Super God Gene Chapter 3070

Chapter 3070 Night Cry Valley

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Han Sen thought Night Cry Valley would not have had any people there for that place had eight sound bugs. The area had no land pulses, and eight sound bugs were difficult to catch. No one should have been there.

Shortly after Han Sen entered the valley, he saw a woman. Her face was covered with a green veil. She was sitting atop a large rock in Night Cry Valley. Her eyes were closed. It looked as if she was resting.

Han Sen saw her face and understood she was there to capture eight sound bugs too. The eight sound bugs only appeared in the valley at night. She was obviously waiting for dark.

He believed no one should have been there, and so did the woman. She was just as surprised to see Han Sen arrive.

Although he could not see her face, and she was wearing a very large robe that hid her body shape, her eyes looked like autumn water. People were bound to believe that she was a very pretty person.

Han Sen thought, "Maybe its just her eyes that look good. Perhaps the rest of her face is ugly and weird. I dont see another reason as to why she might be hiding her face." If Han Sen knew who that woman was, he would have understood why she did her face as she such.

She was one of the three big idols in the Big Qin Kingdom. She was called Feng Fei Fei, and she was titled the Phoenix Singer. In the Big Qin Kingdom, she was very famous. She had many fans. If she did not hide her face when she went out, there would be traffic everywhere.

The Big Qin Kingdoms idols were not ordinary stars or celebrities. Back in the day, King Qins singer Zhong Li Qing sung one song and scared off Zhao Kingdoms 10 battleships that sought to invade Planet Chimo. It was the strongest one back then.

Of course, that was because Zhong Li Qing had the ultimate gene race called absolute sound. The three big idols were not as famous as Zhong Li Qing, but they were only a little away from being that widely known. They were all elites who had god class sonic-element gene races. They were not just some singers or stars.

In the universe of kingdoms, without the aid of powerful gene races, one was not able to reach the top in any way. Every professions top-class people made the scariest elites.

Feng Fei Fei had come to Night Cry Valley for an eight sound bug. The eight sound bugs that had already hatched could not be perfectly tamed, but they could be used to create gene medicine that could moisturize the throat. For a singer, that was very good stuff.

Of course, at Feng Fei Feis level, any ordinary eight sound bug would not suit her. Before, she heard about Night Cry Valley possessing a rare, mutant eight sound bug. She wanted to have a look around and check out the validity of the claim. So, she came to Night Cry Valley in search of that special eight sound bug. Seeing Han Sen arrive in Night Cry Valley, Feng Fei Fei was not too bothered. Even if Han Sen was there to catch eight sound bugs, she did not believe he had the chops to beat her. Plus, she wanted a mutant eight sound bug. She was not after any ordinary type of eight sound bug.

Feng Fei Fei did not mind Han Sen being there, but Han Sen did mind Feng Fei Feis presence. With an outsider there, he was not able to freely use the Xuan Yellow Sutra. If an outsider saw him turn a gene race into an egg, people would likely capture him for research.

As Han Sen kept looking at Feng Fei Fei, he came to understand she was not the type of person to mess around with. At least, that was just the feeling he was getting. He did not have proof that was the case.

Seeing Feng Fei Fei close her eyes again, Han Sen walked past her. He kept heading into the deeper recesses of Night Cry Valley. He wanted to keep his distance from her so she could not see what he would be using.

Normal people who were good at singing should have also had good hearing. Feng Fei Fei was one of the good ones, and her body had a unique gene race. Although she did not open her eyes, Han Sens movements were in her ears. In her mind, she pictured the scene of him and his movements.

Seeing Han Sen not recognize her and walk straight into the valley, Feng Fei Fei felt greatly relieved.

If she had been recognized, she would have been troubled. She would have been unable to get the mutant eight sound bug as she had hoped. If other people knew that the top singer and idol Feng Fei Fei was fighting for an eight sound bug with a commoner, even if she was there first, people would be talking about it a great deal.

Feng Fei Fei was not afraid, but it was still something that made her not feel very good.

In fact, Feng Fei Fei thought too much. Han Sen did not know about the mutant eight sound bug. He was only there to catch an ordinary eight sound bug.

Han Sen walked into the deeper parts of Night Cry Valley. Although it was just nighttime, and the sky was not too dark, the further he walked into the valley, the darker the valley became.

Inside the valley, there were no big trees. There were just some small plants around, but the grass and the leaves were very long. They could have been a whole three feet tall. The reason the place was called Night Cry Valley was that the gene races there mostly appeared at night. One was unable to see them in the daytime. So, Han Sen walked deeper into the valley to find gene races. Strangely, however, he found none.

He walked to the farthest point of the valley and reached a dead end. He decided to have a mosey about.

He was far away from that woman now. He no longer saw her, and the area around him had grass that was three-feet high. If the woman did not run there, she would not see what Han Sen was doing

In the deepest part of the valley, there was a pool with very clear water. It was not big. It was just half the size of a basketball court. The water was clear. He saw some duck egg-like stones beneath the surface.

Near the pool, there were some large stones. Han Sen sat atop the biggest one. He was able to see in six different directions and hear in eight directions. He would have time to aim.

The sky went dark. Before the sun had completely dipped into the nether, Han Sen heard a "tzi-tzi" sound. It was something Han Sen was quite familiar with. It was the sound of a cricket.

Han Sen followed where the sound came from, but he failed to find the cricket. He discovered that the sound was coming from a crack in the stone near the pool.

Han Sen was just going to have a look. He wanted to see if that was a gene race, but his eyes froze. He saw movement in the water.

Han Sen held his body stiff and peered into the water. Although the light in the valley was minimal, Han Sen had a good pair of eyes that enabled him to see the very bottom of the pool. He saw a weird creature slowly moving.

The thing looked like a gecko. It was very big. It was one foot long. Its body was dark green, and it was in the water. It was camouflaging itself in the moss of the water, so it was hard to notice.

That big, dark green, big gecko was twisting its body through the water to climb. It was going to the stone gap that had the "tzi-tzi" sound.

The big gecko emerged from the water, stared at the stone gap, and climbed inside. It was like a toxic snake that ate people.

The dark green body did not have scales, but it had many small lumps. It looked like a toads bumps. Seeing the big gecko come before the stone gap, the stone gap flashed with a red color. Something emerged from it.

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