Super God Gene Chapter 3069

Chapter 3069 Eight Sound Bug

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Han Sen and the group walked before the gates of Big Qin Capital. It was half a month later by now. The Big Qin Kingdoms lands were too vast. Even with subspace travel and slip-space jumps, it took them half a month to reach the capital from Turin Planet. They had even swapped ships twice.

"Is this Big Qin Capital?" Mister Yang and the others were shocked by what they saw ahead of them. The whole of Big Qin Capital was not built on a planet. It was built on a giant, man-made space station.

The space station was bigger than Turin Planet. When looking at it from afar, it was like a hunk of jade floating in space.

Li Bing Yu was a bit excited. From what she saw, Han Sen was there in the capital with the need to seek out Qin Bai. When they met, her chance to strike would finally arrive.

Li Bing Yu laughed and said, "In the seven kingdoms, only the Qin Kingdoms capital is not built on the surface of a planet. This jade wall city is what Qins people are the proudest of. They were built by the first King Qin. Now, billions of years have passed by. Despite the eons, fraught with war and natural disasters, it has weathered everything thrown at it and runs without a hitch. It holds the lives of tens of billions of the kingdoms civilians and nobles. The construction of this was a miraculous feat, and certainly one of the greatest across the history of the universe."

"Was this Qin Xius work?" Han Sen quietly looked at the miraculous jade wall city.

Jian Bu Gu smiled and said, "Other kings finished this miracle because King Qin powers were so strong. They could almost conquer the universe. It is not like the other six kingdoms were going to be destroyed, but they must pay taxes to my country every year for the relationships to remain stable. I do not think our country could build this jade wall city anew. It is a shame that when the Qin Kingdom was in its best shape, the true king vanished. Future King Qins lacked what it took to conquer the universe."

Han Sen could not help but be complimentary. "Qin Xiu really was a great man. It is not hard to practice his skills to the best they can be. I can do that. But Qin Xiu reached the maximum of his personal power and earned governance of a giant kingdom. He was a very successful person. I do not think I could do the things he has done."

After entering the jade wall city, Han Sen realized he had been a bit too naive. He was unable to open a shop. With the little amount of money they had, he could not even find them a place to live.

In that expensive place, the Qin Kingdom Capital, to even rent a space as small as a bathroom would cost them 10,000 a month.

Han Sen looked at Jian Bu Gu and asked, "Mister Jian, in this jade wall city, where do nobles hunt gene races?" Jian Bu Gu replied, "The jade wall city has many teleportation devices. You can teleport to the planets that are nearest the jade wall city. On those planets, there are many land pulses and gene races."

Han Sen nodded. He thought about going after some gene eggs first to gather money and then open up his shop.

"I do not think I can open a shop. Let me make an online shop." After settling down, Han Sen had Mister Yang be in charge of the online shop. He prepared to go to another planet to get genes eggs for stock.

Li Bing Yu said she wanted to follow Han Sen, but her request to tag along was rejected.

"There is no way he is going to have an online shop here," Li Bing Yu coldly said to herself with a cackle. "This must just be him starting off. His final goal here in the city must be to seek out and locate Qin Bai."

She knew Han Sen had no money. If he didnt gather gene eggs to sell to the people of jade wall city online, they would likely starve.

The capital was not like other places. It was where all the shops were. To be able to sell gene eggs there, it was usually only big nobles from fancy factions that had the chops to do so. They had land pulses to harvest. Running such an establishment alone was tough.

Plus, Han Sen was only opening an online shop. He did not have the money to advertise his wares or establish a physical presence. He did not have a stable stream of resources either. To develop and make good on his intent, it was going to be a tough road. He would have been lucky not to lose money. Li Bing Yu thought she would see Han Sens online shop shut down very soon. If Han Sen came asking her for money, she would tell him her pockets were just as empty. That would likely push Han Sen to meet up with Qin Bai. Han Sen was looking up info on the jade wall city. He checked out the online shops that sold gene eggs, and he got an idea on which sorts of gene eggs sold well.

When Han Sen arrived at the quantum teleportation system, he was so shocked that his mouth opened wide. The teleportation device was just like the ones in the sanctuary. "Does that mean the teleportation devices in the sanctuaries actually came from the universe of kingdoms?" Han Sens face looked very weird.

He knew that the Alliances ability to create teleportation devices came from a technological solution derived from another civilization. In the past, he thought it was crystallizer technology. Seeing these teleportation devices, he noticed they were very similar. It was hard to believe there was not a connection.

After paying the teleportation fee, Han Sen had a very familiar feeling. He arrived at a planet called Gu Ya.

Han Sen had conducted some research on this place. Planet Gu Ya had some very weird gene races. The gene races were not hard to find, but the gene eggs were hard to locate. There was a viscount gene race called spirit evil eye. Its level was not high, but its combined skill could provide humans with X-ray vision. The spirit evil eyes gene egg price was higher than earl gene egg prices, but none were selling it.

Of course, Han Sen did not plan on getting some spirit evil eye gene eggs to sell. He thought the people who wanted the gene egg solely did for perverted reasons. Second, it was very hard to find the spirit evil eyes.

"I will just get myself one to play with." Han Sen kept thinking as he walked.

The Holy Wen White Deer was too eye-catching. There were many people around, so Han Sen did not ride it. He just walked slowly. He kept walking, trying to check out Planet Gu Ya.

With the information he had gathered online, not far from the west side, there was a place called Night Cry Valley. There were viscount gene races that were native to the region. It was a gene race called eight sound bug. On this hunt, Han Sen was on the prowl for an eight sound bug. Just like spirit evil eye, the eight sound bugs gene eggs were very rare. They sold for a high price.

The eight sound bugs fighting power was weak, and the combined skill Eight Sound did not do much either. Regardless, it made the music and voice of a human better.

The universe of kingdoms was not all based around fighting. They had culture and entertainment. Therefore, that era had many musicians.

A lot of young people wished to become a singer or idol. That was especially true of the nobles, who really enjoyed such forms of entertainment.

An eight sound bug was very important for singers. There were not many gene races with that type. There were ones at a higher level, but ordinary people could not afford them.

The gene egg of an eight sound bug was very rare, so their demand was higher. Night Cry Valleys eight sound bugs were adults. They could not be tamed and combined, so no one was there capturing the eight sound bugs.

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