relic.

According to the notebook, in the end, Qin Xiu was in Ancient Big God Mountain. He used the relic to enter Bai Mos antimaterial world. It was the universe Han Sen had been born in.

After Qin Xiu left, Bai Mo continued to research The Story of Genes, but it was very slow going with almost zero progress.

The notebook ended there. Bai Mo no longer wrote about himself, and he had not written anything about why the stone stove contained the egg of a gold-winged peacock.

Regarding Mo Lis two gene races, whether their presence there was a coincidence or not, it was still a mystery that Han Sen was unable to shine a light on.

This is very bad. Qin Xiu used the black-crystal stone to reach the geno universe. Although the black-crystal stone turned into a black-crystal armor in my Sea of Soul, that was beyond my control. It pulled me here, so using it to take me back is likely impossible. Han Sen stared into the Sea of Soul and observed the black-crystal armor. It was unmoving, just hanging where it always was. Although he felt the black crystal armor, because he practiced The Story of Genes, it made him have a special connection to the black-crystal armor.

Boss! What do you want? Say something. I am a man with a wife and kids. I want to go and see her. Give me a holiday. Let me go home for two days or perhaps even just one day. Han Sen whispered to the black-crystal armor. He was almost kneeling, but the black-crystal armor did not react. It was still dead, lying where it was.

If he was able to drag the black-crystal armor out of him, Han Sen would do just that and beat up the black-crystal armor with all his might. But he was unable to control the black-crystal armor.

Bai Mos notebook said the relic can fasten the evolution of a gene race. It enables the juveniles to level up fast. In a very short amount of time, it can become an adult. It is even possible to accelerate their development into an ultimate mode. It can also make a low-rank gene race mutate into a higher rank. This function is similar to the black-crystal stone in the sanctuaries. Now, it is a set of armor. Those abilities are useless now. After thinking about that, Han Sens eyes opened wide. An evil smile crossed his lips. You broken piece of armor! You are trying to trick me. Do you think I cannot deal with you? Han Sens eyes looked bright. He was making commands to the gold-winged peacock king in the Sea of Souls.

After the gold-winged peacock king received Han Sens command, it made a very light scream. It flapped its wings and flew over to the black-crystal armor. It opened its bird beak. Its maw suddenly grew bigger. It swallowed the black-crystal armor.

Lets see how long you can stay there for. If possible, try not to make a sound, Han Sen madly thought. He watched the gold-winged peacock king, which had just eaten the black-crystal armor.

Suddenly, Han Sen saw the gold-winged peacock king glow with gold light. Some light came out of its body. It was like silk. It wrapped up his body and quickly formed a giant golden egg. It trapped him inside.

By this time, Han Sen had researched the information of quite a few gene races. He knew this gold-winged peacock was becoming an adult.

Does the black-crystal stones function still work? Han Sen had a weird look on his face. He thought the black-crystal armor would fight back, but it did not fight back in the least. It let the gold-winged peacock king use its powers to transform.

The gold-winged peacock transformation was something that could be completed in a short amount of time. Han Sen watched it for half a day. The gold egg had yet to display any sort of movement. By then, the ship had docked on Turin Planet.

Mister Yang and Li Bing Yu came looking for Han Sen. The three of them said goodbye to the crew of the ship and hopped off.

Bai Mo said Qin Waners body was sealed in a mysterious place in the Qin Kingdoms palace. It was Qin Xiu that did it. If Qin Waner really did go through a reverse tunnel as I did, and if that is true, I will have to go to the capital of the Qin Kingdom. Han Sen thought of that possibility.

While Han Sen was deep in thought, he suddenly heard the crack of a whip and some nasty voices. Stop playing dead. Get moving. A noble guard was holding a thunder whip. He used it to keep striking the people that came off the ship. Those people were all dressed in tattered clothing. Most of them looked injured. They cried awfully loud when they were hit.

Han Sen noticed that the ship they had been on was used for human trafficking. For such a developed kingdom, how can there be slavery? Han Sen frowned.

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