Super God Gene Chapter 3066

Chapter 3066 Evil Blood

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Fang Qi Yuan was so fast that he could have killed Jian Bu Gus. To him, this had been a very rare opportunity.

If Jian Bu Gu had not decided to avoid fighting anyone for 20 years, even with an army of a thousand men, a thousand horses, and a sky full of battleships, he would not have been able to be beaten.

Fang Qi Yuan knew that he had to take advantage of that opportunity to kill Jian Bu Gu now. His reputation in the Sky faction would have greatly risen. It might have even been possible for him to one day become the leader of the Sky faction if he achieved this.

He felt no hesitation. Fang Qi Yuans hands were like a mountain coming to suppress Han Sen. He was happy to kill anyone that dared prohibit him from ending Jian Bu Gus life. The holy text on his hands flickered. It was like a hell of mountains was crashing down. Han Sen did not feel like dodging. He combined with the blood ghost spirit. The gold-winged peacock king was still evolving. Small Cats body, despite being near recovery, was not yet in full health. On top of that, it was not a gene race Han Sen had properly claimed. It was not under his complete control. If he wanted to combine with it, it required Small Cat to be willing. The only gene race Han Sen was able to rely on was that of the blood ghost spirit. Some purple air came out of Han Sens body. Suddenly, there was a monkey tail behind him. His hair turned purple, and he suddenly grew bigger. His body had a weird, purple light. It was burning like a purple fire. It made Han Sens skin and hair look like a purple amethyst.

"Successfully combined with the blood ghost spirit. Got gene to combine skill Evil Blood."

Han Sen did not know what Evil Blood was. He felt as if some weird power surged through his innards. It followed his movements, trailing his punch.


Han Sens burning purple flame fist struck Fang Qi Yuans mountain text. It resulted in an explosion. Han Sen stood his ground and did not move. The mountain text was broken by his fist. His fist did not stop there. It kept going for Fang Qi Yuans hand. His hand, which looked like the trotter of a deer, was broken. It flew away and crushed a mountain.

"Blergh!" Fang Qi Yuan forced himself off of the ground. His holy light flickered as blood seeped out of his mouth. He stared at Han Sen and Jian Bu Gu and said, "I thought Jian Bu Gu was not afraid of death. You said you were going to keep the 20-year promise, but you are just a liar who tricks everybody. You said you would keep that oath and for 20 years and sever a connection to the Qin Kingdom. In fact, you have high-level people from the Qin Kingdom to protect you. Very good King Qin kings tutor Jian Bu Gu. Very good oath of 20 years. This is ridiculous."

Jian Bu Gu looked cold. He did not want to argue with Fang Qi Yuan. Han Sen could not watch it. He looked at him with disdain and said, "I let you give me a new price but rejected the offer. Now, you start talking crap just because you failed to take him by force. Is Wu Wei Dao Palace always this lame?"

"Shut up! How dare you, you crazy man, underestimate the might of Wu Wei Dao Palace? Do you really think you can stop me, Fang Qi Yuan. I, who is of the Seven Hearts gene race, am very amazing. Being my enemy will make it so you cannot live or die." Fang Qi Yuan was going to use a God Spirit Blood-Pulse and summon another gene race to combine with.

Some elites had multiple gene races to combine with. It was not a rare thing in the seven kingdoms. Fang Qi Yuan said he was the leader of the Seven Hearts department. He said he had seven unique gene races and could combine them with seven gene races. That, however, was very rare.

Ordinary people only had three to four gene races to combine with, and the gene races could not have conflicting elements.

For example, a water element gene race was unable to combine with a fire element gene race. That was a prime example of there being a conflict that could harm ones body.

Fang Qi Yuan looked horrible. He wanted to summon six more gene races to combine with, but he suddenly discovered that his communication with the God Spirit Blood-Pulses was being cut off. He was no longer able to summon the gene races inside.

"Whats going on?" Fang Qi Yuan was in shock. He used his inner vision to take a look inside and see his God Spirit Blood-Pulse mark. He noticed how it was marred with a layer of purple. There was some dirty, purple blood on his wounds.

Suddenly, Fang Qi Yuan felt like his body was rather cold. He could not help but scream, "It is the blood ghost spirits Evil Blood Impossible I thought the blood ghost spirits went extinct when Mo Li died! Why is the blood ghost spirit still here"

Fang Qi Yuan looked at Han Sens transformation. He really did look like the blood ghost spirit from legend. He was that special gene race that accompanied an assassin to kill a king by himself. "What did you say?" Han Sen smiled at Fang Qi Yuan.

Fang Qi Yuans body trembled. He turned around and ran away. He was only able to combine with the Holy Wen White Deer. If that was so, he knew he could not defeat Han Sen in that condition. If he did not run, he was going to die right then and there.

"Damn it! I should have guessed that. There is no way Jian Bu Gu actually had a death wish." Fang Qi Yuans heart cursed him profusely.

"You pretend to be a hard lad but then runoff, yet you have the audacity to think I am the lame one." Han Sen coldly grunted. He used the metal pillar and aimed at Fang Qi Yuan. He thrust the end of the metal pillar and had it fly at Fang Qi Yuan like a missile. Han Sens power was so strong that the metal pillar reached Fang Qi Yuans back in a second.

Hearing that scary, break-space sound, Fang Qi Yuan felt as if his heart had been tricked. He gathered up power and turned around. He used his fist to repel the metal pillar.

There was a very loud noise. Fang Qi Yuan felt as if his fist was going to break. A strong power came before his chest. He was hit. He coughed up blood as he fell to the ground and cleaved a deep trench in the ground below.

Fang Qi Yuan wanted to jump, but he saw Han Sen was smiling in front of him. He was staring at him.

"Since when did the Qin Kingdom have a scary young man like this?" Fang Qi Yuan regretted his actions. He had been spying on the Qin Kingdom for over 10 years. He thought he knew about all the elites of the Qin Kingdom. He never thought someone as powerful as Han Sen existed. In his memory, the Qin Kingdom did not have an elite like that. It was too late for him to regret things now. Han Sen smiled at Fang Qi Yuan as he asked, "Your name is Fang Qi Yuan, right?" "Kill me if thats what you want to do. Dont waste my time with talk." Fang Qi Yuan knew he was going to die. After all, his opponent had the very powerful gene race blood ghost spirit. He thought he had a relation with Mo Li. Perhaps they had been assassins that conspired together. Escaping people like that was too difficult.

Plus, he had been hit by Evil Blood. He was unable to summon a gene race and heavily injured. There was no way for him to run.

"Dying is easy. I only need to wiggle my finger to kill you a hundred times over. If you want to live, I can make that happen." Han Sen was not mad as he spoke to Fang Qi Yuan.

"Do you want me to betray Wu Wei Dao Palace? Impossible!" Fang Qi Yuan stood his ground on that matter. "I am not from the Qin Kingdom, so your betrayal of Wu Wei Dao Palace does not benefit me," Han Sen said. "What do you mean?" Fang Qi Yuan was frozen. He thought Han Sen was an elite that belonged to the Qin Kingdom and was assigned to protect Jian Bu Gu. Now, Han Sen was saying he was not from the Qin Kingdom. He did not know what to think anymore.

"You can easily keep your life," Han Sen said with a laugh. "I quite like your Holy Wen White Deer. I need a mount. If you give it to me, I will let you live."

"You You cannot trick me You want to take my gene race and kill me after. You are a liar!" Fang Qi Yuan did not believe Han Sen.

"I told you I am a normal businessman with standards. I have no relationship with that man. I just bought him on a whim. If you gave me a fair price, I would have sold him. There was no need for any of this fighting. You did not believe me then, and you still dont believe me. It is hard for me to resist the urge to kill you." Han Sen sighed and walked up to Fang Qi Yuan. "I did not want to murder you. If you want to die so badly, I guess I will have to help you out."

Seeing Han Sen approach, Fang Qi Yuan quickly shouted, "Hold on! I will give you the Holy Wen White Deer But will you really spare my life?"

Upon hearing that, Li Bing Yu looked grim. She was one of the leaders of Wu Wei Dao Palace. She was not happy to see one of her friends look like such a wimp.

Fortunately, she was wearing a mask, so no one saw her face.

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