Super God Gene Chapter 3075

Chapter 3075 Many Nobles Are Beneath The Princes Feet

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The sounds coming from the cloud were something Han Sen had heard before. They were the same sounds that had accompanied Golden Growlers golden door.

No one knew what was beyond the golden door. Whatever was pulled inside it was dead, that much was certain. At least, no one was able to leave when pulled inside.

When Han Sen was standing before the golden door, he had heard a weird sound. It was like an ancient god was praying or reading the chants of the Buddha.

It was just that Han Sen had not entered the door. He stood outside the golden door and listened, but it was never something clear.

Now that he was trying to remember it, the sounds of the golden door were just like the sounds coming from the cloud. Han Sen just did not understand what the sounds meant.

Many women loved shopping, even the three big singers, which included Feng Fei Fei. She was browsing around in the virtual community. She was different from ordinary women. She did not have to buy makeup products. She was in search of the eight soundbug.

She had been unable to get an eight sound bug from Night Cry Valley and could not be bothered going back there again. So, she planned on buying eight sound bugs online instead. She wanted to create gene medicine for bolstering her throat.

She searched for an eight sound bug and sorted the results by price from high to low. Feng Fei Fei did not care about shopping for a bargain. She wanted the best stuff, and that was that.

A line of virtual products appeared before her. Feng Fei Fei was used to browsing prices from high to low, but she froze upon seeing the first item.

"Mutant eight sound bug egg? Really?" Feng Fei Fei clicked on the item. The photo of a mutant eight sound bug egg appeared. "It really is a mutant eight sound bug egg!" Feng Fei Fei was very happy. In the virtual community, the shops scanned the real items. If there was a picture, one could bet their bottom dollar that it was genuine.

When Feng Fei Fei looked at the price, she frowned. The price was placed at the maximum. It was a healthy sum of 9,999,999.

A mutant eight sound bug egg was very rare, but it was just an earl class creature. That price was far too ridiculous to consider. Clearly, the shop keeper was not going to sell it properly.

"Boss, how are you selling the mutant eight sound bug egg?" Feng Fei Fei asked after contacting the person running the shop. "Dear, the shop is selling it at the price listed. It is indeed available for purchase. You can feel free to order it at any time. We will have it delivered in 24 hours. If not, well pay you double." It was Jiang Shi. Mister Yang was in charge of running the shop, but Jiang Shi operated the customer services. She worked really hard. Even if she received complaints, she never got mad about it.

Jiang Shi and You You used to be slaves. Now, they followed Han Sen. He did not treat them like slaves. Jiang Shi was very grateful for that. She tried to do her best with whatever task Han Sen asked them to do.

"I really want to buy it, so give it to me at the price you truly want to sell it for," Feng Fei Fei said.

"Dear, I really cannot sell it to you for a lower price," Jiang Shi quickly said. "That is as low as it can go. You can take a look at the other products in the shop if you would prefer. There are very economical viscount class eight sound bug eggs for sale. They are of good quality and fairly priced. Their abilities are great too." Those were the lines Mister Yang had taught her to say. She performed them very well.

Feng Fei Fei looked around. She saw the shop was selling ordinary eight sound bug eggs. With her identity, the ordinary eight sound bug eggs did not really entice her.

"If you really want to sell it sometime, why dont you send me a message? We can talk about the price some more." After saying that, Feng Fei Fei put the mutant eight sound bug egg in her shopping cart. "Alright, dear," Jiang Shi replied.

Feng Fei Fei was a bit depressed. She did not want to buy the mutant eight sound bug egg for herself. She wanted to send it to her little niece as a birthday gift.

Although Feng Fei Fei had better sonic gene races, the level was too high. Her niece was too young. She could not combine with any high-level sonic gene races.

The mutant eight sound bug eggs level was not too high. Furthermore, it was a gene egg. If it hatched, it would be a baby. It did not tax the body too much, so it was suitable for a child. When the mutant eight sound bug egg grew up and had an ultimate body, it would be very good to improve ones voice. It would be even better than a marquise or duke class gene egg.

After all, sonic gene races did not only improve ones voice. Mutant eight sound bugs did not do much in another direction. To improve ones voice, it was still a little bit worse than other sonic gene eggs.

"It is a shame the seller does not plan on selling it." Feng Fei Fei looked at the shops name. She planned to remember that the was shop called Shop.

In Gong Shu manor, a worker went to Gong Shu Jins study. He bowed and said, "Mister, the results of my investigation are here for your perusal."

After that, the worker pulled out a file of information he had been tasked to collect and put it down in front of Gong Shu Jin.

"Good job." Gong Shu Jin looked at the information and coldly said, "A redneck that comes from Ancient God City, huh? He has no background. He has no faction. In that case, how dare he insult me, Gong Shu Jin? I must teach him a lesson. If I dont, he wont understand what it means for many nobles to be under a princes feet."

"Mister, people like that do not deserve you to take action." The worker bowed and suggested, "Perhaps you should send someone else."

"You are right," Gong Shu Jin said. "I will let you handle it. Remember, you must bring the mutant eight sound bugs body back complete. It will be Miss Fei Feis birthday in a few days. I will give it to her as a birthday gift."

"Do not worry, Mister, I will do all this very secretively," Lou Jiu said with very murderous eyes.

"Mister, five of the eight sound bug eggs have already been sold. Each one has sold for 35,000, and there are lots of people asking for the price of the mutant eight sound bug egg." Mister Yang happily reported the results to Han Sen.

Their shop had only been open for a day, and they had already raked in a few sales. It was natural to feel ecstatic.

"Good job." Han Sen nodded. The mutant egg was not a small price for Mister Yang, but it meant nothing to Han Sen. He did not really care about it.

"By the way, Mister, have you heard of one weird thing?" Mister Yang tried to test him.

Han Sen looked at Mister Yang and asked, "What weird thing?"

Mister Yang looked at Han Sen and said, "It was the seventh of the last month when the jade city had a big earthquake. The kings familys temple was destroyed. Someone saw that the temple had a gold beam of light shoot into space."

Mister Yang told him about this because the seventh day of the previous month was when he and Mister Meng had dug up Han Sen. He thought there was a connection between the two events.

"Really? Arent earthquakes breaking big buildings normal?" Han Sen quietly asked.

"Mister, it is normal for other cities to have earthquakes, but the jade city is a space city that was man-made," Mister Yang said. "Why would there be earthquakes?" After thinking for a moment, Han Sen asked, "Where is the king familys temple?" "Mister, ordinary people cannot go there," Mister Yang quickly answered. "There are lots of elites guarding it. Only members of the royal family can go there to pay their respects. They usually do that at some festival."

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