Super God Gene Chapter 3072

Chapter 3072 Mutant Eight Sound Bug

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Although Han Sen had watched a video online about the eight sound bugs, compared to what he was seeing in real life, he was given a nasty shock.

A butterfly, which was as small as a fairy, suddenly flickered like a white light that should have been the bugs body. Aside from its body just being a white slate and several wriggling tentacles, it was like a human. That thing was sort of like a mini butterfly.

In the arms of the eight sound bug, it was holding an instrument that looked like a lute. It did, however, have eight strings. The eight sound bugs fingers were playing the instrument to make many crunching sounds.

The eight sound bugs played very good music, but Han Sen did not have the time to admire it. He was going to use his Xuan Yellow Sutra to get rid of it. He suddenly heard the sound of another instrument. This one was amazing.

"Did more eight bug sounds come?" Han Sen stopped moving. If he went to disturb the creature, the other eight sound bugs would stop coming.

Of course, not long later, a glowing thing emerged from the bush. It was a collection of eight sound bugs. They played several different instruments in harmony with each other. There was not a single note played out of place. It was like a wondrous musical festival.

Many beautiful eight sound bugs were dancing out of the bushes. More and more of them appeared. Not long later, there were a dozen eight sound bugs.

Han Sen knew that Night Cry Valley had lots of eight sound bugs, but he did not think there would be that many. It was just a small area, yet there were at least a dozen eight sound bugs.

"Ding!" The sound of another instrument was heard. This time, the instrument was different from the last one. When Han Sen heard this instrument, his heart felt a shock. He could not help but be entranced with an acoustic lust for it.

In fact, after the instruments sound was heard, the dozen eight sound bugs and their instruments came to a close.

Han Sen looked to where the instrument came from. He saw there was a bunch of silver light flying around the spring water. It was an eight sound bug glowing with silver light. He was not sure where it flew from, but it was now above the water. It kept flying around, playing the magical eight-string lute in its hands.

Ordinary eight sound bugs were white, but this eight sound bug was a light silver color. Even the lute looked like it was made of silver jade. Its eight strings glowed with a silver light. The very small fingers plucked and pranced gently across them. It was like the sound of a mountain spring playing in Han Sens ears. It made his heart feel as if it was being cleansed.

"A mutant eight sound bug?" Han Sen felt quite happy about this. A mutant eight sound bug was an incredibly rare find. He did not expect to find a mutant eight sound bug there.

Without hesitation, Han Sens body exploded. He was like a shadow that came before the mutant eight sound bug. His hand carried a red light as he struck the mutant eight sound bug.

Han Sen was just a normal guy. He did not know how to appreciate music. Grabbing the mutant eight sound bug was more realistic.

The mutant eight sound bug was only earl class. It was a little stronger than the average viscount eight sound bug. Before Han Sen, it was extremely weak. It was battered by the red light in a jiffy.

Han Sen did not watch the result of his strike. His body flashed. He suddenly threw 10 additional punches, resulting in a dozen eight sound bugs being struck by Han Sens fists of fury.

Including that mutant eight sound bug, all the eight sound bugs devolved into white gene eggs. The mutant eight sound bug only lasted a few seconds before it was reduced to a gene egg as well.

"With this godly skill, I do not have to worry about not having any money to buy nice and spicy food." Han Sen put a dozen of those eight sound bug eggs in his hands. They rolled around in his palm like pearls. He felt really happy about this result.

While he was feeling this joy, the sound of torn space was suddenly heard. He turned around and saw the woman he had seen earlier in the valley. It was the woman wearing that green veil to hide her face. She hurried forth with white wings flapping, flying there from afar.

Feng Fei Fei had been waiting at the center of the valley. When the mutant eight sound bug appeared, she wanted to be the first to spot and catch it.

When the mutant eight sound bug instrument was near the pool, Feng Fei Fei arrived there in haste. She tried to be as fast as she could be, but she was too late. When she arrived, she only saw Han Sen. He had already put the eggs away.

Feng Fei Fei broke space and arrived. She did not see a mutant eight sound bug around. By only seeing Han Sen, she knew something was wrong.

"That is quite a coincidence. I heard the mutant eight sound bugs acoustics echo through the valley a couple of times before. Why did it appear next to this pond this time?" Feng Fei Fei looked around, unable to spy the presence of a single eight sound bug. There was only Han Sen beside the pool. She guessed that Han Sen might have already killed the mutant eight sound bug and felt grossly disappointed.

Han Sen looked at her, but he did not say a word. He turned and walked out of the valley.

Feng Fei Fei broke space and came before him. There had been too many big movements, so the rest of the eight sound bugs were likely hiding in fear. They were done for the night. They probably were not going to show up for another few days.

Feng Fei Fei thought about it but decided to stop Han Sen, who was on the cusp of leaving. "Mister, did you hunt the mutant eight sound bug?"

"What mutant eight sound bug? I have never heard of such a thing." Han Sens face did not look as if it was gasping or anything. He said that and quickly went outside the valley.

Feng Fei Fei was enraged. If Han Sen told her he did not catch a mutant eight sound bug and said it had escaped, she could have accepted that.

She knew she had heard the instrument of the mutant eight sound bug from her position in the valley. Han Sen had been where the sound had come from. It was obvious was lying about the creature.

"Please, do not misunderstand," Feng Fei Fei said. "If you are willing to sell me the mutant eight sound bug, I am willing to pay you twice the going rate in the market."

"I am not selling it." This time, Han Sen answered with certainty.

The mutant eight sound bug had become an egg. Feng Fei Fei would be suspicious if she saw it. The gene egg would be worth a lot more than just double the price. It was a rare mutant gene egg. Even if its level was not too high, he could still sell it for 10 times the price.

Plus, with a rare gene egg, Han Sen wanted to put it on his online shop to draw attention and fame.

Feng Fei Fei was very disappointed, but this had already happened. She had no choice but to give up.

Han Sen carried the stone box with him. He had reached the center of the Night Cry Valley by this point. Suddenly, he saw a handsome man riding a white unicorn arrive. He was wearing white-jade armor.

"No matter how much the price, I am buying the mutant eight sound bug. Give me the sum." The man sat atop the unicorn like some proud man, looking down on the earth and Han Sen.

"Mister Jin, what are you doing here?" Feng Fei Fei, who was leaving, frowned upon seeing the handsome man.

"I heard, Miss Fei Fei, that you came to Night Cry Valley alone," Mister Jin said with a smile. "I was afraid you might be in danger, so I followed."

"Thank you, Mister Jin." Feng Fei Fei was not happy about this, but she did not let it show.

"It is my pleasure." Mister Jin displayed a charming smile. He looked at Han Sen and said, "Mister Fei Fei requires a mutant eight sound bug. Just tell me how much you are selling it for. No matter the price, I will not bargain or haggle. Tell me the price."

Feng Fei Fei wished to say something, but she had already heard Han Sen was not willing to sell. She looked at Han Sen with shock.

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